The A List 2008: Introduction

Welcome to The A List 2008. We do things a bit differently here. From Ahmed to Zitter, we drive bigger and faster cars (or smaller and slower, if we're pretending to off-set our carbon footprint), we always pack the best suntan lotion, and we fantasise about being Homer (or Marge) Simpson.

Cross Churchill with Bond and you get close to adland's hero figures, while Bill Gates is our top fantasy business partner. We think Jed Bartlett was a real politician. We carry a BlackBerry in one hand and a corkscrew in the other. We've done all sorts in the past - from cleaning toilets to slaughtering 300 turkeys an hour on a poultry farm. And just what does it all add up to? It's called class.

If you're in this list, you've got it. From our celebrated creatives to our shrewd negotiators, from our most intelligent planners to our most savvy suits, The A List is proof that this industry still has plenty of people to be proud of.

Many thanks to The Talent Business for supporting The A List phenomenon once again. And thanks to all of you who are special enough to have filled another corking edition.

- Trevor Beattie - One of the founders of BMB confesses to having green fingers ... he's a keen gardener.

- John Dooner - No less than the super-smooth George Clooney will do to star in the McCann chief's biopic.

- Nicolai Fuglsig - The director is serious about off-setting his carbon footprint. He only drives his Aston on a Sunday.

- Anthony Noguera - Emap's big hitter likes to rock - he's a member of the Metallica Fan Club, but doesn't like to talk about it.

- John O'Keeffe - The greatest influence on BBH's ECD has been king of cool, the Modfather, Paul Weller.

- Kevin Roberts - An art lover, the worldwide Saatchis chief's most expensive buy is a Tracey Emin neon.

- Fernando Rodes Vila - The Havas chief executive just cannot do without his BlackBerry.

- Tiger Savage - A perfect day for M&C's head of art involves sitting on George Clooney's boat in Lake Como.