THE A LIST: Part 1 of 11


Born: Birmingham, 24 November 1965.

Family: Heather and Jimmy (parents); Karen (wife); two children.

Lives: Queens Park, London.

Education: Mowden Hall; Oundle School; Dundee University (Mechanical

Engineering & Economics).

Current job: Strategic planning director, BLM Group. +44 (0)20 7437


Salary: More than my Dad.

Career highlights: 1989, joined BSB Dorland as the industry's first

media strategy graduate trainee; 1997, worked my way up through the

ranks joining the board of Bates, helping to print the first

personalised ad, invent the documercial and introduce UV and glitter ink

to outdoor; 1999, joined Carat as strategy director, launched @carat,

made newspaper headlines with TV viewing analysis and became a regular

conference speaker.

Proudest achievements: 1995, winning the Media Week Award; 1998,

persuading Tom Robinson to play my wedding; 2001, Auntie Joan hearing me

on Radio 4's You and Yours; 2002, making The Guardian leader.

Honours and awards: 1995, winner, Best Launch, Media Week; 1999,

commended, Cannes Media Lions.

Professional organisations: Marketing Society; IPA.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: My children; collecting liquor, pop dolls and kitsch; growing

fruit; technology; Doris Day.

Admires: Harry Perkins.

Favourite ad: 'Big country', Tennent's.

Film: Goodbye, Mr Chips, Sam Wood.

Book: The Clown, Heinrich Boll.

Music: Fairytale of New York, The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl.

Hotel: Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur.

The lowdown: A passionate team player, Abrahams likes ideas. His lateral

thinking makes him seem pleasantly eccentric.


Current job: Director, AKQA. +44 (0)20 7494 9200.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: This shrewd university dropout who started AKQA is one of

the few who has made a success of the new-media agency model. A keen



Born: Preston, 15 November 1960.

Family: Mum; dad; brother; sister; partner.

Lives: London; Oxford.

Education: Kelly College; Girton College, Cambridge; Harvard.

Current job: Managing director, Sky Networks. +44 (0)20 7705 3000.

Salary: My parents always told me it was rude to ask about salaries.

Career highlights: There isn't enough room for job titles. Beating

children's BBC when in charge of CITV; being part of the team that

brought Friends, ER and Father Ted on Channel 4 to the British public;

launching and building five to a 6 per cent-plus-share TV channel

against all odds.

Proudest achievement: 6pm, 10 March 1997.

Honours and awards: Bugger all (but my assistant has an MBE).

Professional organisations: Fellow, Royal Society of Arts;

vice-president and fellow, Royal Television Society; executive chairman,

Edinburgh TV Festival; governor, Banff TV Festival; patron, Birmingham

Film and TV Festival; patron, Monte Carlo Festival; patron,

International Emmy Awards.

Clubs: None of the usual media set associations, but I am a member of

WACL and my local gym.

Hates: Banana custard; strawberries.

Loves: Fine wines; animals; antique maps of the British Isles; my

garden; my partner; my cats; my ducks; anyone who works for me.

Admires: Professionally, anyone more senior than me.

Favourite ad: Currently, the Liptons Iced Tea ad; in the past, the

Cinzano ads starring Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins.

Film: The Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer.

Book: Steppenwolf, Hermann Hesse.

Music: Yesterday, The Beatles.

Hotel: The Peninsula, Beverly Hills.

The lowdown: Famously spiky, with controversial views, Airey is widely

credited as being one of the most talented managers in British TV. Her

business acumen was responsible for making five the success it is today

but her impact at Sky has yet to be fully felt.


Born: Sydney, Australia, 30 July 1964.

Family: Roger and Naomi Alberts (parents); Nanette Alberts (wife); four


Lives: London SW7.

Education: Mount Scopus College, Melbourne.

Current job: Executive creative director, Grey London. +44 (0)20 7636


Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Executive creative director of Bates Hong Kong (Asian

Agency of the Year 1996); regional creative director and partner of The

Hub/BBDO Asia Pacific (took BBDO from an agency that was ranked 14 out

of 15 in 1997 to one of the most innovative and awarded agencies in the

region by 1999); executive creative director Publicis/Mojo (Australian

Agency of the Year 2002).

Proudest achievements: Being an agent of change at a number of agencies

in Hong Kong, Asia, Australia and now London by winning awards and new

business on major brands; and being described by my eight-year-old as

Bilbo Baggins.

Honours and awards: Cannes; D&AD; One Show; Asian Advertising; Adfest;


Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Essendon Football Club.

Loves: Family; travel; movies; surfing and all other sport.

Admires: Steve Waugh.

Favourite ad: 'My shout, he whispered' and the plethora of 'reassuringly

expensive' Stella Artois ads that followed.

Film: Being John Malkovich, Spike Jonze.

Book: The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand.

Music: Wonderwall, Oasis.

Hotel: Aman, Nusa Dua, Bali.

The lowdown: Boundlessly enthusiastic, Alberts is a key part of Garry

Lace's strategy for re-energising Grey London. The Australian has a

reputation as a true planner's creative and a good departmental leader

who is besotted by ads.


Current job: Chief executive, The Economist Newspaper Ltd. +44 (0)20

7830 7000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Since taking on the top role at The Economist in 1997, the

Oxford-educated Alexander has become increasingly influential in

business and culture. She takes a low-profile stance, preferring to let

her work speak for her.


Born: Edinburgh, undisclosed date.

Family: Monica (wife); two daughters.

Lives: Hampstead, London.

Education: Dulwich College; Law Society's College of Law

Current job: Partner, Lewis Silkin (1965 to date); head of Marketing

Services Law Group (1985-91); senior partner, Lewis Silkin (1998 to

date). +44 (0)20 7074 8000.

Salary: Above average.

Career highlights: Leaving the chartered accountant Blick Rothenberg two

weeks after starting my training there; becoming a partner in Lewis

Silkin the day I qualified as a solicitor; developing Lewis Silkin's

interdisciplinary capability and reputation in advising the advertising

and marketing sector; floating Abbott Mead Vickers and GGT within a

three month period; winning Campaign's accolade of number-one

advertising lawyer and becoming the firm's senior partner.

Proudest achievements: Acting for AMV and its founders from its

formation through to its sale to Omnicom for £360 million and

continuing to advise them to the present day.

Professional organisations: The Law Society; The Solicitors European

Group; The Worshipful Company of Marketors; non-executive director,

Walker Books Limited and The London String Quarter Foundation.

Honours and awards: None.

Clubs: The Queens Park book club; Crystal Palace Supporters Club.

Hates: Intolerance; lateness in others; Manchester United supporters who

can't locate Manchester on a map.

Loves: My family; photography; gardening; time in which to do anything

or nothing.

Admires: Pablo Picasso.

Favourite ad: 'Points of view', The Guardian.

Film: La Notte, Michelangelo Antonioni.

Book: Good Soldier Schweik, Jaroslav Hasek; Humboldt's Gift, Saul


Music: Madame Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini.

Hotel: Il Pellicano, Porto Ercole, Tuscany.

The lowdown: The doyen of UK advertising legal eagles with more than 30

years experience. Clever, popular and commands enormous respect.


Born: Guildford, 15 May 1966.

Family: Single.

Lives: Notting Hill, London.

Education: Charterhouse School; Southampton University (BA in English).

Current job: Deputy managing director, M&C Saatchi. +44 (0)20 7543 4500.

Salary: £0-500,000.

Career highlights: 1988, graduate trainee, Grey; 1997-2001, group

account director (British Airways), M&C Saatchi; 2001- present, deputy

managing director.

Proudest achievement: 'PJ O'Rourke', British Airways; 'could you?'

campaign, police recruitment.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: None.

Hates: People without irony.

Loves: Laughing at misfortune.

Admires: Abdul Haq.

Favourite ad: 'Lemon', Volkswagen.

Film: The Exorcist, William Friedkin.

Book: The House at Pooh Corner, AA Milne.

Music: Run To Me, The Bee Gees.

Hotel: Les Pres d'Eugenie, Eugenie les Bains, France.

The lowdown: Alford's tongue-in-cheek gripes about his job status endear

him as a personable character in adland. His worth with clients is



Born: London, 26 June 1963.

Family: Sonja and Gerry Allan (parents); Hayley Frantral (wife); one


Lives: London NW3.

Education: City of London School.

Current job: Group chief executive, MediaCom Holdings. +44 (0)20 7874


Salary: A lower one than Garry Lace's.

Career highlights: 1981, trainee at Yershon Media; 1982, media executive

at The Media Business; 1987, at 24 became the youngest director of any

agency/media specialist in the UK; 1988, director of new business at The

Media Business Group, later becoming managing director of the group;

1990, TMBG was listed on the London Stock Exchange and I became one of

the youngest managing directors of any publicly quoted company; 1993,

TMBG and MediaCom UK merged and initially as managing director, later as

chief executive of the MediaCom group, led a team that grew the merged

entity; 1999 and 2001, MediaCom was recognised as the UK Media Agency of

the Year.

Proudest achievement: Growing MediaCom with my colleagues to become the

UK's largest and most successful media agency.

Honours and awards: 1999 and 2001, Media Agency of the Year; The Sunday

Times, 30th best company to work for in the UK; The Sunday Times,

top-ten company in the UK for 'leadership'.

Professional organisations: IPA.

Clubs: Coombe Hill Golf Club; Home House; Woodfield.

Hates: Liars; not having enough time to do the things I love (see


Loves: Golf; watching Chelsea; managing a junior soccer team; poker;

tennis; photography; travel; most of all, time with my family.

Admires: Anybody who works selflessly for others.

Favourite ad: 'Launderette', Levi's.

Film: All Sir David Lean films, especially Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Book: Tell No One, Harlan Coben.

Hotel: Royal Riviera, St Jean Cap Ferrat.

The lowdown: A workaholic who is dedicated to the success of MediaCom,

Allan has a streak of impulsiveness - he once abandoned a meeting in

favour of a game of bingo with his staff in order to improve their

'thinking skills'. He does manage to relax sometimes - usually on the

golf course.


Born: Lanark, 4 January 1957.

Family: Not married.

Lives: Not supplied.

Education: Belshill Academy; Bell College.

Current job: Chief executive, Granada, ITV plc chief executive

designate. +44 (0)20 7620 1620.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: The Forte acquisition; the ITV consolidation; the

merger and demerger with Compass.

Proudest achievement: Consolidating ITV and building one of Europe's

largest TV production businesses.

Honours and awards: Commander of the British Empire.

Professional organisations: Deputy chairman, Business in the Community;

non-executive director, Tesco.

Clubs: Lambton Place Health Club.

Hates: Being late.

Loves: South Africa.

Admires: Nelson Mandela.

Favourite ad: Budweiser campaigns.

Film: Life is Beautiful, Roberto Benigni.

Book: Great Expectations, Charles Dickens.

Music: Andy Williams to JS Bach, with lots in between.

Hotel: Hotel Eden, Rome.

The lowdown: The son of a Scottish hairdresser, Allen rose rapidly

through the management ranks. His involvement as the chairman of the

Commonwealth Games gave his profile a much-needed boost. He is rumoured

personally to approve every Coronation Street script.


Born: Grimsby, Lancashire, 16 May 1962.

Family: John Allmond (father, deceased); Bert Kirby (step-father);

Margaret Kirby (mother).

Lives: Radlett, Hertfordshire.

Education: Matthew Humberstone Comprehensive School, Cleethorpes; London

School of Economics (BSc Economics).

Current job: Chief executive, The Allmond Partnership. +44 (0)20 7557


Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1998, founder of The Allmond Partnership, convincing

BT, O2 and Yell that bucking the trend for clients to go into big

consolidated agencies and become the first clients of TAP would realise

substantial benefit to them; 2003, chief executive, TAP, continuing to

perform and deliver on that 1998 promise enabling us to lead a buyout to

go fully independent, providing clients with a real option to choose a

substantial independent company to bespoke service their needs,

providing real benefits currently difficult to attain inside the big

conglomerate groups.

Proudest achievements: Having a reputation for integrity in dealing;

driving hard performance without losing sight that family comes first.

Honours and awards: My children think I am an OK kinda dad.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Form over substance.

Loves: Seeing people grow.

Admires: In advertising, Michael Baulk; in life, Ricardo Semler.

Favourite ad: Too many great ads to pick one, but BT's Stephen Hawking

'keep talking' corporate ad from 1993 would be near the top.

Film: Twelve Angry Men, Sidney Lumet; Good Morning, Vietnam, Barry

Levinson; The Long Good Friday, John Mackenzie.

Book: Maverick, Ricardo Semler (not so much a management text as a text

for life).

Music: Freebird, Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Hotel: Khaolak Palm Beach, Thailand.

The lowdown: Known as Odd Job because of a certain resemblance to the

James Bond baddie. Despite the formidable appearance, fierce negotiating

skills and unnerving gravelly voice, Allmond has a quiet thoughtfulness

about him.


Born: Amersham, 23 May 1968.

Family: Tracy (wife); two sons.

Lives: Kingston-upon-Thames.

Education: Christ College Brecon; Aylesbury Grammar School; Nottingham

Trent Poly.

Current job: Head of Naked Inside (Jan 2004). +44 (0)20 7663 7000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: As planning director of Initiative, successfully

establishing Initiative's planning product in the UK (between 2000 and

2003); then being chosen to head Naked Inside, the partnership between

Naked Communications and Clemmow Hornby Inge.

Proudest achievements: The birth of my two sons.

Honours and awards: Various Media Week awards.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Insincerity.

Loves: Skiing and spending as much time as possible with family and


Admires: My parents.

Favourite ad: The Economist poster campaign.

Film: Twelve Angry Men, Sidney Lumet.

Book: The Liar, Stephen Fry.

Music: Heroes, David Bowie.

Hotel: Hotel Arts, Barcelona.

The lowdown: Allnut has enthusiasm for all things sporting, especially

skiing, and has a brother who plays rugby for the Harlequins. An affable

lunch companion and one of media's most-liked players.


Born: Retford, Nottinghamshire, 13 November 1953.

Family: Tim (husband for 27years); one son.

Lives: Aldbury, Hertfordshire.

Education: Retford High School (head girl, natch); Durham University

(English); Mountview Theatre School (post-graduate drama diploma);

Guildhall School of Music and Drama (singing).

Current job: Chairman, PHD Group UK. +44 (0)20 7446 0555.

Salary: Sorry, but no way.

Career highlights: 1978, joined ATV, various TV sales jobs; 1989, became

sales director YTV and TTTV, selling ITV and C4; 1992, joined Pattison

Horswell Durden as their first broadcast director; 1995, set up PHD's

first sub-brand, PHD Bigtime; 1996, set up Drum PHD; 2000, became deputy

chairman of PHD Group UK.

Proudest achievement: Naff I know, but see family above; professionally,

helping PHD fulfil all its promise, achieve its ambitions and keep true

to itself.

Honours and awards: A few Campaign, Media Week and Hollis Sponsorship


Professional organisations: WACL (president 2003-04); Royal Television

Society; executive board of MediaGuardian Edinburgh TV Festival.

Clubs: Aldbury Garden Club.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Music; gardening; TV; quizzes; theatre; PHD; Aeros.

Admires: Parents anywhere in the world who have to fight every day to

keep their children alive.

Favourite ad: 'Points of view', The Guardian. It still makes my spine


Film: It's a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra.

Book: Bleak House, Charles Dickens.

Music: This is agony. Just one? JS Bach's St Matthew Passion? Ludwig van

Beethoven's Op 130? Igor Stravinsky's Rake's Progress? I'll have to

plump for Claudio Monteverdi's Vespers.

Hotel: Ardeonaig Hotel, Loch Tay, Scotland.

The lowdown: With a country retreat in the chocolate-box village of

Aldbury, Alps enjoys the bucolic lifestyle. Although she recoils at

being described as nice, Alps is certainly one of the friendliest agency

heads. Oversees PHD with a matriarchal eye.


Born: Oxford, 20 December 1947.

Family: Jeanine and Reggie Alton (parents); one daughter.

Lives: South London.

Education: Clifton College, Bristol; Exeter College, Oxford.

Current job: Editor, The Observer. +44 (0)20 7278 2332.

Salary: Too low.

Career highlights: Undisclosed.

Proudest achievements: Being appointed to current job.

Honours and awards: Editor of the Year 2000, What the Papers Say Awards.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Climbers Club; Groucho Club; Soho House; Balham Leisure Centre.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: 'Points of view', The Guardian; Audi golf club ad.

Film: Too many to mention.

Book: Undisclosed. Music Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen.

Hotel: Anything with several stars to its name. The lowdown Alton's

clearly an editor with a strong commercial sense, as he's been behind

the launch of quality spin-off magazines covering sport, food and music.


Born: Mursley, Bucks 30 May 1937

Family: Undisclosed.

Lives: Norfolk.

Education: Downside; Oxford; MIT.

Current job: Senior fellow, London Business School. +44 (0)20 7262 5050.

Salary: Of no possible interest.

Career highlights: 1956, applied administrative skills to subverting

counter-terrorism in South Malaya as a second Lieutenant (note to GW,

you need me now); 1963, qualified as chartered accountant with Peat,

Marwick & Mitchell; joined International Distillers & Vintners as the

accountant for fine wines division; 1960s, installed third-generation

computer system which cost IBM a great deal of money but was still

running successfully 20 years later; 1969, business Masters degree at

MIT revealed marketing to be more fun than bean counting; 1970s,

marketing director, IDV UK (Smirnoff and Croft Sherry doubled in sales;

Y&R's 'until I discovered' campaign for Smirnoff, UK launch of Bailey's

and Malibu); 1980-91, managing director, IDV UK, global marketing

director then joint managing director (key acquisition was Heublein,

which owned Smirnoff; launched Archers, Aqua Libra and Purdey's); 1991

onwards, senior fellow, London Business School; books include Marketing

and the Bottom Line (2000, 2003), Doing Business in China (2000, 2003),

The Silk Road to International Marketing (2000) and Marketing from

Advertising to Zen (1996).

Proudest achievement: Gaining acceptance after a rocky start, in

academia; articles in four of the top academic journals.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Institute of Chartered Accountants in

England and Wales; The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Arts.

Loves: Opera; singing; rugby; golf.

Admires: Tiger Woods.

Favourite ad: 'I thought the Kama Sutra was an Indian restaurant until I

discovered Smirnoff', withdrawn when research revealed that most of the

target market thought it was an Indian restaurant.

Film: Pretty Woman, Garry Marshall.

Book: Your Disobedient Servant, Leslie Chapman.

Music: Don Carlos, Giuseppi Verdi.

Hotel: Beverly Wiltshire, LA.

The lowdown: Academia's gain was IDV's loss when this visionary marketer

changed his career direction in his 50s.


Current job: Managing director, Evening Standard, Associated Newspapers.

+44 (0)20 7938 6000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Anderson's chutzpah is demonstrated in his challenge to

Express Newspapers' Richard Desmond to 'hurry up' and launch a rival to



Born: London, 7 April 1940.

Family: Wife; two children.

Lives: London and Sussex.

Education: Beckenham Technical College, Advanced Art and Woodwork.

Current job: Director and chairman, Arden Sutherland-Dodd. +44 (0)20

7437 3898.

Salary: Not supplied.

Career highlights: Executive creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi.

Proudest achievement: My recently published book, It's Not How Good You

Are, It's How Good You Want To Be. The best book in the world by Paul


Honours and awards: D&AD President's Award.

Professional organisations: Bafta.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Mean-spiritedness.

Loves: Generosity.

Admires: That which I've never seen before.

Favourite ad: 'Snowplough', Volkswagen.

Film: The Passion of Joan of Arc, Carl Theodore Dreyer.

Book: My book.

Music: Garland of Flowers, George Lewis and the Eureka Brass Band.

Hotel: A hotel on Lake Como called Albergo Belvedere.

The lowdown: One of adland's true eccentric creatives, Arden once gave a

talk by standing still and silent next to a woman playing the cello.

Undoubtedly the industry is richer because of it - and his enormous



Born: Poole, 18 July 1972.

Family: Roy Arnold (father); Wayne Arnold (brother).

Lives: Singapore and Islington, London.

Education: Ringwood Comprehensive, GCSEs; St Peter's School, A Levels;

University of Essex (Economics); London School of Economics (MSc).

Current job: Chairman and chief executive, Profero Group. +44 (0)20 7700


Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: Other than part-time work as a bricklayer, waiter,

chef and computer sales assistant, I've never really worked for a

company that I've not founded; 1993-94, squash professional, Australia

and South Africa; 1998, established Profero with my brother Wayne; 1999,

founding director of, one of the few profitable dot coms;

2000, Profero is the first independent digital agency to be full member

of the IPA; 2001, established Profero Iberia, our first business outside

the UK; 2003, door opens for Profero in China.

Proudest achievements: Worked with community leaders in South Africa to

create the opportunity for local children to learn and play squash.

Honours and awards: None that relate to the industry, only academic and


Professional organisations: IPA membership committee; non-executive


Clubs: Lambs Squash Club.

Hates: People who assume.

Loves: Sitting in the pub with my friends talking rubbish.

Admires: My Dad and brother.

Favourite ad: Ford Puma with Steve McQueen.

Film: Taxi Driver, Martin Scorsese.

Book: The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oscar Wilde.

Music: Live At The Regal, BB King.

Hotel: Le Radici, Tuscany.

The lowdown: Arnold co-founded Profero using nothing but credit cards

five years ago, but when he was five, his dream was to be Batman. It is

unlikely he has time to enjoy the things he liked as a child - namely

lions, riding his bike and listening to grandad's stories - now Profero

has become a global network.


Born: Glasgow, 13 November 1961.

Family: Joan Grierson (mum); Colin (brother); Peter Arnold (husband) and

two sons.

Lives: Kilburn, London.

Education: Uplands School; Canford School; Central School of Art and


Current title Creative director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty. +44 (0)20 7734


Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: Joined Bartle Bogle Hegarty in 1983 as an art

director and am still here; made creative director some time ago; worked

on Levi's, Lynx, Pretty Polly and won some awards; worked with great

people - Mary Ellen Mark, Terrence Donovan and, of course, John Hegarty.

Proudest achievements Having my two boys.

Honours and awards: After numerous D&AD nominations over the years, I

finally got a Pencil in 2001 for Lynx 'ideal woman'; five Cannes golds;

a couple of Campaign Poster and Press Gold Awards, to name a few.

Professional organisations: D&AD.

Clubs: Salle Paul Fencing Club; Mercedes Club; Century.

Hates: Inhumanity to others.

Loves: Life; art; music; film; reading; family.

Admires: Peter Arnold; my mum.

Favourite ad: 'Dog tricks', John Smith's.

Film: Rebecca, Alfred Hitchcock.

Book: Anna Karenina, Leo Tolstoy.

Music: Anything by Bob Dylan.

Hotel: Colombe d'Or, St Paul de Vence, Provence.

The lowdown: A vivacious art director and one of the female vanguard who

began breaking down the pool table and pub lunch culture of

male-dominated agency creative departments. Known for her impressive

dress sense, she's also a competent fencer.


Born: Huddersfield, 8 March 1955.

Family: Bob and Joan (parents); Julia Paddington (partner); one


Lives: County Hall, London; Lepton, Huddersfield.

Education: Holme Valley Grammar School, Honely, Huddersfield; Warwick

University (teaching diploma); Schiller International College

Switzerland (MBA).

Current job: Managing director, Metro. +44 (0)20 7938 6000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Four years teaching, the last two as head of PE in

Leeds; 1981-85, Yorkshire Post Newspapers, as a classified field sales

representative, then field sales manager; 1985-89, classified sales

manger, Lancashire Evening Post, then commercial manager; late 1989-95,

sales director, Yorkshire Post Newspapers, then appointed assistant

managing director, responsible for all revenue generating area; 1995,

managing director and area director, Yorkshire United Provincial

Newspapers; 1998-2001, part of the team that sold and bought via Venture

Capitalist Candover, UPN, assistant managing director and managing

director, Regional Independent Media and Yorkshire Post Newspaper; sold

group to Johnston Press, 2002-present, managing director at Metro,

Associated Newspapers, London.

Proudest achievements: Winning Best Commercial Centre at the Newspaper

Society awards for both classified and display in 2000; Newspaper of the

Year, UK Press Gazette and BT for Yorkshire Post and Evening Post, 2000

and 2001.

Honours and awards: Various industry awards.

Professional organisations: Non-executive director, Yorkshire

International Business Convention; Manning Stanton Estate Agents


Clubs: Honely Football Club, Huddersfield.

Hates: Inefficiency; bad manners; over-inflated egos.

Loves: Efficiency; winning style; exceeding expectations.

Admires: People I work with.

Favourite ad: 'No nonsense' campaign, John Smith's.

Film: The Sting, George Roy Hill; The Full Monty, Peter Cattaneo.

Book: Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment, William C Byham.

Music: Robbie Williams.

Hotel: The Merrion, Dublin.

The lowdown: An able sidekick to Associated Newspaper's Mike Anderson,

even when it came to keeping up appearances following the disappearance

of Mootro, Metro's cow mascot, from the Edinburgh festival. Auckland

offered to dress up as a pantomime version. Luckily, they found the cow.


Born: London, 8 June 1949.

Family: Married; two adult sons.

Lives: Hertfordshire.

Education: Hendon County Grammar; Southampton University (Psychology).

Current job: Chief executive, IPC Media. +44 (0)20 7261 5000.

Salary: Undisclosed. Career highlights1989-97, publishing director, New

Scientist, building and executing a global strategy; 1997-98, driving

IPC's new-media developments and building five profitable web

businesses; 1998-2003, IPC Media board director for Country and Leisure

Media; March 2003, chief executive, IPC Media.

Proudest achievement: IPC's Country and Leisure Media - building the

powerhouse of UK specialist publishing with the best talent in the


Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Board director, PPA.

Clubs: Esporta Gym.

Hates: Excuses.

Loves: Winning.

Admires: Linda Genower; John Mellon.

Favourite ad: The Economist campaigns.

Film: As Good As it Gets, James L Brooks.

Book: Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks.

Music: The Pearl Fishers, Georges Bizet.

Hotel: The Delano, Miami.

The lowdown: Not a natural attention seeker, Auton was hailed as

something of a surprise appointment when she took the helm at IPC. The

company lifer has balls of steel and a brusque manner, which is coupled

with a tremendous loyalty to her charges.


Born: Amersham, 11 February 1961.

Family: Richard and Jocelyn Awdry (produced by); Clare (co-director);

two productions.

Lives: Acton, London.

Education: Marlborough; Brasenose College Oxford (Geography - yes,


Current job: European creative director, BMP DDB. +44 (0)20 7258 3979.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Three years, account man at McCormick Publicis; nine

years, copywriter, Bartle Bogle Hegarty; 15 months, head of copy, Leagas

Delaney; returned to BBH for five years, variously writer, creative

director, both BBH Unlimited, main agency; two years, creative director,

Partners BDDH; European creative director, BMP DDB, April 2003;

highlights were partnering Martin Galton, Rosie Arnold and Dave Dye;

working with and for too many other brilliant people to mention.

Proudest achievement Being hired as copywriter at BBH a fortnight after

leaving my job as an account man.

Honours and awards: Ten years of D&AD annual entries; seven Campaign

Press silvers and one gold; four Campaign Poster silvers and one gold;

two Cannes golds; umpteen nominations and numerous (but not enough)

other awards.

Professional organisations: D&AD.

Clubs: Got a Tesco card.

Hates: Lies.

Loves: Inventiveness; integrity; laughter.

Admires: Ian Dury.

Favourite ad: 'Creek', Levi's.

Film: A Matter of Life and Death, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger.

Book: Waterland, Graham Swift.

Music: Let It Roll, Little Feat.

Hotel: 11 Cadogan Gardens, London.

The lowdown: It is apt that Awdry headed down the copywriting road - his

family seems genetically made for it. He's related to The Reverend

Awdry, writer of the Thomas the Tank Engine books.


Current job: Chief talent officer, WPP. +44 (0)20 7408 2204.

Details: Not submitted.

The lowdown: Axelrod's unintimidating and approachable personality

belies the formidable academic background of a seemingly compulsive

over-achiever. Regularly works 12-hour days.


Born: Fulmer, Bucks, 18 April 1944.

Family: Lyn (wife); one daughter.

Lives: Chiswick, London.

Education: East Grinstead Grammer School; Exeter University (Geography).

Current job: Chairman and managing director, John Ayling & Associates.

+44 (0)20 7437 8473.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1965-67, media assistant and planner, Masius

Wynne-Williams; 1967-68, media planner, SH Benson; 1968-69, media

manager, Garland-Compton; 1971-78, media director, The Kirkwood Company;

1978, established John Ayling & Associates; 1982, established

Association of Media Independents with Paul Green and Chris Ingram;

1982, banished from IPA; 2002, reinstated.

Proudest achievements: Caroline Jane Ayling; a consistent JAA ethos and

product; the AMI; SWIGS Italian tour trophy 2002; the odd hat-trick at

cricket and hockey.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: IPA (council member); The Marketing Society;

Lords Taverners (current chairman/trustee); non-executive director,

England and Wales Cricket Board, Marketing Advisory Committee; trustee,

Trekforce Charity.

Clubs: MCC; Oxted Hockey Club; SWIGS; Solus Club, Brentford FC (Bees


Hates: Six-foot putts at Turnberry; multinational alignments; football


Loves: Family; sport; new places; getting up in the morning still.

Admires: Nelson Mandela; Ian Botham in 1981; Steve Redgrave; Bartle

Bogle Hegarty; Johnny Wilkinson and the attitude and professionalism of

England's rugby squad.

Favourite ad: 'Launderette', Levi's (one of our first major campaigns as

an independent with BBH and a great success).

Film: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, George Roy Hill.

Book: Wisden Cricketers' Almanack 1953 (we won the Ashes).

Music: Brothers in Arms, Dire Straits.

Hotel: 1980s, Sebel Townhouse, Sydney; currently, Mala Mala Game

Reserve, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The lowdown: The cricket-obsessed Ayling (is he heading for a gong with

his work for the Lords Taveners?) is one of media's grandfathers. But

his stubborn refusal to follow his peers and sell his business at its

height suggests that he is determined to stay in charge well beyond

JAA's sell-by date.


Current job: Chief executive, Mirror Group Newspapers. +44 (0)20 7510


Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Bailey is showing strength and vision in the early days at

Mirror Group Newspapers, building up core brands and axing dead wood.

Certainly not a woman to be trifled with.


Born: Greenwich, Connecticut, USA, 26 June 1971.

Family: Hardial and Lynn Bains (parents); Jane Wilcock (wife).

Lives: South-east London.

Education: Pitteuchar East Primary; Auchmuty High School, Glenrothes,

Scotland; Edinburgh University for two years (Computer Science and

Artifical Intelligence), then dropped out to follow my hobbies, which

became my career.

Current job: Chairman, Lateral. +44 (0)20 7613 4449.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1991-95, founder, Convulsion, Scotland; 1994-95,

founder, Internet Underground Music Archive, Europe; 1995-97, founder,

Obsolete, web design agency; 1997, founder, Lateral; 2000, founder,

Lshift, partner agency; 2002, founder, The Cluster.

Proudest achievements: Developing the first pan-Euro beyond-the-banner

campaign starring a furry yellow muppet called Eric and unfortunately

partly responsible unleashing the scourge of the internet, viral

marketing; developing the Stellas aggregated film voting and awards,

alas now deceased; participating in the great film marketing scam of the

millennia, The Blair Witch Project; introducing online campaigning to

the RSPCA and hence helping all those cute and furry animals (and the

occasional chicken); having been privileged enough to work with such a

range of extraordinarily talented and twisted individuals, both staff

and clients, over the past 12 years; winning lots of awards, surviving

the dotcom boom/bust with clients, staff and sanity (apparently) intact.

Honours and awards: Being one of New Media Age's 50 most influential

people on the Net (three years running, since the list began); in the

top ten most creative people online from Campaign's list and various

others; invited to judge New Media Age Effectiveness Awards, The One

Show, The London International Advertising Awards and many others;

Lateral has won dozens of awards over the past years.

Professional organisations: The Cluster; D&AD; British Interactive Media


Clubs: The Hoxton Tellytubby Appreciation Society (Local102).

Hates: Football; management consultants (see

Loves: My wife; my life (see

Admires: My father, who lived and died by his beliefs; my grandfather,

who died as he lived (in a five-star hotel); my mother and grandmother,

who taught me the value of ethics and garlic.

Favourite ad: The spam that says 'E-mail Marketing Works!!!'

Film: Once Upon a Time in the West, Sergio Leone.

Book: The Man in the High Castle, Philip K Dick.

Music: Three Days, Jane's Addiction.

Hotel: Hotel California.

The lowdown: The pony-tailed American is the stereotypical

rough-around-the-edges, anti-establishment new-media guy. As the

figurehead of Lateral he is constantly frenetic with new business and

creative work and his motivation is contagious.


Born: London, 5 January 1953.

Family: Sophie (wife); two sons; one daughter.

Lives: Holland Park, London; Chalke Valley, Wiltshire.

Education: Watford Technical College (A levels); Watford College

(diploma in Advertising and Marketing)

Current job: Chairman, TBWA Europe; president Northern Europe, chairman,

TBWA UK Group. +44 (0)20 7573 6666.

Salary: That would be telling.

Career highlights: 1986, managing director, Saatchi & Saatchi; 1990,

founding partner, Bainsfair Sharkey Trott; 1998, chairman, TBWA\London;

2001, chairman, TBWA Europe.

Proudest achievement: Founding and successfully running my own agency.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: NSPCC marketing committee; governor,

Sandroyd Prep School.

Clubs: Wentworth; Rushmore Golf Club; Soho House; The Union; Mark's;

Harry's Bar; Holmes Place.

Hates: The M25.

Loves: The Chalke Valley in Wiltshire.

Admires: In the business? Charles Saatchi.

Favourite ad: 'Double life', Sony PlayStation.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand.

Music: Jungleland, Bruce Springsteen.

Hotel: Four Seasons, Manhattan, New York.

The lowdown: Bainsfair is a player. Small but immaculately presented, he

has a knack for appearing totally in control of every situation. Can top

every anecdote with one of his own.


Born: Tynemouth, 25 April 1945.

Family: Cindy (wife); four children.

Lives: Hexham, Northumberland.

Education: Maidstone Grammar; Keele University (History and Politics).

Current job: Associate director, UK and Ireland media, Procter & Gamble.

+44 (0)191 297 5000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Undisclosed.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Member of executive and TV AG committees,

ISBA; director and council member, ABC; chairman, pension fund trustees,

Procter & Gamble.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: 'Bernie' is the powerhouse behind Procter & Gamble's

massive media spend and is known for driving a hard bargain. Recently

turned his interests to improving radio as an effective medium.


Current job: Former chief executive, BSkyB Group. +44 (0)20 7705 3000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Ball is known for his rapier wit and has been compared with

a heavy in a Guy Ritchie film. Steered Sky to unprecedented success in

terms of penetration and revenue.


Born: London, 2 July 1945.

Family: Parents deceased; Rosemary (wife); one daughter.

Lives: London; Gloucestershire.

Education: Raynes Park Grammar; Business College London (Business).

Current job: Chairman and chief executive, Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB. +44

(0)20 7947 8000.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1983-90, chairman and chief executive, Y&R; 1991,

chairman and chief executive, Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB.

Proudest achievement: Starting my own agency.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Honorary secretary and fellow, IPA.

Clubs: Bucks Club; Carlton Club; Solus Club (ex-president); Thirty Club;

Health Department.

Hates: People undervaluing advertising.

Loves: Winning extra business from existing clients.

Admires: Winston Churchill; Nelson Mandela.

Favourite ad: 'Sch ... You know who?', Schweppes.

Film: It's a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra.

Book: The Prophet, Kahlil Gibran.

Music: Don Giovanni, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Hotel: Hotel du Cap, Antibes.

The lowdown: Big and brash, the veteran agency chief executive Banks

epitomises the industry establishment. His penchant for astute

deal-making earned him the sobriquet 'Piggy Banks'.


Born: London, 26 November 1955.

Family: Frank and Una Barnes (parents); Linda Barnes (wife); two

daughters; one son.

Lives: Wandsworth Common, London.

Education: Goffs Grammar; Hatfield Polytechnic (Business Studies).

Current job: Sales director, Channel 4. +44 (0)20 7396 4444.

Salary: See company report.

Career highlights: 1979-91, TV South, assistant to sales controller;

1991-present, deputy sales director and now sales director, Channel 4.

Proudest achievements: Setting up the Channel 4 sales department from


Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Arsenal.

Hates: Tottenham Hotspur.

Loves: My family; Arsenal FC.

Admires: My wife.

Favourite ad: 'Hessian', The Samaritans.

Film: The Story of Us, Rob Reiner.

Book: To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee.

Music: Too Shy, Stevie Wonder.

Hotel: SAS, Copenhagen.

The lowdown: Last year, Barnes earned more than Channel 4's chief

executive, proving that he hasn't lost his negotiation skills. Despite

the channel's falling share of viewing share, he ensure its ad revenue

remained stable.


Current job: Writer/partner, Barker & Leeves Partnership. 07968 979718.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The admired copywriter Barker is best known for his

partnership with the art director Rooney Carruthers (see separate

entry), which spanned spells at Bartle Bogle Hegarty, WCRS and BMP DDB.

His father is the comedian Ronnie Barker.


Current job: Joint chief executive, BMP DDB. +44 (0)20 7258 3979.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: One of advertising's elder statesmen, Barr epitomises BMP's

brains-with-business-skills culture. Once confided that if adland hadn't

claimed him, he would have liked to have been a taxidermist.


Born: Leigh-on-Sea, 1 May 1959.

Family: Father, deceased (my role model in business); mother (retired

among friends); me, married 21 years with three children, eight to 16

(loving and supportive wife, two lively youngsters and a talented

musician 'big son').

Lives: Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

Education: Southend High School For Boys; Loughborough University of

Technology (BA Hons Business Administration with German, international

marketing elective, diploma in Industrial Studies).

Current job: Marketing director, Vauxhall Motors. +44 (0)1582 721122.

Salary: Undisclosed - salary and General Motors options.

Career highlights: 1986-92, UK and Detroit, building General Motors' UK

'Motors Holding' venture capital division, from first UK employee, to

more than 50 retailer site portfolio; 2000 to present, merging

Vauxhall's new and used vehicle and after-sales marketing departments

into one customer-focused group; being a career GM man, joining Vauxhall

as undergraduate in 1979; becoming district (sales and marketing)

manager from 1982-85; being marketing services director between 1992-97;

taking on GM's international after-sales marketing project in Germany,

1997-98; and being sales and marketing director of after-sales


Proudest achievements: Work, my first venture capital investment - still

the best on record; private, my children, simply.

Honours and awards: Two General Motors president's honours.

Professional organisations: None - not my thing to be a full-time member

of anything other than work and home; saving it for a later career


Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: The quiet and easy-going Barrett used to have a low

profile, but following his shakeup of Vauxhall's above-the-line roster,

agencies and clients alike have sat up and taken notice.


Born: London, 1 October 1965.

Family: Separated; one son; one daughter.

Lives: North London.

Education: Allenyn's School, Dulwich; Orpington, retakes; Hounslow

Borough College.

Current job: Copywriter, Clemmow Hornby Inge. +44 (0)20 7025 8989.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Undisclosed.

Proudest achievements: Children (first, not second).

Honours and awards: Various advertising; fourth place, Hackney

Body-popping Jam, 1999.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Clubs: Crescendo; Arsenal FC.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: 'If you let me play', Nike.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Barry surprised nobody when he quit as Lowe's joint

creative director after eight months. Uncertain about the job and never

comfortable in it. An undoubted talent, but marred by what some see as a

self-serving streak.


Born: Leeds, 22 August 1944.

Family: Frank and Irene (parents); Pat (wife); two children; three


Lives: Hazlemere, High Wycombe.

Education: Roundhay Grammar School, Leeds; Nottingham University

(Industrial Economics).

Current job: Non-executive and advisory roles.

Salary: Assorted (very modest) fees.

Career highlights: Creation and success of Bartle Bogle Hegarty;


Proudest achievement: My daughters.

Honours and awards: CBE.

Professional organisations: President, Nabs; marketing and

communications advisor, Barnardos; non-executive director, Guardian

Media Group; non-executive chairman, Dare Digital; non-executive

chairman, Educational Communications; non-executive chairman, i-level;

non-executive chairman, Constellation (executive search).

Clubs: JB Club; two golf clubs.

Hates: Losing golf balls; the Mexican Wave; traffic/roadworks.

Loves: Leeds United; sport; books; my family.

Admires: Fred Astaire; Jeremy Bullmore.

Favourite ad: 'Kipper', Lego; 'Gertcha', Courage Best.

Film: The Godfather Part II, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Collected Sherlock Holmes Stories, Arthur Conan Doyle; Great

Expectations, Charles Dickens.

Music: Judy Garland at Carnegie Hall.

Hotel: The Algonquin, New York.

The lowdown: That BBH has thrived without its unassuming co-founder with

the big brain and the big heart is a testament to Bartle's time there.

The first planner invited to head the IPA, he is now running a portfolio

career and loving every minute.


Born: Luton, 8 July 1957.

Family: Husband's a musician; dog (child substitute).

Lives: London W11; Cirencester.

Education: Grammar School; a minor public school; Bristol University

(Latin American Studies).

Current job: Partner, Baskin Shark. +44 (0)1367 850 179.

Salary: Mind your own business.

Career highlights: Working at Chiat/Day New York in the late 80s;

stepping into Stephen King's shoes as head of account planning at J.

Walter Thompson; chairing the APG during planning's 30th birthday year.

Proudest achievement: Being probably the only planner to ever collect a

gold Lion at Cannes in 1989.

Honours and awards: Two IPA awards; two AME effectiveness awards; ISBA

MRS best paper; three US Effies.

Professional organisations: Express Train;

(non-executive); Market Research Society; Account Planning Group;

Association of Qualitative Researchers.

Clubs: WACL; Dead Spider Society.

Hates: Drains.

Loves: Radiators.

Admires: Jay Chiat (RIP).

Favourite ad: Nynex Yellow Pages campaign.

Film: Withnail & I, Bruce Robinson.

Book: Behind the Scenes in Advertising, Jeremy Bullmore.

Music: My Song, Keith Jarrett.

Hotel: Garthmyl Hall, Montgomery, Wales.

The lowdown: Baskin's urge to live in the country has taken her

part-time to Cirencester - though outside the big agency scene now, her

passion for the business remains strong.


Born: London, 27 October 1943.

Family: Walter and Patricia Baulk (parents); Maureen (wife); one

daughter; two sons.

Lives: Wentworth, Surrey.

Education: Gravesend Grammar School.

Current job: Chairman and chief executive, Abbott Mead Vickers Group;

chairman, AMV BBDO; chairman, BBDO Europe. +44 (0)20 7616 3500.

Salary: Enough to live, not enough to retire.

Career highlights: 1967, trainee at Leo Burnett; 1969-86, Ogilvy &

Mather; 1974, appointed director; 1978, appointed deputy managing

director; 1979, appointed managing director; 1981, appointed worldwide

board; 1986 to present, Abbot Mead Vickers, 1986, appointed chief

executive officer; 1998, appointed worldwide board, BBDO; 1999,

appointed chairman and chief executive, AMV Group; 1999, appointed

chairman, AMV BBDO; 1999, appointed chairman, BBDO Europe.

Proudest achievement: 17 years as chief executive and then chairman of

what Campaign described as 'arguably the most successful British agency

of all time'; having the great good fortune to spend the bulk of my

career working with the two Davids, Ogilvy and Abbott.

Honours and awards: 1994, AMV International Agency of the Year; 1995 and

1996, AMV Campaign Agency of the Year; 2000, AMV Worldwide Creative

Agency of the Year (Gunn report); 1997 to present, AMV UK's largest

agency; 2001,2002,2003, AMV in The Sunday Times list of UK's best

employers; 2000, AMV's Guinness 'surfer' voted UK's best commercial of

all time; 2000 and 2002, BBDO most creative worldwide network.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Clubs: Annabel's; Harry's Bar.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Football; Manchester United; 50s rock music; memorabilia.

Admires: John F Kennedy.

Favourite ad: 'Management trainee', The Economist.

Film: The Godfather Part II, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, Robin S Sharma.

Music: Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, The Beatles.

Hotel: George V, Paris.

The lowdown: A perfect personification of the good manners and charm

that have always been the hallmark of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. A dapper

dresser with an endearing line in self-deprecating humour. Generous with

praise and advice, tough when necessary.


Born: Stoke-on-Trent, 13 July 1947.

Family: Father a trade union shop steward; lived with partner for 25

years, no children (just boats).

Lives: Chiswick, West London.

Education: Brownhills High School; Loughborough University of Technology

(BSc Humanities and Technology).

Current job: Chairman, Hall & Partners Europe (1999). +44 (0)207 534


Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Executive planning director, Saatchi & Saatchi in

1986 (and again in 1997); vice-chairman and head of client service,

Saatchi & Saatchi in 1995; chairman of Hall & Partners Europe in 1999;

author of Women in Advertising for the IPA 1990; elected to IPA Council

1990-92 and again 1995-99; chairman of IPA's Value of Advertising

Committee 1997-99.

Proudest achievement: Sailing a small boat across the Pacific Ocean.

Honours and awards: Fellow, IPA; honorary nember, Account Planning

Group; Adwoman of the Year 1990; WACL Woman of Achievement 1998.

Professional organisations: Marketing Society; Account Planning Group;

Market Research Society; WACL; National Development Board; RYA


Clubs: Ocean Cruising Club; Esporta Health Club Chiswick.

Hates: Cynicism (and bad spelling).

Loves: Sleeping and sailing (not usually at the same time).

Admires: Nelson Mandela for his fight against apartheid and his capacity

for forgiveness; not many other people - I'm an iconoclast.

Favourite ad: 'Face', British Airways.

Film: Casablanca, Michael Curtiz.

Book: Crock of Gold, James Stephens - a wonderful combination of magic,

whimsy and satire.

Music: The Marriage of Figaro, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Hotel: Lake Palace Hotel, Udaipur.

The lowdown: Master sailer Baxter authored the 1990 IPA Women in

Advertising report, helping push the issue to the forefront of the

industry. The former Saatchi & Saatchi vice-chairman once said she felt

too energetic to wind down her career there and left in 1999.


Born: London, 23 May 1953.

Family: Married; two children.

Lives: Media Gulch W11.

Education: Dulwich College; Cambridge; Soho.

Current job: Chairman, Endemol UK. +44 (0)870 333 1700.

Salary: That's between me, God and the Inland Revenue.

Career highlights: Inventing shows that run for more than a decade and

sell abroad, eg Ready Steady Cook and Changing Rooms.

Proudest achievement: Introducing Big Brother to the UK.

Honours and awards: Various including Bafta Fellowship 2002; Royal

Television Society Gold Medal 2003.

Professional organisations: Non-executive director, Channel 4; chairman,

The Crossness Engines Trust; deputy chairman, National Film & Television

School; president, The Caroline Walker Trust; chairman, The British

Academy of Gastronomes.

Clubs: Hurlingham; The Beef Steak.

Hates: People who don't like entertaining television.

Loves: Cricket.

Admires: My great, great grandfather Sir Joseph Bazalgette.

Favourite ad: 'There are two men in my life', Shredded Wheat.

Film: The Producers, Mel Brooks.

Book: Joseph Andrews, Henry Fielding.

Music: Impromptus, Franz Schubert.

Hotel: The Repulse Bay Hotel, Hong Kong (demolished 1979).

The lowdown: Eloquent and demanding, Bazalgette is best known for

bringing Big Brother to our screens. He is also a descendant of Sir

Joseph Bazalgette, who designed and built London's sewers.


Born: Salvador, Brazil, 26 September 1959.

Family: Tori (wife); three children.

Lives: Ladbroke Grove, London.

Education: Ardingly College, Sussex.

Current job: Chairman, Banc. +44 (0)20 7437 5552.

Salary: £100-150,000.

Career highlights: 1985, three years as an account director at Lowe

Howard-Spink; 1988, three-and-a-half years as a group director at WCRS,

running BMW and BT.

Proudest achievement: Three sane children, a good marriage and my own


Honours and awards: None

Professional organisations: Adviser, Liberal Democrats.

Clubs: Electric.

Hates: Racism.

Loves: My Suffolk weekend house.

Admires: Robert Plant.

Favourite ad: 'Keep talking', BT.

Film: None.

Book: The Path of Least Resistance, Robert Fritz.

Music: Most reggae.

Hotel: The Halcyon, San Francisco.

The lowdown: Bean's flamboyant style extends from his flowing locks to

dealing with some of the biggest clients. Banc was recently taken over

by Media Square, after financial problems arose.


Born: Birmingham, 24 December 1958.

Family: Fifth-born of eight children.

Lives: London.

Education: Moseley Art School, Birmingham; Wolverhampton Polytechnic (BA

Hons Graphic Design); Wolverhampton University (Honorary Doctorate of


Current job: Chairman and creative director, TBWA\London. +44 (0)20 7573


Salary: I'm in the bracket containing those who earn every single penny

they're paid.

Career highlights: 1983, Allen Brady & Marsh, junior copywriter; 1987,

BMP DDB; 1991, TBWA; 1994, made creative director at TBWA; 1997,

creative director GGT; 1998 creative director TBWA\Simons Palmer; 2001,

made chairman of TBWA\London. Noteworthy campaigns include Playtex

Wonderbra, Nissan Micra (launch), Pretty Polly, Labour Party, Sony

PlayStation, French Connection fcuk and rebranding Channel 5 as five.

Proudest achievement: Personally, spending time with Muhammad Ali,

Nelson Mandela and Michael Jackson. Professionally, persuading Paul

Silburn to join TBWA.

Honours and awards: The only award worth winning is Agency of the Year.

Haven't won it yet.

Professional organisations: The Labour Party.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Motorbikes; rugby; jazz; blokes who wear kilts at weddings;

mediocrity; January; the Daily Mail; people eating with the fork in

their right hand; the forces of Conservatism; the song Bohemian

Rhapsody; racism; Ben Elton; Elton John; vegetarianism.

Loves: The idea of being kidnapped and held against my will by Natalie


Admires: Muhammad Ali.

Favourite ad: Don't have a favourite ad. Never will.

Film: Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton.

Book: Don't read books.

Music: I've Been Loving You Too Long, Otis Redding.

Hotel: The Landmark, London.

The lowdown: Beattie's no-nonsense approach to creativity has built him

a stellar reputation among agency peers and clients alike. His passions

for boxing and Birmingham allow him to wheel out his alter ego as a

Northern hard man when it suits him.


Born: London, 5 March 1959.

Family: Gerald and Jill Bednash (parents); Sharon Burns (wife); two


Lives: Crouch End, London.

Education: Christ's College Grammar School; Central London Polytechnic

(Media Studies).

Current job: Managing partner, Michaelides and Bednash. +44 (0)20 7468


Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1984, one of the first to join GGT; 1988, one of the

first to join HHCL & Partners; 1990-94, new-business director for HHCL,

making it the fastest-growing agency in the UK; in charge of three of

HHCL's most defining campaigns - Maxell 'Israelites', Ronseal 'it does

exactly what it says on the tin', Mercury Communications 'Harry Enfield

Ministry of information'; 1994, founded Michaelides & Bednash

Proudest achievement: Working in three of advertising's most defining UK

agencies: GGT, HHCL and M&B; part of the team that won the Cannes Grand

Prix for Maxell at HHCL; innovating a radical approach to communications

by founding M&B; M&B named as one of the world's 20 most innovative

workspaces (1997); being the first agency to do the double when M&B was

voted the Agency of the Year by Campaign and Media Week in the same

year; founding Tools for Schools, the UK's biggest computer recycling


Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Clubs: Soho House; Highgate Running Club.

Hates: Burnt toast.

Loves: Running; cycling; live music; New York City; Camel Lights.

Admires: Lance Armstrong.

Favourite ad: 'Airport', Nike.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Rabbit series, John Updike.

Music: How Soon is Now?, The Smiths.

Hotel: The Mercer, New York City.

The lowdown: The self-confessed 'bike bore' with a beloved Vespa,

Bednash is also a keen runner. A dedicated family man who also plays a

mean game of table football.


Current job: Chairman and chief executive, Interpublic USA. +00 (0)1 212

399 8088.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Bell's penchant for internal memos has kept Campaign's

Diary page full recently. Famous for his ability to see the big picture

and electrify small groups of people, Bell has faced tough times since

taking over the top job from John Dooner in February.


Born: Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, 13 July 1961.

Family: John and Eileen Bell (parents); separated, but I have a son;

Nina Wheeler (partner).

Lives: Bowdon, Cheshire.

Education: Methodist College, Belfast; Edinburgh University (MA Hons

Ancient Greek); Edinburgh University and Deutsche Sporthochschule Koln

(PhD Ancient Greek); horse racing.

Current job: Chief executive, Cheetham Bell JWT. +44 (0)161 832 8884.

Salary: £0-100,000.

Career highlights: Starting up Cheetham Bell in 1992 in a recession with

no money or clients and becoming Manchester's most talked-about agency;

merging Cheetham Bell with JWT Manchester in 2001; becoming the top

regional agency and 25th in the UK overall.

Proudest achievement: Cycling my first century in less than six hours.

Honours and awards: University Blue; various industry awards.

Professional organisations: IPA.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Long meetings.

Loves: Reading the Sunday papers; Sergeant Bilko.

Admires: Lance Armstrong.

Favourite ad: 'Launderette', Levi's.

Film: Babette's Feast, Gabriel Axel.

Book: The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco.

Music: Violin Concerto, Max Bruch.

Hotel: When you run your own business, you don't stay in expensive ones.

Anything nice for less than £100 would be a favourite.

The lowdown: An affable Ulsterman who successfully led what could have

been a disastrous merger of Cheetham Bell and J. Walter Thompson

Manchester. Bell is best known for his frank summation of the agency's

Lambrini ads: 'A Lambrini girl probably doesn't know what the word

patronising means.'


Current job: Executive creative director, J. Walter Thompson. +44 (0)20

7656 7000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Bell is known for his nut-brown summer tan in Cannes,

although perhaps not for his social skills. A fastidious creative, he

brings a legacy of success to his new job at JWT.

BELL, TIM (Lord)

Born: London, 18 October 1941.

Family: Wife; daughter; son.

Lives: London.

Education: Queen Elizabeth Grammar School.

Current job: Chairman, Chime Communications. +44 (0)20 7861 8515.

Salary: £750,000 to £1 million.

Career highlights: 1959-1964, Coleman Prentice Varley; 1970-85, Saatchi

& Saatchi, international chairman; 1986-89, Lowe Howard-Spink Bell,

chief executive; 1989 to present, Chime Communications.

Proudest achievement: Margaret Thatcher's three election victories.

Honours and awards: Knight; Batchelor; Baron.

Professional organisations: FIPA, FIPR.

Clubs: Mark's; Harry's Bar; Drones; Prince Edward Yacht Club, Sydney.

Hates: New Labour.

Loves: Women.

Admires: Baroness Thatcher; FW De Klerk; Ronald Reagan.

Favourite ad: 'Pregnant man', HEC/Family Planning Association.

Film: Animal House, John Landis.

Book: Justine, Lawrence Durrell.

Music: Milestone, Miles Davies.

Hotel: Aman Kila, Bali.

The lowdown: Bell represents the golden age of admen; entrepreneurial,

right-wing and passionate. His involvement and heritage with some of the

industry's most pioneering individuals makes him a continuing force.


Born: Rochdale, famed for Green Shield stamps and Lisa Stansfield, 10

April 1968.

Family: Pat and Roy Bellass; Karen (wife); very recent daughter.

Lives: Islington.

Education: Bramhall High School; Thames Poly, South-east London.

Current job: Strategist, Mother. +44 (0)20 7689 0689.

Salary: If I can walk to work and get a free lunch I'm anybody's.

Career highlights: 1992, media department graduate trainee, WCRS (won

IPA Media award, 1994); 1995, GGT, creative planner; 1997; 1998,

TBWA\GGT Simons Palmer BST and anybody else, board planner and merger

hell; 1999, group planning director; 1999, moved to Mother and stayed

ever since.

Proudest achievements: My little girl, Connie.

Honours and awards: IPA Media gold Award,1995; proud to be part of work

which has gone on to win the Grand Prix at Epica; Art Directors Club of

Europe; International Awards of Ireland; 11 silvers at Creative Circle;

two silver Pencils at D&AD; two at Cannes; two golds at British TV; a

smattering of stuff at The One Show; a few other odds and sods along the

way; to have been part of Mother during the last four years,

particularly the last two.

Professional organisations: No thank you.

Hates: Sprouts - they spoil the best event of the year.

Loves: My iPod. Life wouldn't be the same without it.

Admires: Having just had my first child, my wife Karen and midwives.

Favourite ad: 'Dambusters', Carling Black Label; 'swimmer'' Levi's; the

whole concept of 'run London', Nike; Morris dancing drug special report,

The Observer.

Film: Twelve Angry Men, Sidney Lumet. A work of genius, even if the

adman is the biggest wanker.

Book: Island, Aldous Huxley. Best read on a beach a long way from


Music: At the moment, anything that puts my baby to sleep, which tends

to be Michael Jackson's Rock With Me or Justin Timberlake's Rock Your

Body. What has the world come to? When she's finally asleep, I listen to

Philip Glass' soundtrack from The Hours.

Hotel: The Lone Star, Barbados. Four rooms: 20 feet to the waves, 20

feet from one of the best


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