Between the Lines: Sir Frank takes sole control

The decision by Sir Frank Lowe to send out a press release last Thursday morning announcing his intention to start a new agency may well have bounced Paul Weinberger into handing in his resignation to Lowe London (pages 1 and 3).

However, the precipitous move will also have left the rest of his future partners in uncomfortable positions at their respective agencies. The speculation about Paul Hammersley will have bred lengthy and unhealthy uncertainty at DDB London. Ditto the JWT managing director, Mark Cadman, and his lack of a final decision.

At first glance, it seems a clumsy way to launch an agency, but never underestimate the Machiavellian instincts of Sir Frank. The runaway speculation has built an enviable amount of excitement about the launch.

It has also enabled Sir Frank to take ownership of the scheme. By announcing his start-up early, he did not have to share the first, most important, press release with Tesco, Weinberger, Hammersley or anyone else.