Between the Lines: Omnicom makes Ipsh move

Omnicom's decision to launch a mobile marketing arm - Ipsh - as part of its Zulu network (page 2), is interesting because it aims to give mobile a more central role in the creation of advertising strategy.

The growth of mobile marketing in the UK has been slow to date, in part because of technological restrictions, but also because its execution has historically been confined to independent specialists brought in late to the process.

As a result, advertising and media agencies have generally been slow to make clients aware of the opportunities mobile offers. Now, as part of a holding company, Ipsh will be encouraged to get involved early, advising clients on how their brand message might translate to this small, but very personal screen.

Several big US clients are holding global mobile marketing pitches and it will not be long before European advertisers start to ask their agencies what they should be doing with mobile. When they do, Omnicom agencies will be glad to have a resource they can call upon.

Feature, page 22.