Between the Lines: Saatchis needs Daley drive

Since arriving at Saatchi & Saatchi almost two years ago, Lee Daley has taken it in to some risky and relatively uncharted territory. From content development via Gum to the Industry@Saatchi strategic consultancy, Saatchis has leapt into areas other agencies merely mumble about.

Saatchis has yet to achieve any notable success in these emerging fields; flags have been planted and new territory claimed, but there is little sign of the new divisions revolutionising the agency's fortunes. Even so, Daley has really nudged Saatchis towards the cutting edge of communications.

The trouble is that Saatchis' bread and butter is looking a bit stale. New business has been thin and the wavering fortunes on Toyota have highlighted its vulnerability on some international accounts.

This week's restructure (page 3), which creates four management groups, one of which Daley will personally oversee, is overdue; Daley clearly recognises this. His challenge is to inject some of the excitement and energy he has crafted for Saatchis' positioning into its core work.