The A List 2007. (4 of 12)

Daley, Lee
Job: Group chairman and chief executive, Saatchi & Saatchi UK.
Company: Saatchi & Saatchi UK Group, 80 Charlotte Street, London
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7462 7022.
Born: 11 September 1963.
Family: Wife Jas and children India Rose and Walter.
Career history: Account executive, WCRS, 1986-1987. Account manager,
BDH, 1987-1988. Account manager/director, DMB&B, 1988-1989. Account
director/strategic planner, Cromer & Co, 1989-1990; Account
director/group board director/strategic planner, McCann-Erickson London,
Director in charge/member of global strategy team, McCann-Erickson New
York, 1993-1994. Founding partner, general manager and strategy
director, Amster Yard New York, 1994-1998. EMEA chief strategic officer
and worldwide board director, McCann Erickson, 1999-2001; Worldwide
chief executive, chief strategic officer, Red Cell Network, and
executive chairman, HHCL/Red Cell, 2002-2004. Group chairman and chief
executive, Saatchi&Saatchi UK, 2004 to date.
Favourite ad: Apple "crazy ones".
Book: The Diving Bell and The Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby.
Album: Marvin Gaye - What's Going On.
Website: (sad,I know).
TV programme: Anything on history or the arts.
Magazine (professional): Harvard Business Review.
Magazine (pleasure): Vanity Fair or Condé Nast Traveller.
Daily newspaper: Financial Times.
Sunday newspaper: The New York Times or The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: None.
What car do you own?: Aston Martin DB6 Vantage, Mercedes 280SL Pagoda.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Steve Jobs.
Favourite technology: BlackBerry.
Greatest achievement: None.
Most humbling experience: Realising what a deadful error I made not
taking a certain job in 2000.
What principle defines your working life?: I look for beauty in
everything and I never give up.
Everyone's saying: After launching a number of brand extensions, the
ever-travelling but seemingly indefatigueable Daley refocused on the
London agencyand promptly picked up a global account (Sony Ericsson).
This was a timely relief from the worry of making almost every pitchlist
and winning none.

Davidson, Tony
Job: Head of big ideas, Wieden & Kennedy London.
Company: Wieden & Kennedy London, 16 Hanbury Street, London SE1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7194 7000.
Born: A child of the 60s.
Family: Undisclosed.
Career history: Manchester Polytechnic; BMP; BMP Davidson Pearce; BMP
DDB; Leagas Delaney; Bartle Bogle Hegarty; Wieden & Kennedy.
Favouriate ad: Watch John Webster's reel. There's a few on there.
Book: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon.
Album: Headland's Touchy Feely.
TV programme: YouTube.
Magazine (professional): Ampersand.
Magazine (pleasure): Undisclosed.
Daily newspaper Guardian Unlimited.
Sunday newspaper Undisclosed.
Breakfast radio show: Garrison Keillor on
What car do you own?: Ten-year-old push bike with no gears.
Most-admired entrepreneur: David and Clare Hieatt.
Favourite technology: My dad's home-made golf driving range.
Greatest achievement: Nursing a sick agency back to health and then
watching it do some great work.
Most humbling experience: Working with people who are way better than
What principle defines your working life?: Perfection can always be
improved upon.
Everyone's saying: Davidson's creative clout was reinforced after he was
elected D&AD president from the position of deputy president this
year. Uncompromising and straight-talking, his inaugural D&AD speech
outlined how he will work with the charity to further promote its work
internationally. Meanwhile, W&K's creative reputation retains a
healthy hue.

Davies, Russell
Job: Darth Strategist.
Company: Open Intelligence Agency, 105 Holcroft Court, Clipstone Street,
London, W1.
Work tel: 07976 974 340.
Born: 11 March 1966.
Family: Anne - love, Arthur - son.
Career history: Yellowhammer, Delaney Fletcher, TBWA, Leo Burnett,
Wieden & Kennedy Portland, Wieden & Kennedy London, Nike, OIA.
Favourite ad: AMV once did an ad for Pork Farms which featured a pork
pie and a microphone. I don't think it won any awards or anything but it
always pops into my head when people ask that question.
Book: Whizz For Atoms - Ronald Searle and Geoffrey Willans.
Album: Lexicon of Love - ABC.
TV programme: Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip.
Magazine (professional): Strategy + Business.
Magazine (pleasure): The New Yorker.
Daily newspaper Guardian Unlimited.
Sunday newspaper The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: World Today on the BBC World Service.
What car do you own?: Isuzu Bighorn.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Dave and Clare at Howies.
Favourite technology: Moog Rogue.
Greatest achievement:
Most humbling experience: Working on the launch of We Are What We Do.
What principle defines your working life?: We're as disappointed as you
Everyone's saying: The winner of this year's Battle of the Big Thinking
APG debate, Davies is the planner's planner. After quitting Nike early
in the year, the frighteningly brainy but rather humble Davies has set
himself up as a brain for hire and has also reached the heady heights of
Campaign columnist.

Davies, Simon
Job: Advertisement director, The Mail on Sunday.
Company: Associated Newspapers, 2 Derry Street London W8.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7938 7401.
Born: 14 January 1966.
Family: Freddie (six) and Oli (four).
Career history: Sales executive, Express Newspapers, 1988-1991. Sales
executive, Mail on Sunday, 1991-1994. Sabbatical, 1994-1998. Head of
trading, newspapers, Mail on Sunday, 1998-2001. Advertisement director
Ireland on Sunday, 2001-2003. Advertisement director, Mail on Sunday,
2003 to date.
Favourite ad: Cinzano Bianco "rollerskate girl".
Book: Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz-Zafon.
Album: Duke by Genesis.
TV programme: Poker Tour.
Magazine (professional): You magazine.
Magazine (pleasure): How to Spend It.
Daily newspaper: Daily Mail.
Sunday newspaper : The Mail on Sunday.
Breakfast radio show: Capital.
What car do you own?: BMW.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Charles Dunstone.
Favourite technology: Sky+.
Greatest achievement: My kids.
Most humbling experience: Watching them being born.
What principle defines your working life?: Never give up.
Everyone's saying: Man about town Davies is the archetypal media sales
man - plugged in, passionate about his brand and wielding a large
expense account, he is to be found with unerring regularity in Le
Caprice. Davies' dynamo was working at full speed in 2006 as he
recruited senior online and planning talent.

Davis, Craig
Job: Chief creative officer, worldwide, JWT.
Company: JWT, 1 Knightsbridge Green, London SW1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7656 7204.
Born: 29 January 1962.
Family: Wife Jo and three kids Mikaela, Ethan and Avalon.
Career history: Partner in Sydney agency, 1988-1998. Executive creative
director, Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore, 1999-2000. Regional executive
creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi Asia/Africa, 2000-2003. Chief
creative officer, JWT EMEA, 2004-2005. Chief creative officer,
worldwide, 2005 to date.
Favourite ad: Sony Bravia "balls".
Book: Cloudstreet by Tim Winton.
Album: This week, Food in the Belly by Xavier Rudd.
Website: and the Huffington Post.
TV programme: Extras.
Magazine (professional): Fast Company.
Magazine (pleasure): Yachting Monthly.
Daily newspaper: International Herald Tribune.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Triple J in Sydney.
What car do you own?: Radio Taxis.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Walt Disney.
Favourite technology: The one that combines my favourite photos with my
favourite music - my iPod.
Greatest achievement: Hopefully, what I'm doing right now, helping to
build the creative reputation of JWT.
Most humbling experience: Childbirth.
What principle defines your working life?: Always work with the best
Everyone's saying: His "Hold My Skateboard While I Kiss Your Girlfriend"
creative initiative left many bemused, and so far Davis' attempts to
revolutionise JWT's creative output have shown only slow results. But he
is a decent guy with a digitally-attuned passion. In 2007 he must work
hard to win the respect of his international teams and foster more
quality campaigns.

Dawson, Neil
J: ob: Creative partner, Ogilvy London.
Company: Ogilvy London, 10 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London E14.
Work tel: +44 (0) 20 7345 3000.
Born: 17 September 1964.
Family: Wife,Helen; children Billy and Hannah.
Career history: Art director, Leo Burnett London; The Whitehouse,
Johannesburg; Hunt Lascaris Cape Town. Senior art director, BMP DDB.
Creative director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty; TBWA\London. Creative partner,
Ogilvy London.
Favourite ad: That road-safety ad that looks like it's shot on a phone.
Book: My Baby Got The Yips - The Random Thoughts of an Unprofessional
Golfer by Richard Russell.
Album: Elvis Greatest Hits.
TV programme: Worldwide Rugby.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): Too many to choose.
Daily newspaper: Metro.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: n/a.
What car do you own?: Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet (yes, I know it's a
lady's car,but it's black, which is a bit more manly).
Most-admired entrepreneur: WA Dawson (grandfather, founded family
engineering business).
Favourite technology: Digital camera.
Greatest achievement: Seeing my teams win at Cannes.
Most humbling experience: Meeting Nelson Mandela.
What principle defines your working life?: You can be good without being
an arse.
Everyone's saying: Part of the five-man creative hit squad recruited
last year to give the huge agency some creative bite. As yet there has
not been a lot of earth shattering creative, but like turning an oil
tanker, this job will take time.

Dawson, Neil
Job: Founder, Hurrell and Dawson.
Company: Hurrell and Dawson, 21 Golden Square, London W1F.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7573 6793.
Born: 11 October 1964.
Family: Partner Judy; children Tommy (nine), Lucas (three), Lara (one).
Career history: Ten years in various research companies then planning
director, Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper, 1995-1999. Planning director, Miles
Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, 1999-2001. Executive planning director,
TBWA\London, 2001-2006. Chairman, 2006. Set up Hurrell and Dawson,
2006-to date.
Favourite ad: Toshiba: "hello Tosh".
Book: Mao II - Don DeLillo.
Album: Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan.
Website: chelseafc.
TV programme: Recent - The Office: Ever - The Sweeney.
Magazine (professional): Undisclosed.
Magazine (pleasure): Uncut.
Daily newspaper: The Independent.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Five Live.
What car do you own?: Volvo XC90 and Peugeot 205.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Steve Jobs.
Favourite technology: iPod 60GB Black.
Greatest achievement: Having kids.
Most humbling experience: Having kids.
What principle defines your working life?: Fail better.
Everyone's saying: Why the chairman of TBWA\London would be ready to put
his career (and his house) on the line to get his name on the door of a
start-up set tongues wagging. Many believe the time has arrived when the
talents Dawson has honed should be benefiting him personally, rather
than the shareholders at Omnicom.

de Nardis, Mainardo
Job: Global chief executive, Aegis Media.
Company: Aegis Media, 43-45 Portman Square, London W1H.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7070 7761.
Born: 24 November 1960.
Family: Two sons, aged 14 and 12.
Career history: 1980-1985: Account executive, Y&R Milan. 1985-1987:
Managing director, Alberto Cremona advertising agency, Milan. 1987-1993:
Chief executive, Medianetwork Milan.
1993-2001: Global chief executive, CIA; director, Tempus Group.
2001-2005: Global chief executive, Mediaedge:cia. 2006, Global chief
executive, Aegis Media; director, Aegis Group.
Favourite ad: Online work for Mini by glue London.
Book: All history books.
Album: The Doors - The Doors.
Website: YouTube.
TV programme: News/current affairs.
Magazine (professional): Campaign!
Magazine (pleasure): The Economist.
Daily newspaper Financial Times and Corriere della Sera.
Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: No way! Need total silence in the morning ...
What car do you own?: Classic Aston Martin.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Chris Ingram.
Favourite technology: BlackBerry; love and hate relationship.
Greatest achievement: The next one.
Most humbling experience: Not sharing this publicly ...
What principle defines your working life?: Nothing is impossible.
Everyone's saying: After an agonising period in his garden as he served
his notice period for WPP, the charming and impressive de Nardis finally
joined Aegis in autumn this year - just in time to welcome the mighty
ú400 million General Motors media business into the Aegis fold.

Delaney, Greg
Job: Chairman, Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners.
Company: Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners, 25 Wellington
Street, London WC2E.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7836 3474.
Born: 31 January 1953.
Family: Wife Lesley; children Florence, Arthur and Cicely.
Career history: Delaney & Delaney, 1976-1985; Delaney Fletcher
Delaney, 1985-1990; Delaney Fletcher Bozell, 1990-1999; Delaney Lund
Knox Warren & Partners, 2000 to date.
Favourite ad: Sony Trinitron "lifespan".
Book: Great Expectations by Charles Dickens.
Album: Sergeant Pepper.
TV programme: House.
Magazine (professional): Campaign, Marketing, Marketing Week.
Magazine (pleasure): Private Eye.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian and The Times.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Today, Capital.
What car do you own?: Mercedes CL.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Pierre Omidyar.
Favourite technology: Digital camera.
Greatest achievement: My family.
Most humbling experience: Research.
What principle defines your working life?: Work with clever people you
Everyone's saying: Following the massive Morrison's win this year,
Delaney has even more than usual to smile about. One of the most popular
chairmen in London.

Delaney, Tim
Job: Chairman, Leagas Delaney Group.
Company: Leagas Delaney Group, 1 Alfred Place, London WC1E.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 758 1758.
Born: 12 March 1946.
Family: Two children.
Career history: Copywriter at Y&R, PKL and BMP. Creative director,
BBDO. Founded agency in 1980.
Favourite ad: FedEx "fast talking man".
Book: Burnt Out Case or Heart of the Matter by Graham Greene.
Album: Anything by Kanye West.
TV programme: Monday Night Soccer on Sky.
Magazine (professional): French Vogue.
Magazine (pleasure): The Spectator or The Guide.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer, News of the World.
Breakfast radio show: Five Live, Radio 4.
What car do you own?: Volkswagen Golf.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Michael Ryan.
Favourite technology: Apple laptop.
Greatest achievement: Facilitating a gift of $1.5 million to the Nelson
Mandela Children's Fund.
Most humbling experience: Visiting HIV hospices for children in South
What principle defines your working life?: Work hard and do the right
Everyone's saying: Delaney, still regarded as one of the greatest of the
UK's advertising copywriters, also has a famously hot temper. Can he
really relinquish control of the London office to the new management
team and focus on growing Leagas Delaney's network of offices?

Dennis, Felix
Job: Chairman, Dennis Publishing.
Company: Dennis Publishing, 9-11 Kingly Street, London W1B.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7636 1305.
Born: 27 May 1947.
Family: One brother.
Career history: Owner and chairman of own publishing company for more
than 30 years.
Favourite ad: Leffe Beer.
Book: Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds by
Charles Mackay.
Album: Mustique Blues Festival 2006.
TV programme: Fred Dibnah's Britain.
Magazine (professional): Rubber & Plastic News.
Magazine (pleasure): The Week.
Daily newspaper The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper Sunday Sport.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: Rolls Royce Phantom, Maybach 62, Bentley
Most-admired entrepreneur: None.
Favourite technology: Pencil.
Greatest achievement: Staying alive.
Most humbling experience: Attempting to scuba dive.
What principle defines your working life?: Identify the money. Fetch it.
Everyone's saying: One of the few people on the A-List to have spent
time in prison (or record a song with John Lennon for that matter), the
latest chapter in Dennis' life sees him gaining increasing acclaim for
his poetry. After coining it in from his publishing empire for decades,
Dennis put $250 million worth of US titles in the shop window this year.
Could the transition from publisher to full-time literary genius be upon

Denton, Mark
Job: Partner and director, Therapy Films; creative director and managing
director, Mark Denton Design.
Company: Therapy Films/Mark Denton Design, Second Floor, 26 Market
Place, London W1W.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7436 5191.
Born: 17 December 1956.
Family: Wife and step-daughter.
Career history: Visualiser, Bridge Advertising, 1976-1978. Art director,
Leo Burnett, 1978-1984. Art director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, 1984-1986.
Art director, Lowe, 1986-1988. Creative director, Simons Palmer Denton
Clemmow & Johnson, 1988-1995. Director Redwing, 1995-1997. Director
Godman, 1997-1999. Director Blink, 1999-2003. Partner and director,
Therapy Films, 2003-2005. Established Mark Denton Design in parallel
with Therapy Films, 2005.
Favourite ad: PG Tips "Dad, do you know the piano's standing on my
Book: Type Directors Club Annual.
Album: Skinhead Moonstomp.
Website: Friends Reunited.
TV programme: 24.
Magazine (professional): Styling Lard Magazine.
Magazine (pleasure): Styling Lard Magazine.
Daily newspaper: Evening Standard.
Sunday newspaper: The Times.
Breakfast radio show: None.
What car do you own?: None.
Most-admired entrepreneur: My Dad - GF Denton & Sons Peckham (Scrap
Favourite technology: Television.
Greatest achievement: Getting married.
Most humbling experience: Getting fired from my own agency.
What principle defines your working life?: Effort = reward.
Everyone's saying: Denton is determined to raise the profile of Creative
Circle and make them the must-enter awards for the advertising industry.
Will his peers agree and forsake their long relationship with D&AD?

Desmond, Richard
Job: Executive group chairman, Northern & Shell.
Company: Northern & Shell, The Northern & Shell Building,
Number 10 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R.
Work tel: +44 (0)871 434 1010.
Born: 8 December 1951.
Family: Wife Janet; son Robert.
Career history: Northern & Shell.
Favourite ad: OK!.
Book: Any Tom Bower book.
Album: RD Crusaders.
TV programme: OK!.
Magazine (professional): OK!.
Magazine (pleasure): OK!.
Daily newspaper: Daily Express and Daily Star.
Sunday newspaper: Sunday Express and Daily Star Sunday.
Breakfast radio show: OK! show on Capital Radio.
What car do you own?: Rolls Royce Phantom, Ferrari Spider, Vauxhall
Most-admired entrepreneur: Rupert Murdoch.
Favourite technology: Ludwig vistalite foot pedal.
Greatest achievement: Starting International Musician.
Most humbling experience: Never had one.
What principle defines your working life?: A deal is a deal.
Everyone's saying: The owner of OK! and the Daily Express might have
been named number 746 in Forbes magazine's list of the richest 1,000
people in the world, but his legendary work ethic shows no signs of
diminishing. As well as continuing to promote OK! in the US and turning
the Express into a populist, campaigning title, Desmond continued in his
musical exploits - playing drums alongside The Who's Roger Daltrey on
vocals as his band, the RD Crusaders, performed at a charity event for a
children's hospital appeal.

Dicketts, Simon
Job: Executive creative director, M&C Saatchi.
Company: M&C Saatchi, 36 Golden Square, London W1F.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7543 4515.
Born: 13 September 1954.
Family: Wife Nicola; son Hamish.
Career history: Writer, JWT; creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi;
founder, M&C Saatchi.
Favourite ad: VW "snowplough".
Book: The Little Prince by Antoine St Exupéry.
Album: The Wall - Pink Floyd.
Website: Williams Sonoma.
TV programme: University Challenge.
Magazine (professional): Creative Review.
Magazine (pleasure): The Week.
Daily newspaper: Any.
Sunday newspaper: None.
Breakfast radio show: Classic FM.
What car do you own?: Mercedes M Class.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Marco Pierre White.
Favourite technology: The Napoleon PT450 Gourmet Grill with Rotisserie.
Greatest achievement: Nicola and Hamish.
Most humbling experience: Any game of tennis I play.
What principle defines your working life?: Enjoy it.
Everyone's saying: He may be another long-serving Saatchi henchman, and
therefore has many people wondering what he actually does all day, but
the urbane Dicketts is still a presence in the agency and offers a lot
of support and advice for Graham Fink.

Digby, Gary
J: ob: Managing director (sales), ITV.
Company: ITV, 200 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7316 6406.
Born: 8 June 1960.
Family: Son Mikey and my fantastic wife Saira, whom I forgot to mention
last year.
Career history: Messenger, CDP Advertising, 1976-1980. Media planner,
McCann-Erickson, 1980-1986. TV buying director, BBDO, 1986-1992. London
sales controller, TSMS, 1992-1994. Sales director, Carlton Television,
1994-2003. Sales director, ITV, 2003-2005. Managing director (sales),
ITV, 2005 to date.
Favourite ad: Heineken "the water in Majorca".
Book: Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.
Album: Stevie Wonder's Songs in the Key of Life.
Website: Online golf sites.
TV programme: 24.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): Golf magazines.
Daily newspaper: The Times.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Capital.
What car do you own?: Aston Martin DB9.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Michael Green Carlton tv.
Favourite technology: iPod.
Greatest achievement: I am still looking forward to it!
Most humbling experience: Having my now wife shout out loud in a packed
restaurant: "What, are we on a date?"
What principle defines your working life?: Always just try to do your
best and most of the time that will be good enough.
Everyone's saying: "Diggers" would probably like to forget 2006. ITV's
ad revenues took a nosedive and the network came under increasing
pressure to reverse the decline. The rather scary Digby spent much of
2006 touring media agencies and advertisers in a bid to build support
for the abolition of CRR.

Ditcham, Robert
Job: Television adjudicator, Ofcom.
Company: The Office of the Adjudicator, Ofcom, Riverside House, 2a
Southwark Bridge Road, London SE1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7783 4590.
Born: 17 September 1960.
Family: Daughters Olivia and Daisy.
Career history: Sales assistant, HTV, 1981-1983. TV buyer, Hedger
Mitchell Stark, 1983-1985. Senior TV buyer, Leo Burnett, 1985-1986.
Broadcast director, Still Price Court, 1986-1990. Broadcast director,
Initiative, 1990-1995.Founder, Rapture Television, 1995-2002. Commercial
director, Initiative, 2002-2006.
Favourite ad: Silk Cut "Rorke's drift".
Book: Wellington, a Personal History by Christopher Hibbert.
Album: Avalon, Roxy Music.
TV programme: BBC's coverage of the Open.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): Country Life.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian or The Daily Telegraph.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: FiveLive.
What car do you own?: Mini Cooper S.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Rupert Murdoch.
Favourite technology: Concorde.
Greatest achievement: Remaining in the ad business for more than 25
Most humbling experience: Closing a business.
What principle defines your working life?: Enjoy it.
Everyone's saying: Ditcham describes himself as having a small mouth and
big ears in his role as adjudicator. Which is just as well with all the
talk about ITV and CRR. Ditcham can expect a heavy workload next year as
pressure mounts to get the controversial trading mechanism reviewed.

Dodds, Mike
Job: Managing director, OgilvyOne London.
Company: OgilvyOne London, 10 Cabot Square, Canary Wharf, London E14.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7566 7079.
Born: 18 February 1963.
Family: Wife Clare; children Hannah (16), Ellie (12) and Matthew (five).
Career history: Product manager, GTE, 1986-1988 -learning the basics of
marketing. Account manager, DMB&B Direct, 1988-1990 - learning the
basics of direct marketing. Client services director, Limbo (BBH
Unlimited) 1990-1996 - learning the basics of brands. Client services
director and managing director, OgilvyOne, 1996-2006 - putting it all
together with digital.
Favourite ad: Levi's "creek".
Book: Enduring Love by Ian McEwan.
Album: David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.
Website: were robbed of fourth place.
TV programme: Match of the Day.
Magazine (professional): The Economist.
Magazine (pleasure): The Week.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Today or anything from Heart.
What car do you own?: Seven-seater Audi TT - otherwise know as a Seat
Most-admired entrepreneur: Charles Dunstone - giving the telco sector a
run for its money.
Favourite technology: My BT Home Hub, of course.
Greatest achievement: Winning the BT Business in 2001 - the mother of
all pitches.
Most humbling experience: Being a father.
What principle defines your working life?: It's all about people.
Everyone's saying: Dodds' ten-year loyalty to his company paid off this
year when he became sole managing director of the agency following
partner Guy Lambert's move to O&M. He's a crucial cog in Ogilvy's
lucrative integrated offer.

Donnelly, Roisin
Job: Corporate marketing director, Procter & Gamble.
Company: Procter & Gamble, The Heights, Brooklands, Surrey KT13.
Work tel: +44 (0)1932 896500.
Born: 17 June 1961.
Family: Married with three daughters.
Career history: Marketing director, Procter & Gamble cosmetics and
fragrances, EMEA, 1994-1996. Marketing director, P&G fragrances,
North and South America, 1996-2000. UK head of marketing, P&G, 2000
to date.
Favourite ad: Hugo.
Book: The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot.
Album: Carry On Up The Charts by The Beautiful South.
TV programme: Spooks.
Magazine (professional): Media Week.
Magazine (pleasure): Marie Claire.
Daily newspaper: The Times.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Nick Ferrari on LBC.
What car do you own?: BMW 5 Series Touring.
Most-admired entrepreneur: The founder of eBay, Pierre Omidyar.
Favourite technology: BlackBerry.
Greatest achievement: Launching Wash & Go, then Pantene to market
leader in UK and Europe.
Most humbling experience: Working in great acquisitions - from Giorgio
Beverley Hills to Gillette.
What principle defines your working life?: Consumer is boss.
Everyone's saying: Definitely a P&G star in the making. Donnelly
rose to oversee Gillette's integration into the group as well as
implementing a series of new marketing models and extending P&G's
reputation for product innovation. Likeable and approachable, she
represents a new breed of more open P&G marketer.

Dooner, John
Job: Chairman and chief executive, McCann Worldgroup.
Company: McCann Worldgroup, 622 Third Avenue, New York NY10017, USA.
Work tel: +1 646 865 2000.
Born: August 1948.
Family: Wife and daughter.
Career history: Started out in the media department of Grey Advertising.
More than 30 years at Interpublic, first at Marschalk (now Lowe
Worldwide). Joined McCann in 1984 as a worldwide account director,
rising to chairman and chief executive in 1995, followed by three years
at the Interpublic Group, McCann's parent, also as chairman and chief
executive. In 1997, created and launched McCann Worldgroup.
Favourite ad: I have many.
Book: Anything by James Patterson.
Album: Anything from Jimmy Buffet.
TV programme: Anything but reality shows.
Magazine (professional): Campaign, of course.
Magazine (pleasure): Undisclosed.
Daily newspaper: Undisclosed.
Sunday newspaper: The New York Times.
Breakfast radio show: Don Imus (AM Radio).
What car do you own?: Cadillac SRX; Cadillac CTS; GMC Envoy.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Don Keough.
Favourite technology: XBox 360.
Greatest achievement: My family.
Most humbling experience: Undisclosed.
What principle defines your working life?: Refuse to lose.
Everyone's saying: The cigar-chomping McCann boss is the typical
old-school Madison Avenue adman. He's said to be very disillusioned with
the ongoing problems at McCann's IPG parent and some reckon he wouldn't
be averse to buying McCann out using equity funding.

Draft, Howard
Job: Chairman, CEO, Draft/FCB.
Company: Draft/FCB, 633 Clair St.
Work tel: +1 312-944-3500.
Born: 28 December 1953.
Family: Three children.
Career history: 1977: Stone & Adler - assistant account executive;
1978: Kobs & Brady - account executive; 1986: Kobs & Draft -
president; 1988: Draft - chairman and CEO; 2006: Draft/FCB - chairman
and CEO.
Favourite ad: American Express "portraits".
Book: The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand.
Album: Dave Mason's Alone Together.
Website: My kids' Facebook sites.
TV programme: Entourage.
Magazine (professional): Business Week.
Magazine (pleasure): Vanity Fair.
Daily newspaper: The New York Times.
Sunday newspaper: The New York Times.
Breakfast radio show: None.
What car do you own?: Aston Martin DB9, Range Rover.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Steve Jobs.
Favourite technology: BlackBerry.
Greatest achievement: Giving a speech back in 1992 where I shared my
vision for the day when a general ad agency and a direct agency could
come together and eliminate all lines - and then achieving it with the
creation of Draft/FCB.
Most humbling experience: Standing back and watching our brilliant pitch
team win the Wal-Mart business; I work with some very smart people.
What principle defines your working life?: Work hard, but have fun doing
Everyone's saying: Draft took his place alongside advertising's
heavyweights when his successful direct network merged with the ailing
FCB. He looks like IPG's white knight having rescued one of its troubled
ad networks after rejecting a similar deal with Lowe.

Dresden, Brinsley
Job: Partner, head of media, brands and technology, Lewis Silkin.
Company: Lewis Silkin, 5 Chancery Lane, London EC4A.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7074 8000.
Born: 25 February 1966.
Family: Wife, one son and a daughter.
Career history: Nabarro Nathanson, 1989-1992; British Telecom,
1993-1995; Lewis Silkin, 1996 to date.
Favourite ad: Wieden & Kennedy's Honda "Grrr".
Book: Sebastian Faulkes - Birdsong.
Album: Mozart's Requiem.
Website: BBC.
TV programme: University Challenge or Match of the Day.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): Culture Section of The Sunday Times.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: Mazda MX-5 and Audi A6 Avant.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Andrew Carnegie: he amassed and gave away a
Favourite technology: iPod.
Greatest achievement: My children.
Most humbling experience: Watching my wife give birth.
What principle defines your working life?: Do unto others as you would
be done by, and hope they return the favour.
Everyone's saying: With Roger Alexander now warming the chairman's seat
at Lewis Silkin, a new generation of partners, Dresden among them, can
take more of the limelight. The "sorcerer's apprentice" continues to
enhance his reputation as one of the best advertising lawyers around
through his ability to translate complex issues into layman's language.

Droga, David
Job: Creative chairman, Droga5.
Company: Droga5, 444 Broadway, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10013, USA.
Work tel: +1 212 334 9975.
Born: 27 July 1968.
Family: Three kids, one wife.
Career history: Creative director, OMON Sydney, 1988-1996. Executive
creative director/regional creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi
Singapore/Asia, 1996-1999. Executive creative director, Saatchi &
Saatchi London, 1999-2003. Worldwide chief creative officer, Publicis,
2003-2006. Creative chairman, droga5, 2006 to date.
Favourite ad: Too many.
Book: Too many, most recent: Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.
Album: Way too many.
Website:, The Onion.
TV programme: The Daily Show.
Magazine (professional): Wired.
Magazine (pleasure): Anything. I am a magazine glutton.
Daily newspaper: The NewYork Times.
Sunday newspaper: The New York Times on Sunday.
Breakfast radio show: Undisclosed.
What car do you own?: Undisclosed.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Steve Jobs for quality and Bill Gates for
Favourite technology: Espresso machine.
Greatest achievement: Staying interested.
Most humbling experience: Davos.
What principle defines your working life?: Work hard, stay loyal, have
Everyone's saying: In 2006 Droga exploded back on to the advertising
scene with his new Publicis-backed venture Droga5 after a quiet period
spent recovering, some might say, from big-agency politics. Early work
for the clothing client Ecko won a Cannes Cyber Grand Prix, where Droga
was chairing the Film and Press juries.

Duff, Graham
Job: President, EMEA, Universal McCann.
Company: Universal McCann, 42-47 St Johns Square, London EC1M.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7833 5858.
Born: 13 January 1959.
Family: Daughter Ashleigh (19) and son Tom (17).
Career history: Anglia TV, 1977-1982; Leo Burnett, GRC, Publicis,
1982-1989; TSMS, 1990-1992; Zenith Media, 1993-2001. ITV, 2002-2005.
Favourite ad: Orange movie script series.
Book: An Irrational Hatred of Luton - A West Ham Fan's Story by Robert
Album: London Calling, The Clash.
Website: BBC Sport.
TV programme: My Name Is Earl.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): Q.
Daily newspaper: The Times.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Yahoo! Personal Radio Station.
What car do you own?: BMW X5 - essential for Islington, the speed-bump
capital of the world.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Richard Branson.
Favourite technology: iPod.
Greatest achievement: My children - a cliché but true.
Most humbling experience: Not being in the A List last year. Something
about me not having a job.
What principle defines your working life?: Common sense.
Everyone's saying: If Duff was looking for a big challenge on his return
to the media agency business (he took a sabbatical following his
departure from ITV), then he's certainly got one. The Universal network
needs a lot of tough love (particularly after the General Motors loss)
and the job could prove a gruelling slog.

Duffy, Malcolm
Job: Creative director, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy.
Company: Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy, 15 Rathbone Street, London
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7073 6900.
Born: 20 April 1957.
Family: Wife Jann; daughter Tallulah.
Career history: DMB&B; Grey; Geers Gross; Colman RSCG; CDP; Abbott
Mead Vickers BBDO; Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy.
Favourite ad: Benson & Hedges "iguana".
Book: D&AD Annual 1987.
Album: Coldplay - Parachutes.
TV programme: Cbeebies (not out of choice).
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): The Mag.
Daily newspaper: Metro.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Capital.
What car do you own?: Subaru Outback.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Richard Branson.
Favourite technology: Mobile.
Greatest achievement: Hitting the high note in The Lion Sleeps Tonight
at karaoke in Corfu, 1992.
Most humbling experience: My advertising career 1981-1985.
What principle defines your working life?: If at first you don't
succeed ...
Everyone's saying: Duffy and his partner Paul Briginshaw's creative
department has enjoyed a good year, with strong work for Milletts, the
Metropolitan Police Service and Debenhams, although the loss of the
award-friendly Travelocity account and several good creative teams were
real blows.

Duffy, Maureen
Job: Chief executive, Newspaper Marketing Agency.
Company: Newspaper Marketing Agency, Fourth Floor, Empire House, 175
Piccadilly, London W1J.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7182 1700.
Born: 4 May 1959.
Family: Undisclosed.
Career history: Daytime controller, ITV; controller, TV marketing, BBC;
worldwide partner, JWT.
Favourite ad: It keeps changing.
Book: Too many to choose from.
Album: Too many to choose from.
Website: is vital to get me to the right place.
TV programme: Depends on my mood.
Magazine (professional): All the main ones.
Magazine (pleasure): Not really.
Daily newspaper: All.
Sunday newspaper: All.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: I don't.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Bill Gates.
Favourite technology: Washing machine.
Greatest achievement: Professionally, the creation of the NMA from
Most humbling experience: Working on the marketing of the documentary
Through the Eyes of the Child while at the BBC and seeing just how tough
life can be for children so young.
What principle defines your working life?: Treat others as I'd wish to
be treated.
Everyone's saying: Duffy has succeeded in winning over even the most
hardened of sceptics in the newspaper publishing community (they'd have
preferred an old-style bruiser or, even better, no-one at all) by
producing some persuasive initiatives. But times remain tough for the
nationals, with circulations fragile and a new freesheet war could open
up old fault lines. It may take considerable charisma on Duffy's part to
hold the NMA together.

Duffy, Tim
Job: Chief executive, M&C Saatchi.
Company: M&C Saatchi, 36 Golden Square, London W1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7543 4500.
Born: 13 June 1963.
Family: Georgie, Alex, Max.
Career history: Saatchi & Saatchi, 1986-1995; M&C Saatchi, 1995
to date.
Favourite ad: Health Education Council "fly".
Book: For Whom The Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemingway.
Album: Desire, Bob Dylan.
Website: Guardian Unlimited.
TV programme: The West Wing.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): None.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: Old Audi.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Maurice Saatchi.
Favourite technology: The delete button.
Greatest achievement: My part in M&C Saatchi.
Most humbling experience: Being outswum by someone with one leg.
What principle defines your working life?: Try to avoid smart casual.
Everyone's saying: One of M&C's hoard of talented senior management,
Duffy is charming, but never slippery, company. It seems incredible that
the left-leaning Geordie from a family of teachers ended up at M&C,
but he's flourished there.

Duncan, Grant
Job: Chief executive, Publicis.
Company: Publicis, 82 Baker Street, London W1U.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7935 4426.
Born: 15 April 1958.
Family: Louis (11) and Nina (eight).
Career history: Graduate trainee to client services director, CDP,
1982-1993. Managing director at, variously, GGT, GGT.BDDP, GGT Simon
Palmer, TBWA 1993-1999. Managing director to chief executive, Publicis,
1999 to date.
Favourite ad: Ever: Hamlet "photo booth". Now: Sony Bravia "balls".
Book: Ever - JP Donleavy, The Gingerman; Now - Khaled Hosseini, The Kite
Album: Ever - Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Mainstream; Now - Kanye
West, Late Registration.
TV programme: South Park.
Magazine (professional): Errr ... Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): GQ.
Daily newspaper: Financial Times, The Sun.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Chris Moyles.
What car do you own?: Renault Grand Scenic and Piaggio LX125.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Steve Jobs.
Favourite technology: My record player.
Greatest achievement: Getting this far in life,: sane and happy.
Most humbling experience: In A&E with my daughter.
What principle defines your working life?: Be good.
Everyone's saying: After several years with a stable client list,
Publicis will have felt the exit of the MFI account keenly. Duncan's
former boss, Rick Bendal, is now his most important client at Asda. And
with Richard Pinder now running the network, there's been an unusual
amount of change at Publicis.

Durden, Jonathan
Job: President, PHD.
Company: PHD, 5 North Crescent, Chenies Street, London WC1E.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7446 0555.
Born: 21 October 1957.
Family: Daughter Amy; son Alex; cat Sweep.
Career history: Anglia TV 1977-1979; FGA 1979-1982; John Ayling &
Associates, 1982-1986; WCRS 1986-1990; PHD 1990 to date.
Favourite ad: Any Volkswagen/Jack Daniels ad (because they work on me).
Book: I have never read a book.
Album: Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence.
TV programme: Top Gear, King of Queens, QI.
Magazine (professional): I write for Media Week; I'm screwed and can say
Magazine (pleasure): Classic Car, Empire.
Daily newspaper: I write for The Guardian; I'm screwed and can say
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Kiss FM.
What car do you own?: 1966 Jaguar Mark2 saloon, but modernised and is
the dog's b******s.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Rupert Murdoch.
Favourite technology: The toothbrush.
Greatest achievement: Waking up to parenthood, and not running away.
Most humbling experience: More than ú1 million of family therapy, and so
other's stories.
What principle defines your working life?: "Believe it", and "Fuck it -
why not?".
Everyone's saying: One of the true media characters, Durden continues to
be a busy man. As well as putting time in at PHD, he has also written a
novel (also optioned as a film script) and has an interest in the
management company behind such successful rock acts as the Kaiser


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