Between the Lines: Why it's not so grim up North

A show of patriotism by two huge financial institutions north of the border could be responsible for spurring a rejuvenation of Scottish creativity as well as bringing extra business into the market.

This week, the Bank of Scotland followed the lead of its arch-rival, the Royal Bank of Scotland, by shunning the use of English adaptations for its retail banking business and going out to look for an all-Scottish agency to create all-Scottish ads (page 1).

In the past decade, not only has the number of memorable ads appearing from Scotland been dwindling, so has the number of high-spending, forward-thinking clients who don't instinctively turn their eyes South when looking for an agency. However, it is becoming clear that patriotic Scottish consumers are taking umbrage with the fact that they are being offered adaptations of English ads.

Hopefully, this will lead to a number of bigger companies also putting their faith in the Scottish market and forcing the agencies to compete harder to win the business and produce memorable work.