Between the Lines: Unilever set for shake up

The signs are that Unilever's Persil/Omo review (page 5) will become the HSBC of 2005: everyone will be talking about it.

It's important because it pits WPP against an already-troubled IPG. IPG's relationship with Unilever has not exactly been a smooth and happy one of late, as anybody who followed the messy saga that was Unilever's European media review will remember. IPG's Initiative, the incumbent, felt poorly treated by Unilever. It's also important because Omnicom could see its way on to Unilever's roster and because Unilever has identified advertising as taking a leading role in its global recovery programme.

Insiders believe that Persil could be the first of many Unilever reviews with Ogilvy & Mather's Comfort brand looking like the next to step up to the plate.