Between the Lines: PG Tips/DDB act goes cold

It's truly sad when a relationship as long as that held by PG Tips and DDB London breaks down (page 4). The tea-maker's decision to move to Mother ends 76 years with DDB and its forebears.

The agency attempted to update the brand for a younger audience in 2002, when it ditched PG Tips' famous chimpanzees for the "T-Birds" animated campaign. Replacing the chimps was a challenging brief, and the subsequent campaign has not filled the void left by the chimps' departure.

Unilever's decision to move PG Tips' advertising account to Mother is an interesting one. Given the agency's usual output, it seems PG Tips has decided to rip up the rule-book and adopt a totally new approach to its communications.

Mother's work is especially strong when targeting a youth audience, so the move may well be a sensible one. However, the decline in popularity of tea is part of a social trend that any advertising campaign would find hard to reverse: fewer people have time to sit down for a cup of tea than they used to.