The A List 2007. (5 of 12)

Earnshaw, Malcolm
Job: Former director-general, ISBA.
Company: ISBA, Langham House, 1B Portland Place, London W1B.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7291 9020.
Born: 21 July 1946.
Family: Wife Jane; daughters Julie, Sarah and Stephaine; two
Career history: Thirty-three years with Mars, in many roles, latterly
European marketing, director and global advertising affairs director;
six years as director-general, ISBA.
Favourite ad: All time: Guinness. Recently: Honda.
Book: First Light by Geoffrey Wellum.
Album: Dutch Swing College.
Website: ISBA.
TV programme: Most sport.
Magazine (professional): The Economist.
Magazine (pleasure): The Week.
Daily newspaper: The Daily Telegraph.
Sunday newspaper: The Times.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: Mercedes 500cl, Mercedes E240, Suzuki Vitara.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Forrest Mars.
Favourite technology: BlackBerry.
Greatest achievement: Staying fit and healthy.
Most humbling experience: Informing someone of tragedy.
What principle defines your working life?: Mutuality.
Everyone's saying: The announcement of Earnshaw's retirement from ISBA
was greeted with genuine sorrow within adland's other trade
organisations. Under his sober command, the client body has played a
major role in extending the self-regulation system to broadcasting as
well involving itself in establishing guidelines on agency remuneration
and judging creative work. A die-hard tie-wearer.

Eastman, David
Job: Worldwide chief executive,
Company:, 85 Strand, London WC2R.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7964 8200.
Born: 28 August 1963.
Family: Jasmine (20) and Fabian (16).
Career history: Musician, 1982-1985. Analyst, Merrill Lynch 1986-1989.
Actor, 1989-1997., 1998 to date.
Favourite ad: BMW "lucky star".
Book: Experience by Martin Amis.
Album: OK Computer - Radiohead.
TV programme: The Larry Sanders Show.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): Vanity Fair.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Jonathan Ross on Radio 2 on Saturday.
What car do you own?: 1969 Mustang Fastback.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Herb Kelleher.
Favourite technology: The heads-up-display on the new BMW M5.
Greatest achievement: Having children.
Most humbling experience: Having children.
What principle defines your working life?: It's just a ride. (Bill
Everyone's saying: Eastman's fast rise through the ranks to global CEO
of the network has left a bit of a vacuum at local level,
with the relatively untried Alex Wright taking over as London CEO. Will
the agency's London office suffer now the focus is apparently on
building its overseas presence?

Eccleshare, William
Job: Chairman and chief executive, BBDO EMEA.
Company: BBDO, 151 Marylebone Road, London NW1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7616 3498.
Born: 26 October 1955.
Family: Wife Carol; children Thomas, Charlie and Rose.
Career history: JWT, 1978-1995; Ammirati Puris Lintas, 1996-1999;
McKinsey & Co, 2000-2002; Young & Rubicam, 2002-2005.
Favourite ad: Melk "de witte moteur" (PPGH/JWT Amsterdam).
Book: Eric Hobsbawm - The Age of Extremes.
Album: Emmylou Harris - Luxury Liner.
Website: BBC Listen Again.
TV programme: Election Night Special.
Magazine (professional): McKinsey Quarterly.
Magazine (pleasure): Private Eye.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: Aston Martin V8, Volkswagen Golf, Mini.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Any of The Lunar Men.
Favourite technology: Sony Betamax C7 (the early-adopters' dream
Greatest achievement: London Marathon - three hours and 37 minutes.
Most humbling experience: Tsunami relief work - Sri Lanka 2005.
What principle defines your working life?: "Keep your friendships in
good repair" (Dr Johnson).
Everyone's saying: Eccleshare has one of the sharpest business brains in
adland, honed by a stint at McKinsey & Co. He's very intrigued by
all things digital, something that is starting to become manifest at
BBDO Europe's various outposts.

Edwards, Duncan
Job: Chief executive, The National Magazine Company.
Company: The National Magazine Company, 72 Broadwick Street, London
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7439 5000.
Born: 28 March 1964.
Family: Wife Sarah Kennedy; sons Freddie and Findlay.
Career history: At NatMags since 1989, working in various roles: deputy
managing director in 1998; managing director in 2001, chief executive in
Favourite ad: Adnams "beer from the coast".
Book: Anything by William Boyd or Iain Banks.
Album: As of today, The Seeger Sessions by Bruce Springsteen and
anything by The Flaming Lips.
Website: Runner's World.
TV programme: 24.
Magazine (professional): Campaign and Media Week.
Magazine (pleasure): Esquire, Men's Health, Runner's World, 220
Triathlon, The Spectator, The Economist.
Daily newspaper: The Daily Telegraph mainly, The Guardian and Financial
Times sometimes.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times, The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: BMW X5; Mini Cooper S.
Most-admired entrepreneur: All of them.
Favourite technology: BlackBerry and portable DAB radio.
Greatest achievement: My family.
Most humbling experience: Being a recruitment telesales executive on
Media Week
in 1985.
What principle defines your working life?: We are responsible for our
own future; corporately and personally.
Everyone's saying: After NatMags announced plans to significantly grow
online business in May this year, the thoughtful Edwards moved at
lightning speed and hired Niall Hogan, NatMags' first digital ad
director. The publishing house continues to grow its brands outside the
traditional magazine format.

Edwards, Paul
Job: Chief strategy officer, Publicis.
Company: Publicis, 82 Baker Street, London W1U.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7830 3492.
Born: 31 May 1957.
Family: Two children.
Career history: Research, advertising and consultancy.
Favourite ad: Any of the early Audi "Vorsprung" ads.
Book: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.
Album: Pulp's Different Class.
TV programme: Monty Python's Flying Circus.
Magazine (professional): Market Leader.
Magazine (pleasure): Money Marketing.
Daily newspaper: The Independent.
Sunday newspaper The: Independent on Sunday.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: None.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Allen Lane.
Favourite technology: Microwave.
Greatest achievement: German A level.
Most humbling experience: Failing driving test (many years ago!).
What principle defines your working life?: Hard work.
Everyone's saying: The long-time cohort of Tim Lindsay -they've worked
together at numerous agencies - Paul Edwards lends his colleague a
steadying hand. The agency is all the better for his behind-the-scenes
management skills.

Elliott, Yan
Job: Creative director, WCRS.
Company: WCRS, 5 Golden Square, London W1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7806 5000.
Born: 12 September 1968.
Family: Married.
Career history: Watford College; GGT; HHCL; Mother; WCRS.
Favourite ad: Carling "Dambusters".
Book: Northern Lights by Philip Pullman.
Album: Now that's what I call a tricky question.
Website: No favourite.
TV programme: Dragon's Den.
Magazine (professional): Creative Review.
Magazine (pleasure): Carl's Cars, Marmalade.
Daily newspaper: Metro.
Sunday newspaper: All/some/none.
Breakfast radio show: Christian O'Connell on Virgin.
What car do you own?: Mitsubishi L200 Double cab.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Sir Richard Branson.
Favourite technology: Digital camera.
Greatest achievement: Working on it.
Most humbling experience: Walking away from a car crash.
What principle defines your working life?: Treat others as you would
like to be treated.
Everyone's saying: With his partner, Luke Williamson, Elliott has been
at the creative helm at WCRS for more than a year now. Are the former
Mother boys finding the grind of running a department is hampering their
ability to make great ads? Work for 3 and 118 118 would suggest not.
Both are much more down-to-earth than their impressive reputations might

Elvin, Jo
Job: Editor, Glamour.
Company: Condé Nast, 6-198 Old Bond Street, London W1S.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7499 9080.
Born: 21 February 1970.
Family: Husband Ross Jones; daughter Evie (one).
Career history: Feature writer, Dolly magazine (Australia), 1989-1992.
Publicist for Neighbours, six months in 1992. Deputy editor, TV Hits,
(London), 1993-1994. Editor, Sugar, 1994-1996. Editor, B, 1996-1998.
Editor, New Woman, 1998-2000. Editor, Glamour, 2000 to date.
Favourite ad: "Looks like we've overdone it with the sherry",
Castlemaine XXXX.
Book: Me Talk Pretty One Day, David Sedaris.
Album: Hunky Dory, David Bowie.
Website: - Shallow? Me?
TV programme: At the moment, it's Entourage, but I'm still mourning the
passing of Arrested Development and Six Feet Under.
Magazine (professional): Vanity Fair, US Vogue.
Magazine (pleasure): Donna Hay magazine, Vogue Living Australia.
Daily newspaper: Don't really have one; I flick through them all.
Sunday newspaper : Same as above.
Breakfast radio show: I don't listen to the radio much in the mornings,
except on Saturdays when it's Jonathan Ross.
What car do you own?: A Golf. That's all I know.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Oprah Winfrey.
Favourite technology: Sky+.
Greatest achievement: Arriving in London from Sydney with virtually
nothing and carving out quite a nice life - great job, lovely family,
Most humbling experience: Arriving in London from Sydney with virtually
nothing and realising very quickly that no-one was going to do me any
favours, career-wise! That and any time sitting behind a two-way mirror
listening to focus group participants talking about any magazine you
happen to be working on at the time.
What principle defines your working life?: I don't know, I hate
questions like that.
Everyone's saying: When Elvin launched Glamour for Condé Nast in 2000,
few gave it a chance, but its small format has continued to disrupt the
traditional dominance of Cosmopolitan in 2006. An unaffected Australian,
Elvin seems set for bigger things.

Emery, Nick
Job: Chief strategy officer, Group M Worldwide.
Company: Group M Worldwide, 40 Strand, London WC2.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7969 4040.
Born: 9 December 1965.
Family: Pookey, Fred, Tiger, Mum, Dad, brother, sister.
Career history: Sales; agencies; media agencies.
Favourite ad: Pepsi "lipsmackin".
Book: Naked Lunch by William S Burroughs.
Album: Closer - Joy Division.
TV programme: The Professionals.
Magazine (professional): AdMap.
Magazine (pleasure): Radio Times.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Five Live.
What car do you own?: None.
Most-admired entrepreneur: None.
Favourite technology: The alarm clock.
Greatest achievement: A clean-desk policy.
Most humbling experience: Nothing, so far.
What principle defines your working life?: Winning.
Everyone's saying: When the smart-arse, dry-humoured Emery wasn't
hopping on and off planes, he was busy beefing up his worldwide team
with some heavyweight additions including Marco Rimini and Andy Farr.

Farr, Sue
Job: Director, Chime Commu-nications.
Company: Chime Commu-nications, 14 Curzon Street, London W1J.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7861 8549.
Born: 29 February.
Family: Lots of sisters, dozens of god-children.
Career history: A marketer who has worked client-side (Northern Foods,
Thames Television and the BBC) and agency side (CDP, WCRS, Chime
Communications). Has chaired The Marketing Society and The Marketing
Group of Great Britain. Member of the launch team for Duchy Originals.
Favourite ad: BBC "Perfect Day".
Book: Many and varied.
Album: Jack Johnson.
TV programme: Any fabulous drama at 9.00pm.
Magazine (professional): Management Today.
Magazine (pleasure): Condé Nast Traveller.
Daily newspaper: I browse several most days.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: Jaguar XKR convertible.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Chris Corbin and Jeremy King.
Favourite technology: My hair dryer.
Greatest achievement: Professionally: creating and launching Proms in
the Park for the BBC. Personally:getting on a horse - having broken my
back in an accident in Kenya two years ago.
Most humbling experience: See above.
What principle defines your working life?: Keep smiling.
Everyone's saying: Since the charming Farr switched to a new-business
and marketing role covering all of Chime's divisions, the group has
delivered healthy pre-tax profits and organic growth well ahead of the
market. Not all down to her, of course. But she must be doing something

Fennell, Andrew
Job: European marketing and innovation director, Diageo.
Company: Diageo, Lakeside Drive, London NW10.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 8978 6654.
Born: 19 February 1967.
Family: Wife Helen; sons Tom (nine),Will (six) and Charlie (three).
Career history: Eight years at Bass PLC; ten years at Diageo. Various
UK, regional and global marketing jobs including senior brand manager,
Pepsi, 1991-1993; marketing manager ,Carling, 1994-1996; marketing
controller, Guinness, 1996-1999; global brand director, Smirnoff and
rum, 2000-2004; gb marketing director, 2004-2006.
Favourite ad: Guinness "swimblack".
Book: The Magus - John Fowles.
Album: American Idiot - Green Day.
Website: iTunes.
TV programme: 24.
Magazine (professional): The Economist.
Magazine (pleasure): Rugby World.
Daily newspaper: The Times.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Don't listen to one.
What car do you own?: Audi A4.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Steve Jobs.
Favourite technology: iPod.
Greatest achievement: Building a bookcase without swearing.
Most humbling experience: Having children.
What principle defines your working life?: Give your best, trust people,
keep it simple.
Everyone's saying: It is a measure of the regard in which Fennell is
held by Diageo that he has been assigned one of the group's most
important tasks. In overseeing its campaign to encourage sensible
drinking among young people he must be seen to be convincing the
Government that the drinks industry can behave responsibly.

Fennell, Ben
Job: Managing director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty.
Company: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, 60 Kingly Street, London W1B.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7734 1677.
Born: 18 August.
Family: Wife Amy and children Joseph, Maya and Olivia.
Career history: Graduate trainee, Bartle Bogle Hegarty; chief executive,
Bartle Bogle Hegarty Asia-Pacific; managing director Bartle; Bogle
Hegarty London.
Favourite ad: The Playtex "Cross Your Heart" bra ad that my mum starred
in. Paid my school fees.
Book: Anything about the Ancient World.
Album: Whatever Jim Carroll tells me to buy.
Website: BBC Sport.
TV programme: Crossroads. My father did the first ten years; another
school-fee payer.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): Time.
Daily newspaper: The Times.
Sunday newspaper: The Mail on Sunday.
Breakfast radio show: Today.
What car do you own?: Audi TT.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google.
Favourite technology: The new LG flat screen; it's a sport lover's
Greatest achievement: First England Rugby Cap, England Colts v Italy
Most humbling experience: The emergency breech birth of my first child.
What principle defines your working life?: Stay positive.
Everyone's saying: It's hard to find a better example of Bartle Bogle
Hegarty's approach to nurturing talent. Fennell joined the agency as a
graduate trainee; left the London office to work in BBH Singapore in
2002; and returned this year as managing director. He's loved by staff
and clients alike, and is a BBH-er through and through.

Ffitch, Robert
Job: Managing director, Manning Gottlieb OMD.
Company: Manning Gottlieb OMD, Seymour Mews House, 26-37 Seymour Mews
London w1h.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7470 5303.
Born: 3 September 1963.
Family: Wife Annie and daughters Connie (12), May (nine) and Madeline
Career history: Chris Ingram Associates, 1985-1990. Manning Gottlieb
OMD, 1990 to date.
Favourite ad: Yellow Pages series "I was right about that bike", "JR
Hartley", etc.
Book: Hannibal - Thomas Harris.
Album: Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon.
TV programme: Soccer AM, The Office, Life on Mars.
Magazine (professional): Campaign.
Magazine (pleasure): None.
Daily newspaper: None.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Five Live with Nicky Campbell.
What car do you own?: Volvo XC90, Audi TT, Volkswagen Sharon.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Richard Branson.
Favourite technology: iPod.
Greatest achievement: Ditchling Beacon.
Most humbling experience: Holding my daughters' hands.
What principle defines your working life?: Loyalty.
Everyone's saying: The amiable Ffitch might not have the highest
industry profile but he has presided over a renassiance in Manning
Gottlieb OMD's fortunes, typified by its capture of the enlarged
Ntl:telewest/Virgin business and the Waitrose account.

Fink, Graham
Job: Creative director, M&C Saatchi.
Company: M&C Saatchi, 36 Golden Square, London W1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7543 4500.
Born: 7 September 1962.
Family: Yes.
Career history: Medcalf Wrightson Lovelock, CDP, WCRS, Saatchi, GGT,
Paul Weiland Films, thefinktank, M&C Saatchi.
Favourite ad: Benson & Hedges "swimming pool".
Book: Fire in the Belly by Jerry D Neal and Jerry Bledsoe.
Album: Anything by Catfish Keith.
Website: Google.
TV programme: Rolf on Art.
Magazine (professional): Italian Vogue.
Magazine (pleasure): Bizarre.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian, The Sun.
Sunday newspaper: News of the World.
Breakfast radio show: Was Pete and Geoff on Virgin; now nothing.
What car do you own?: Jeep.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Citizen Kane.
Favourite technology: Nokia N80.
Greatest achievement: Ask someone else.
Most humbling experience: Finding out I live on a small planet.
What principle defines your working life?: I try to be honest.
Everyone's saying: Perfectionist Fink has settled in well since taking
over the reins at M&C. It has been a satisfactory year for him with
some good work, but nothing that makes you gasp. And certainly nothing
that reflects his interesting and inspiring character. He'll be looking
for better next year.

Fisher, Karen
Job: Managing director, The Red Brick Road.
Company: The Red Brick Road, 50-54 Beak Street, London W1F.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7575 7654.
Born: 16 November 1966.
Family: Two boys, two and four, with partner.
Career history: Started as a graduate trainee at Ogilvy & Mather.
Joined BMP as an account manager and was promoted to account director in
1995. In 2004, took over as head of account management.
Favourite ad: Walkers "welcome home".
Book: The Book of Daniel by EL Doctorow.
Album: Anything by Leonard Cohen.
TV programme: Lost.
Magazine (professional): Naturally I read them all.
Magazine (pleasure): Heat.
Daily newspaper Financial Times.
Sunday newspaper If only I had the time.
Breakfast radio show: Today .
What car do you own?: Volkswagen Golf.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Richard Reed.
Favourite technology: My tumble drier.
Greatest achievement: Giving birth.
Most humbling experience: Discovering how much a mid-wife earns.
What principle defines your working life?: Trust your gut instinct.
Everyone's saying: The Red Brick Road has plucked Fisher out of
obscurity. Previous head-hunting attempts had been unsuccessful, but it
seems DDB's woes eventually got to Fisher.

Fletcher, David
Job: Head of MEC MediaLab.
Company: Mediaedge:cia UK, 1 Paris Garden, London SE1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7803 2283.
Born: 3 June 1963.
Family: Wife Janet; children Matthew, Joseph and Sarah.
Career history: ABM from 1984; Billett&Co from 1986; CIA Billett
from 1989; now Mediaedge:cia UK.
Favourite ad: Chewitts "the muncher".
Book: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey.
Album: Violent Femmes -Violent Femmes.
TV programme: Life on Mars.
Magazine (professional): Admap.
Magazine (pleasure): Still grieving the demise of Smash Hits.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian (trying to shake the habit but can't).
Sunday newspaper: Never had time for one.
Breakfast radio show: Today; Broadcasting House.
What car do you own?: Dad's taxi (Ford Galaxy diesel).
Most-admired entrepreneur: Joy, a widow with six children in Kabale,
Uganda. After her husband died of malaria she took a ú100 loan to buy
land on which to start a brickmaking business. She now employs eight
men. See
Favourite technology: The Casio calculator I bought in 1981.
Greatest achievement: Passing grade six classical guitar at the age of
Most humbling experience: Being asked to be a trustee of Five Talents
What principle defines your working life?: No-one on their deathbed ever
wished they'd spent more time in the office.
Everyone's saying: Fletcher is regarded as one of the cleverest boffins
in the complicated world of media research.

Flintham, Richard
Job: Founding partner, executive director, Fallon London.
Company: Fallon London, 67-69 Beak Street London W1F.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7494 9120.
Born: 2 July 1967.
Family: Chantal, Tom and Jake.
Career history: BBDH, DFGW, BMP, Fallon.
Favourite ad: Spec ad for fire brigade; headline "Could you run the
other way?"
Book: Perfume by Patrick Suskind.
Album: Undisclosed.
Website: Undisclosed.
TV programme: Undisclosed.
Magazine (professional): Undisclosed.
Magazine (pleasure): Undisclosed.
Daily newspaper Undisclosed.
Sunday newspaper Undisclosed.
Breakfast radio show: Undisclosed.
What car do you own?: 20-year-old Mercedes estate.
Most-admired entrepreneur: David Hifatt.
Favourite technology: Squeezable marmite.
Greatest achievement: Fallon.
Most humbling experience: Being "nutmegged" by my six-year-old son Tom.
What principle defines your working life?: Find a way.
Everyone's saying: Fallon's roll-up smoking and motorcycle-riding
executive creative director is one of the sharpest creatives in the
business today. Quiet, laid back and always considered in his opinion,
Flintham has weathered countless "he's leaving to join ..." rumours this
year and, unlike his partner of 17 years Andy McLeod, looks to have
wedded his future to Fallon for the time being.

Florsheim, Jon
Job: Former managing director, customer group and chief marketing
officer, BSkyB.
Company: n/a.
Work tel: n/a.
Born: Undisclosed .
Family: Married, two daughters and a son.
Career history: Dixons and Sky.
Favourite ad: Any Sky ad
Book: Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.
Album: After the Goldrush by Neil Young.
TV programme: Deadwood.
Magazine (professional): Undisclosed.
Magazine (pleasure): The Smallholder.
Daily newspaper The Sun.
Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: Virgin.
What car do you own?: Land Rover.
Most-admired entrepreneur: The man that pays my wages.
Favourite technology: Sky+.
Greatest achievement: Living.
Most humbling experience: Letting my PA have a two-week holiday.
What principle defines your working life?: No-one needs a holiday.
Everyone's saying: After more than a decade at Sky, Florsheim finally
jumped ship. Inconveniently for some, his move to the home emergency
company Homeserve as its chief executive came right in the middle of a
pitch for Sky's creative account that he was supposed to be overseeing.
Fiercely bright and ambitious, it will be interesting to see if
Florsheim can make an impact outside of Sky.

Foraker, Brett
Job: Creative director of Channel 4; director, RSA Films.
Company: Channel 4, 124 Horseferry Road, London SW1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7396 4444.
Born: 23 August 1967.
Family: Married.
Career history: Creative director, Cartoon Network, (1998), tcm (1999),
filmfour (2000-date), E4 (2001-date), Channel 4 (2003-date), 4creative
(2003-date), more4 (2005-date).
Favourite ad: Wrangler "ride".
Book: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S Thompson.
Album: Nevermind - Nirvana.
TV programme: Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Magazine (professional): Res.
Magazine (pleasure): Hustler.
Daily newspaper: The New York Times.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: None.
What car do you own?: I take taxis.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Hugh Hefner.
Favourite technology: iPod.
Greatest achievement: Driving from Key West To Seattle in four days.
Most humbling experience: Playing basketball with Magic Johnson.
What principle defines your working life?: Get better every day.
Everyone's saying: After nabbing two black Pencils at the 2005 D&ADs
for his Channel 4 idents, Foraker could be forgiven for resting on his
laurels a little. Not a bit of it, though - the channel's output
continues to put other broadcasters to shame. The industry is wondering,
though, whether he can replicate the same success for other clients now
that he's represented by RSA Films for commercials.

Forshaw, Rob
Job: Partner, Grand Union.
Company: Grand Union, Earsley House, 182-184 Campden Hill Road, London
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7908 0700.
Born: 12 October 1967.
Family: Partner Katy and two children; son aged four and daughter aged
Career history: Saatchi & Saatchi, 1990-1995; group director,
M&C Saatchi, 1995-1998; client services director, Wieden &
Kennedy, 1998-2000; partner, Grand Union, 2000 to date.
Favourite ad: The Guardian "points of view".
Book: The Wind Up Bird Chronicles by Haruki Murakami.
Album: OK Computer by Radiohead.
Website: Google.
TV programme: Backyardigans (with my son).
Magazine (professional): Wired.
Magazine (pleasure): ProCycling.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian and Financial Times.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times and The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Phil Jupitus on 6 Music.
What car do you own?: Audi A3.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Paul Smith.
Favourite technology: 3G card and personal video recorder.
Greatest achievement: Launching a digital agency in 2000 when everyone
said we were mad.
Most humbling experience: Visiting Great Ormond Street Hospital with my
What principle defines your working life?: Swim against the tide.
Everyone's saying: A great new- business year, with wins for Npower,
Energy Savings Trust and COI, has catapulted Grand Union into the big
league, although its creative product has yet to receive the same boost.
Losing Lee Wright to Dare was a blow, but serial networker Forshaw has
his fingers in as many pies as ever.

Fraser, Brian
Job: Executive creative director, McCann Erickson.
Company: McCann Erickson, 7-11 Herbrand Street, London WC1N.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7961 2758.
Born: 26 June 1966.
Family: Carole, Amber.
Career history: Ogilvy & Mather and BMP DDB.
Favourite ad: The Guardian "points of view".
Book: The Decisive Moment by Henry Cartier-Bresson.
Album: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis.
TV programme: The Sopranos.
Magazine (professional): Campaign (of course).
Magazine (pleasure): Tennis Magazine.
Daily newspaper: The Guardian.
Sunday newspaper: The Sunday Times.
Breakfast radio show: 5 Live and XFM.
What car do you own?: 80s Mercedes coupé.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Terry Donovan of Rockstar Games.
Favourite technology: Leica digital camera and Apple Power Book.
Greatest achievement: My daughter.
Most humbling experience: Too many to mention.
What principle defines your working life?: What we sow is what we reap.
Everyone's saying: With his co-executive creative director Simon
Learman, Fraser's task is to change the perception that McCann Erickson
is an agency led by stubborn account teams and not the creative

Frith, Mark
Job: Editor-in-chief, Heat.
Company: Emap Entertainment, Endeavour House, 189 Shaftesbury Avenue,
London WC2H.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7437 9011.
Born: 22 May 1970.
Family: Partner Gaby; one son Danny.
Career history: Smash Hits, 1990-1995; Sky, 1995-1997, Heat, 199 to
Favourite ad: "I've got Sky+ so I can fast-forward."
Book: The Late Shift -
Bill Carter.
Album: Jordan: The Comeback - Prefab Sprout.
Website: YouTube.
TV programme: Big Brother.
Magazine (professional): Heat.
Magazine (pleasure): The Word.
Daily newspaper: Evening Standard.
Sunday newspaper: The Observer.
Breakfast radio show: Wake Up To Wogan.
What car do you own?: I don't. I drive my girlfriend's Rav 4.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Sir Alan, of course.
Favourite technology: Sky+/Sky HD.
Greatest achievement: Passing my driving test. I'm not joking.
Most humbling experience: My son being born, Thursday 15 December 2005.
What principle defines your working life?: Keep a straight bat (Thanks,
Everyone's saying: Frith can talk. And he does about anything - though
of course he's an expert on all showbiz matters. Having carved the
celebrity magazine niche, Frith now has to fight hard to defend Heat's
share against copycat titles.

Fuller, Eric
Job: Managing director, IPC Ignite!
Company: IPC Ignite!, IPC Media, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street,
London SE1.
Work tel: +44 (0)20 7261 5675.
Born: 8 February1952.
Family: Married to Conny Jude, illustrator.
Career history: Journalist/editor/publishing director, Spotlight
Publications, 1978-1991. Publisher, Emap, 1992-1994. Publishing
director, Dennis, 1994-2000. Publishing director, IPC, 2000-2006.
Favourite ad: Renault Mégane "shakin' that ass".
Book: Rockers by Johnny Stuart.
Album: On The Other Side Of Dub by Lone Ranger.
TV programme: Blizzard, Race To The Pole with Bruce Parry.
Magazine (professional): Music Week.
Magazine (pleasure): Classic Bike.
Daily newspaper: The Sun.
Sunday newspaper: Life's too short for Sunday papers.
Breakfast radio show: Not a morning person.
What car do you own?: BMW 3-series M Sport coupe.
Most-admired entrepreneur: Felix Dennis, a free spirit and his own man.
Favourite technology: BSA Gold Star DBD34 circa 1958.
Greatest achievement: Surviving Glastonbury aged 53.
Most humbling experience: Waking up after the pear cider incident (see
What principle defines your working life?: Be generous with your
Everyone's saying: Following Tim Brooks' departure, Fuller enjoyed the
promotion to managing director of Ignite!. A reward for his record six
years at the company, which includes launching men's weekly Nuts as
publishing director in 2004.


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