Between the lines: Yell in shock pitch decision

When a domestic client takes four months to decide between its final two agencies, and seven months for the overall process, it is pushing the boundaries of respect for a) the agencies involved and b) the entire pitching process.

Yell has finally decided to make its mind up and has chosen Mother over VCCP after telling both agencies four weeks ago that it was "going forward with neither of them" (page 1).

Both agencies went through two sets of research and were constantly asked to supply extra information, resources and time - all of which come at a price.

One of the agencies reportedly spent just under £50,000 on the pitch (with half of that in the final stage).

The fear is that this sort of behaviour will set a precedent for other clients who think that it is acceptable to expect an agency to foot bills of this size and expend so much energy and time on the pitch process.

And weeks of frustration and enthusiasm-sapping delay is hardly a great start for a new client/agency relationship.