Between the Lines: Will Grey and United marry?

Ever since Tamara Ingram relinquished her role as the chief executive of Grey London, it's been a matter of frenzied debate about who would take over.

News that Grey and its sister WPP agency United are considering a merger seems like an elegant solution, putting both companies out of their misery and injecting some heavyweight talent, Jim Kelly, into the Grey void.

Robert Campbell, who looks set to bail out all together (page 1), would have been a coup, too, for Grey, but who can blame him for feeling enough's enough.

Quite where this leaves the United network, which is already a dubious proposition, is the next conundrum. To lay any claims to being a micro-network without an office in the crucial London market is surely impossible.And United can hardly use Grey as its UK partner - the two propositions are counter-cultural.