Between the Lines: No need for Mother coyness

Mother's hiring of Clare Dobbie to run its crucial Boots account (page 4) is a coup. As a former Nike and fcuk client, she comes with a sterling reputation and should make strides in marrying the wonderful chaos of Mother with Boots' necessary demands.

Nevertheless, the details surrounding her appointment raise some questions.

She joins as a senior strategist. Readers could be forgiven for assuming that this means she is a planner, but she's not. She's an account executive.

Mother built its reputation partly on the fact its creatives have direct access to clients; it doesn't have account handlers. This was a wonderful philosophy on which to launch a hotshop agency seeking risk-taking clients who wanted to commission ground-breaking work.

But, owing in no small part to the success of that philosophy, Mother is now a well-established agency with establishment clients. There is nothing wrong with needing experienced account handlers to run large pieces of business. Mother need not be so embarrassed.