Between the Lines: Sums add up for Labour PR

Alastair Campbell's e-mail gaffe this week not only serves as a cautionary tale to all e-mail users, but again demonstrates some turmoil within the Labour communications ranks.

His expletive-riddled mail, intended for TBWA\London's Andrew McGuinness but sent in error to Newsnight's Andrew McFadyen, fanned the flames of a story almost two weeks old. The ads, branded anti-Semitic by some, appeared on Labour's website. The papers have had several field days attempting to determine their authorship. TBWA, Labour's agency, is said to be under siege from reporters trying to get staff - even their relatives - to cough up information.

The first and most obvious observation here is that a tiny investment from Labour has yielded many hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of PR.

Secondly, there appears to be a lot of shit-stirring going on. But that's politics.