WHICH LIST?: New or updated consumer, business and online lists

Consumer lists


Swetenhams has added the mail order list Jolliman to its managed


It comprises 125,000, 0-24-month buyers from the men's catalogue,

offering a predominately male profile aged 50-plus, of which 59 per cent

are retired.

Typically homeowners, credit card holders, their interests include

gardening, reading and crosswords. Swetenhams claims the list has a 78

per cent frequent buyer profile.

Base rental price £95 per 1,000

Selections Geography, gender, buyer/enquirer, recency

Health and lifestyle

Digital shopping channel Shop America! has added 25,000 new health

product buyers to its list, managed by Listlab. The file (103,950 names,

plus 27,000 multibuyers) consists of buyers of self-improvement audio

and video cassettes and weight loss products from across the UK with an

average spend of £100. All have a recency of 0-8 months and the

file has 2,500 names added weekly.

Base rental price £120 per 1,000, £150 per 1,000


Selections Geography, gender, recency, home/business address, product,



Uni-Marketing has been appointed to manage the History Today


The magazine's readership profile (29,209 names) is a 65/35 per cent

male/female split, with 42 per cent aged between 36-55, and 44 per cent

over 56. Its names are predominantly readers of the Guardian, Times,

Telegraph, Private Eye and The Economist with interests in the arts and

culture. It is recommended for upmarket mail order, financial services,

charities and publishing.

Base rental price £115 to £160 per 1,000

Selections Active, lapsed, international


UK Data Services has updated its Top Retired People file, which targets

the top slice of the UK's retired consumer market who have held senior

positions or have demonstrated a high level of personal investment. The

file is continuously updated by techniques such as extracting

information from daily financial reports. All data has been cleansed

using the latest software including Royal Mail's NCOA and MPS.

Base rental price £90 per 1,000, phone numbers £60 per


Selections Geography, gender, DoB, directorships held, shareholding,

wealth history


Also available through Uni-Marketing is The Good Book Guide database of

159,183 names. It consists of subscribers, buyers and multi-buyers of

the bi-monthly book review magazine with a 50/50, male/female split.

They are 85 per cent ABs, earning £43,000 pa on average and

excluding the UK, 50 per cent of their customers live in Europe and 30

per cent elsewhere in the world. This list is recommended for magazine,

book publishers, upmarket mail order, financial services and charity


Base rental price £150 to £290 per 1,000

Selections Country, gender, Nth, title

Travel and lifestyle

MM Group has updated its Festive Holidays list to now include 38,000

2001 responders (a total of 90,000 names) of which 66 per cent are


The profile is upmarket ABC1s and old but active 'greys', who have

booked or enquired about holidays promoted through Prime Time

catalogues. The list is ideal for those looking to target the affluent

older person and is recommended for charities, mail order, publishers,

non-competing travel related offers and selected financial services


Base rental price £95 per 1,000

Selections Geography, gender, recency, Nth name

E-mail lists

UK domain names

Another list from the Marketing and Media Solutions stable is the

NetExec@Work file, a list of UK companies that have registered their

internet domain name in the US. Each company must supply three contact

names: one main, one technical and one financial (de-duplicated total of

1,411,204 names).

The list is recommended for computer, finance, office supplies and

general business offers.

Base rental price £195 to £345 per 1,000

Selections Postcode, gender, recency

Technology users

Electronic Direct Response (www.edrplc.com) has released the

Peoplesound.com e-mail list, consisting of registrants to its website.

The file contains 185,000 permission-based addresses and the profile

shows a 60/40 male/female split. The list is regularly cleaned with

bounce-backs and all incorrect e-mail addresses removed. The list is

recommended for offers such as technology, music, travel, financial

products and competitions.

Base rental price £170 per 1,000

Selections Age, gender, recency

Business lists

Call Centres

Market Monitor has updated its Call Centres list. These companies have

inbound or outbound telephone services either for clients or for their

own purposes.

There are 9324 named senior contacts with budgetary responsibility

available at 1545 call centre sites. Selections are by 17 job functions

including call centre manager, telecoms, training and customer


Base rental price £130 per 1,000

Selections Job function, geography, size, activity

Charity sector

Uni-Marketing has recently taken on management of the Charity Times list

consisting of 10,500 names. It is a leading business and management

magazine for UK charity professionals (highest ABCs) and is read by all

levels of management in the sector.

Base rental price £160 per 1,000

Selections Job title

Print buyers

Baseline Marketing has a new-to-market list of specialist print buyers,

offering direct access to the most influential decision makers in all

the key areas involved in high volume print requirements. The majority

of the names are at head office locations and all have been validated

within the last six months and have been used to launch the


The file (13,740 names) is recommended for printers, print services,

design and advertising services, paper suppliers, office equipment

companies and mail order.

Base rental price £150 per 1,000

Selections Postcode, activity (mailing, telephone or e-mail contact)

Software buyers

Marketing and Media Solutions is managing the Guildsoft file of computer

software buyers (139,423 names). The company markets a range of

interactive software including internet, graphics and educational


Base rental price £140 per 1,000

Selections Geography, business type, recency.