Between the Lines: US media thinking thriving

The Gunn Report for Media makes for interesting reading. Not least because the US has emerged this year as the most-awarded market, with 167 points, overtaking the UK (page 7).

While this is partly owing to the scale of the US market, it is also a sure sign that genuinely creative media ideas are emerging in large numbers from the US. Food for thought for UK media agencies, which have been used to basking in the glory of being at the forefront of media thinking and creativity.

The OMD network was the most-awarded, adding to the good news for John Wren's Omnicom, which can also boast the top-three creative networks in last week's Gunn Report for ad agencies. And it was OMD's US office, rather than its UK division, that led the charge.

Markets in South America, Asia and Central and Eastern Europe are also developing award-winning ideas, but it seems the US, perversely, is benefiting from having been slow to launch media specialists, because their thinking now seems more up-to-date.