Between the Lines: Stanners is a smart hiring

Saatchi & Saatchi has moved fast to hire Kate Stanners as its executive creative director (page 1). And a good thing too.

The appointment of a Brit makes the probability of her staying around for a few years much greater. This is just what Saatchis needs, having suffered from the short tenures of her predecessors, the South African Tony Granger and the Australian Dave Droga. Both are creatives whose talent is matched by their hurry to climb the corporate ladder.

In Stanners, Saatchis has appointed a talented creative with an impressive portfolio from her days at St Luke's. Her track record for mould-breaking creative work should help Saatchis shake off a tired creative reputation and should sit well with the avant garde attitude of its new chief executive, Lee Daley.

Saatchis has long had a knack for producing award-winning work for small clients. Having shown little concern for headlines and fame in the past, expect Stanners to change its focus to concentrate on big ideas for big clients.