THE A LIST: Part 10 of 11


Born: Middlesborough, 5 December 1964.

Family: Helen and Derek Senior (parents); Inge Kramer (wife); three


Lives: London NW3.

Education: Sevenoaks School; Durham University (BA History & Politics).

Current job: Managing partner, Fallon London. +44 (0)20 7494 9120.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1987, joined Burkitt Weinreich Bryant as a graduate

trainee; 1989, joined DMB&B as an account manager; 1992, promoted to

board director working on Procter & Gamble; 1994, joined Simons Palmer

(later to become TBWA Simons Palmer); 1995, became client services

director, running Nike and Goldfish; 1998, founded Fallon.

Proudest achievement: Being part of the Fallon London partnership,

helping to develop a strong business and brand.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society, IPA.

Clubs: Soho House; Holmes Place; Regents Park Tennis Club.

Hates: Cigars.

Loves: Mountains.

Admires: My kids.

Favourite ad: 'Dropping the competition', Penn Tennis.

Film: Withnail & I, Bruce Robinson.

Book: Catch 22, Joseph Heller.

Music: Waiting For a Friend, The Rolling Stones.

Hotel: Babington House, Somerset.

The lowdown: The suave Senior has fared well as one of four managing

partners of Fallon. His enthusiasm for advertising is matched by his

love of winter sports.


Born: Brighton, 1 August 1946.

Family: Undisclosed.

Lives: West Sussex.

Education: Christs College, Blackheath; Eltham Green Comprehensive.

Current job: UK Media manager, Unilever Bestfoods UK Ltd. +44 (0)1293

648 000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1963, started as messenger at Charles Baker; moved

into media at Hobson Bates, J. Walter Thompson and Nestle; became

associate director at the then-fledgling CIA; 1977, joined Brooke Bond

Foods as media manager; 1989-present, UK media manager, Unilever.

Proudest achievements: Negotiating the £320 million media deals

with Carlton and Granada and the £60 million pan-European deal

with JC Decaux.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: ISBA's executive and TVAG committees.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Eating good food accompanied by good wine in four-star rosette

restaurants; driving to these venues in one of my two cherished motor


Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Curmudgeonly but brilliant negotiator, better known for

keeping a close eye on his media agency's performance than for his

social skills


Current job: Chairman, Universal McCann. +44 (0)20 7833 5858.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Never being one to work the media circuit or get in on the

golfing scene, the laid back Shaw has a lower profile than most of his

peers. A Universal McCann lifer.


Born: Glasgow, 23 February 1967.

Family: Undisclosed.

Lives: Chiswick.

Education: Turnbull High, Newcastle School of Art.

Current job: Executive creative director, Leo Burnett London (Sept

2003); +44 (0)20 7591 9111.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Every job I have been offered (BDDH, 1989-93; Simons

Palmer, 1993-95; BBH, 1995-98; Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper, 1998-2000; Wieden

& Kennedy, 2000-03); every award I have been given; every young creative

I have helped and every great client I have met.

Proudest achievement: Guess jeans commercial. My partner and I worked

with Laura Gregory from Great Guns on what was more of a film script

than a commercial and it inspired me to look differently at advertising.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Honours and awards: A few and, big or small, I am chuffed to bits with

them all.

Clubs: Chiswick Gym; Glasgow Celtic Supporter Club.

Hates: People or things that don't inspire.

Loves: People or things that inspire.

Admires: Roberto Carlos.

Favourite ad: 'Surfer', Guinness.

Film: Star Wars: A New Hope, George Lucas.

Book: Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela.

Music: Anything by Bob Dylan.

Hotel: Oceana, Santa Monica.

The lowdown: This softly spoken, talented Scot has worked with more

footballers than he cares to list. His feet are sample size, which means

that, as veteran of the Nike account, he has a footwear collection

Imelda Marcos would envy.


Born: Newcastle, 12 February 1961.

Family: Christopher and Sheila Shelbourne (parents); Melinda (wife); two


Lives: Fulham, London.

Education: St Wilfreds Preparatory School, Seaford; Slough Grammar

School (the real one, not the nickname for Eton); Maidenhead Technical

Engineering College.

Current job: Global creative director, J. Walter Thompson. +44 (0)207

656 7000.

Salary: Mind your own business.

Career highlights: Becoming creative director of JWT London; every entry

in D&AD; being creative director when we received the commended gold at

Canne for Special Olympics; working with Tony Kaye.

Proudest achievements: Family.

Honours and awards: Various, but it's a bit crass to list them, even

though it's not an inordinately long list.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Harbour Club.

Hates: Management by hugs.

Loves: Weimeranars (German hunting dogs); Newcastle United FC; my wife.

Admires: Wellington, David Attenborough, Paul Arden.

Favourite ad: Frank Budgen's original PlayStation film.

Film: Midnight Run, Martin Brest.

Book: South, Ernest Shackleton.

Music: The collected works of Otis Redding.

Hotel: The Delano, Miami.

The lowdown: A JWT creative lifer who makes up for a slim personal reel

with a profound understanding of what makes international clients tick.

Now collecting air miles by the million.


Born: London, 3 September 1967.

Family: Tim and Mary Shepherd-Smith (parents); Susie (wife); two


Lives: Chiddingfold, Surrey.

Education: Wellington College, Berkshire; University of Bristol (was

going to be a chartered surveyor but thought better of it).

Current job: Joint managing director, TBWA\London. +44 (0)20 7573 6666.

Salary: Mind your own business.

Career highlights: 1990, started at Still Price Lintas; 1993, joined Leo

Burnett (Gordon's Gin, United Airlines); 1995, joined then Bates

Dorland, ran Land Rover, Bass Brewers, CenterParc and Warner Lambert;

1997, became a board director; 1998, joined TBWA to run Nissan; 1999,

became head of account management; 2002, became joint managing director.

Proudest achievements: The 'no nonsense' John Smith's campaign; getting

my job.

Honours and awards: Awards across varied accounts but the Creative

Circle, BTAA, D&AD and Cannes prizes for John Smith's surpass them.

Professional organisation D&AD; founder member, Armitage.

Clubs: Wentworth (Surrey), Century.

Hates: Commuting.

Loves: Sport; music; time with my children.

Admires: Keith Richards.

Favourite ad: Heineken 'The water in Majorca', 1979.

Film: Harold and Maude, Hal Ashby.

Book: Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks.

Music: Let it Bleed, The Rolling Stones.

Hotel: Hacienda Benazuza, Seville.

The lowdown: The affable Shepherd-Smith is the poster boy for the

fraternity of classic London account men. With his boy-next-door looks,

he possesses enough charm to negotiate his way out of a hostage

situation. Just don't mention his hair.


Born: Damascus, Syria, 5 January 1956.

Family: Married; three children.

Lives: Near Godalming, Surrey.

Education: Reed's school (O Levels); Esher Grammar (A Levels); Middlesex

University (BA Social Sciences).

Current job: Worldwide chief operating officer, Bartle Bogle Hegarty.

+44 (0)207 734 1677.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1979, joined DDB as graduate trainee; 1982, joined

BBH as first account manager; 1986 promoted to board; 1987-88, head of

new business; 1989, joint managing director with Tim Lindsay; 1991-96,

sole managing director; 1996, moved to Singapore as chief executive, BBH

Asia-Pacific; 1998, returned to UK as group managing director; 2001,

worldwide chief operating officer.

Proudest achievement: 1993, being managing director of Agency of the

Year; 1995, Cannes Agency of the Year; 1996, starting BBH from scratch.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Groucho; Champneys.

Hates: Golf; rugby; south of France.

Loves: Undisclosed. Admires Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Hamlet, Spy, George Cole.

Film: The Graduate, Mike Nichols.

Book: None.

Hotel: Chedi Phuket, Thailand.

The lowdown: A BBH lifer, much valued by the founders as his succession

of ever-longer job titles suggests. Credited with much of the thinking

behind its international expansion and with the successful opening of

the agency's Singapore office.


Born: London, 13 November 1957.

Family: Milton Shulman (father); Drusilla Beysus (mother); one son.

Lives: Queens Park, London.

Education: St Pauls Girls School; Sussex University.

Current job: Editor, Vogue. +44 (0)20 7499 9080.

Salary: Undisclosd.

Career highlights: Editing Vogue.

Proudest achievements: My son, Samuel.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Trustee, National Portraits Gallery;

trustee, Arts Foundation.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Shulman has made Vogue her own over the past 11 years, but

has managed to maintain a fairly down-to-earth, practical demeanour

despite her years of luvviedom.


Current job: Joint deputy creative director, TBWA\London. +44 (0)20 7573


Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Advertising's 'grumpy old sod' has partnered some of the

best in the business, including Lowe's Vince Squibb and M&C Saatchi's

Tiger Savage. But he's also won shedloads of awards and is a

hard-working and passionate creative.


Current job: Chairman, Concord. +44 (0)20 7499 9080.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: One of the industry's former trailblazers, rugby fan

Simmons is a well-liked, venerable elder statesman in the outdoor arena.


Born: Dublin, 10 September 1937.

Family: Hamilton Simonds-Gooding (father, mother deceased); Marjorie

(wife); seven children.

Lives: Holmbury St Mary.

Education: Ampleforth; Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth.

Current job: Chairman, OMG, D&AD and Design Business Association;

director, Blick and Corporate Edge; trustee, Rainbow Trust children's

charity; Esme Fairbairn (Rethinking Crime and Punishment); Sea Cadets

Association. +44 (0)20 7840 1111.

Career highlights: 1973-79, marketing director, Whitbread, launched

'Heineken refreshes the parts ...' and Stella's 'reassuringly expensive

...'; 1980-85, group managing director, reorganised the company from a

geographical system to a functional one; 1985-88, chairman and chief

executive, 525 Communications Worldwide, Saatchi & Saatchi, merged

14,000 employees from 19 companies into seven and managed male menopause

and female premenstrual tension on a global scale; 1988-91; British

Satellite Broadcasting, my first, last and only chief executive role,

hung on through failing technology, recession and Murdoch media

bombardment to achieve a 50:50 merger with him in 1991.

Proudest achievement: Selling my first oil painting from my website.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: See above.

Clubs: Hurlingham Club; Sloane Club.

Hates: Smugness.

Loves: Partying with family and friends.

Admires: Parents who bring up severely disabled children.

Favourite ad: 'Policeman's feet', Heineken.

Film: Gone with the Wind, Victor Fleming.

Book: Endurance, Ernest Shackleton (his adventures in Antarctic and

South Georgia).

Music: Madame Butterfly, Giacomo Puccini.

Hotel: Towers Hotel, Glenbeigh, Ireland.

The lowdown: A legendary client and a worthy D&AD figurehead. Known as

reasonable, receptive, urbane and intelligent. Was in charge of the

Heineken account when it was small beer, then approved and stayed with

the Lowe Howard-Spink 'refreshes the parts' campaign that ran for



Born: Frimley, 5 May 1967.

Family: Simone is my better half and Finn is just my better. Recent

addition of a son.

Lives: In the country.

Education: Wellington College; Southampton University (English &


Current job: Global marketing communications director, Vodafone. +44

(0)1635 33251.

Salary: Nice to have.

Career highlights: It's a toss-up between teaching Dan Wieden to play

cricket in Bombay and Mohammed Al Fayed thinking I was Tim Delaney's

date at a Fulham game.

Proudest achievement: My family.

Professional organisations: Non- executive directorships at Reel

Enterprises, Mortgage Matters and AFH China.

Honours and awards: Quite a few, but only as part of a team.

Clubs: Nottingham Forest FC.

Hates: Cold calling.

Loves: Collecting black and white photography.

Admires: John Cleese.

Favourite ad: 'Launderette', Levi's.

Film: The Jungle Book, Wolfgang Reitherman.

Book: Schott's Original Miscellany, Ben Schott.

Music: London Calling, The Clash.

Hotel: Jakes, Treasure Beach, Jamaica.

The lowdown: BBH, Coke, Adidas, Vodafone ... Simpson is a shrewd

operator who likes big brands and big challenges. Odds-on favourite for

a big agency job before too long.


Born: Newcastle, 4 November 1946.

Family: Alan and Theodora Sinclair (parents); Jacqueline Metcalfe

(wife); three children.

Lives: Highgate, London.

Education: Rannoch School, Perthshire; Watford Art School.

Current job: Partner, M&C Saatchi. +44 (0)20 7543 4500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Yet to come.

Proudest achievements: Ditto.

Honours and awards: A few golds and silvers here and there.

Professional organisations: D&AD; Education Renaissance Trust; Sculpture

Academy; Jyoti Trust.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Forms.

Loves: People.

Admires: Winston Churchill.

Favourite ad: 'Labour isn't working', Conservative Party.

Film: Les Enfants du Paradis, Marcel Carne.

Book: Catch 22, Joseph Heller; Three Men in a Boat, Jerome K Jerome.

Music: Piano Concerto in A Minor K331, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Hotel: Not telling.

The lowdown: A living legend. The first creative to be hired by Maurice

and Charles Saatchi for their fledgling agency. Cerebral, he was once

described as 'having a way of turning Charles's wildest ideas into

reality without filtering out their energy'.


Born: Melbourne, Australia, 28 October 1966.

Family: Penny and Tony Smith (parents); Konrad (husband); one daughter.

Lives: London.

Education: Melbourne Church of England Girl's Grammar School; University

of Melbourne.

Current job: Departing managing director, Wieden & Kennedy London. +44

(0)20 7 299 7500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Made a life a long way from home and survived Paul

Simons (Simons Palmer), Ben Langdon (McCann-Erickson) and Robin Wight

(WCRS); grew all three agencies; biggest achievement is turning around

W&K in London and making it an admired, creative business.

Proudest achievements: Giving birth - nothing will ever frighten me


Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: IPA; The Marketing Society.

Clubs: WACL.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: My family; running; the sea; Paris.

Admires: My mother (now I know what she did for me).

Favourite ad: 'Cog', Honda.

Film: Magnolia, Paul Thomas Anderson.

Book: The Passion, Jeanette Winterson; The Impressionist, Hari Kunzru.

Music: Simple Things, Zero 7.

Hotel: George V, Paris.

The lowdown: The passionate Australian is quick to laugh and equally

fast to bite. The latter came out in a desk-moving operation when some

genius decided it would be a good idea to seat the business-like Smith

within heavy-object throwing distance of the agency's boisterous

creative directors.


Born: Blantyre, Malawi, 18 July 1962.

Family: Phillip Carling (husband); one son; one daughter; expecting

number three in October 2003.

Lives: Clapham, London SW4.

Education: Ursuline High School, Essex; London University (RHBC) (French

& German).

Current job: Commercial director, Capital Radio Board. +44 (0)20 7766


Salary: See company report if interested.

Career highlights: 1984, sales trainee, Yorkshire Television; 1987,

sales manager, Yorkshire Television; 1989, International sales manager,

Thames Television; 1997, commercial director, MediaVest; 2002, board

director, Capital Radio.

Proudest achievements: My children.

Honours and awards: Capital Radio has won ntl National Sales Team of the

Year in 2000, 2001 and 2003; Media Week Sales Team 2000.

Professional organisations: WACL; RAB Board.

Clubs: Slimmers World.

Hates: Over-complicating media choices and execution; inaccurate

journalism; EastEnders; Manchester United FC; being late for meetings.

Loves: Direct-talking, positive people; radio; chocolate; my family; my


Admires: My husband, Phillip Carling (I'd settle for half his

intelligence, half his patience and half his courage).

Favourite ad: Kodak radio ad.

Film: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Blake Edwards.

Book: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.

Music: Spring Sonata, Ludwig van Beethoven.

Hotel: Karos Lodge, Kruger National Park, South Africa.

The lowdown: The straight-talking, no-nonsense Capital sales chief

manages to combine a steely edge with being something of a mother hen to

younger staff.


Born: Chalfont St Giles, 20 September 1962.

Family: Margaret and Brian (parents); Elaine (wife); two children.

Lives: Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire.

Education: Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe; Fitzwilliam College,


Current job: Director of marketing and strategy, British Gas. +44

(0)1753 494000.

Salary: Comfortable.

Career highlights: 1985-88, account manager, Dorland Advertising,

clients included Heinz and Cadbury Typhoo; 1988-93, account director,

GGT, clients included Toshiba and Sekonda; 1993-97, managing director,

Sekonda; 1997-2001, head of group marketing, Alliance & Leicester

(discovering the power of data, which, fully harnessed, delivered a

complete service brand which used every point of contact with its

customers); 2001-present, director of marketing and strategy, British

Gas (finding the brand transformational idea that crowns two years of

change from a volume-driven, product-siloed company to a dynamic

business which puts the customer at the heart of everything it does.

Proudest achievement: A rugby league half blue; being the suit

responsible for Red Rock's 'It's not red and there's no rocks in it'


Honours and awards: A Bafta; seven bronze Cannes Lions; three gold, nine

silver, seven bronze (and the big one in 1991) at Creative Circle;

British TV Advertising gold in 1993; two silvers and the Marketing

Society Grand Prix for Red Rock.

Professional organisations: Board member and chairman of the awards, The

Marketing Society.

Clubs: Virgin Active ... not that they'd recognise me.

Hates: Injustice.

Loves: Pubs; my family; rugby; sailing; skiing; pubs.

Admires: Stan Bowles.

Favourite ad: The Honey Monster, with Patrick McGee.

Film: Cabaret, Bob Fosse.

Book: Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkein.

Music: Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd.

Hotel: New World Harbour View, Hong Kong.

The lowdown: Nick is an ex-account man and has retained his account

man's taste in loud suits. Likes an occasional cigar, too.


Born: Hereford, 13 August 1965.

Family: Oliver and Theodora Snow (parents); Vicki Whitehouse (wife);

three children.

Lives: London SW15.

Education: Radley College; London University (English & Drama).

Currrent job Planning director, Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners. +44

(0)20 7836 3474.

Salary: I can't tell you.

Career highlights: Late 80s/early 90s, actor and qualitative researcher;

1994-2000, account planner, DMB&B/D'Arcy; 2000, joined DLKW & Partners

as planning director.

Proudest achievements: Winning both the APG Grand Prix in 1999 and Five

Star IPA Effectiveness Award in 2000 for the DfES/COI child literacy


Honours and awards: Two IPA Effectiveness Awards; three APG creative

planning awards, including the one mentioned above.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Roehampton Club.

Hates: Cynicism.

Loves: Enthusiasm.

Admires: Anton Chekhov.

Favourite ad: 'St George', Blackcurrant Tango.

Film: The Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer.

Book: True History of the Kelly Gang, Peter Carey.

Music: All Mod Cons, The Jam.

Hotel: Hotel Cappuccini Convento, Amalfi.

The lowdown: Snow's D'Arcy training is really coming into its own and

the former actor's contribution to the agency's success has been huge.

Well liked and respected among his peers.


Born: Draycott, 1 October 1958.

Family: Married; three children.

Lives: Barnes, London.

Education: Abbots Bromley School; Birmingham University (French).

Current title Chief executive, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. +44 (0)20 7616


Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1981-83, ABM, trainee; 1983-92, Ogilvy & Mather,

account management and new business; 1992-present, AMV, new-business

director, client service director, managing director and chief


Proudest achievements: Three happy children; getting a job and then the

job at AMV.

Honours and awards: Consistently high performance over the past three

years for creativity (Gunn Report); client satisfaction (Agency

Reputation Survey) and Best Company to Work For (The Sunday Times).

Professional organisations: 1999-2001, non-executive director, Arcadia;

non-executive director, Fishburn Hedges; fellow, RSA; council, IPA;

member and past president, WACL; MGGB; The Marketing Society; D&AD.

Clubs: Bank of England Sports Club.

Hates: Arrogance.

Loves: Family; music; Scilly Isles; swimming.

Admires: My brother Tim.

Favourite ad: 'Swimblack', Guinness.

Film: The Piano, Jane Campion.

Book: The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy.

Music: George Gershwin.

Hotel: The Beach House, Kawau, New Zealand.

The lowdown: Her 'superwoman' tag has faced its most severe test in

recent times as AMV has faced not only a brutal economic climate but an

evolving managerial front line. Known for cherishing her staff and

clients but much tougher than she lets on.


Born: London, 14 Feburary 1945.

Family: Lady Sandra Sorrell (wife); three sons, one dog.

Lives: London.

Education: Haberdashers' Aske's School; Christ's College, Cambridge (BA

Economics; MA Economics); Harvard Graduate School of Business (MBA).

Current job: Chief executive, WPP (1986). +44 (0)20 7408 2204.

Salary: See WPP Annual Report 2002.

Career highlights: 1966, freelance journalist, Management Today;

1968-69, associate, Glendinning Associates, Westport, Connecticut;

1970-74, vice-president, Mark McCormack Organisation; 1975-77, director,

James Gulliver Associates; 1977-86, group finance director, Saatchi &

Saatchi; 1986-present, chief executive, WPP.

Proudest achievement: Bowling Clive Lloyd and Mike Procter.

Professional organisations: Advisory board, IESE, The International

Graduate School of Management, Spain; deputy chairman, London Business

School; member, the Dean's Advisory Council for Boston University School

of Management; member of the Board, Indian School of Business; trustee,

The Cambridge Foundation; patron, Christ's College; ambassador for

British Business Modern Apprenticeship Task Force; appointed to the

Foreign and Commonwealth Office's Panel 2000 aimed at rebranding Britain

abroad; member of the Council for Excellence in Management and

Leadership; patron, Queen Charlotte's appeal at Hammersmith Hospital;

member, the Committee for the Special Olympics, serving on the Board;

vice-president, David Baum Memorial Appeal; member of the board, the

National Deaf Children's Society, serving as vice-president; member of

the national appeal board, NSPCC; non-executive director, Colefax &

Fowler; member, ATP Marketing Advisory Board; chairman, the

international advisory board of The British-American Business Inc;

member of the board of trustees, The Conference Board; member of the

board, National Association of Securities Dealers; member of the board,

Museum of Television & Radio's Media Center (NY); member of the board,

Engineering and Technology Board; special advisor to the Loyalty

Management UK board; member, CBI International advisory board; trustee,

Royal College of Art Foundation; member, Corporate Advisory Group of the

Tate Gallery.

Honours and awards: Knighted in the Millennium New Year Honours list.

Clubs: Reform; Harvard (NY); MCC; any Mark Birley brand.

Hates: Surveys of this kind.

Loves: Not doing surveys of this kind.

Admires: John F Kennedy.

Favourite ad: Could not possibly name one as this would risk offending

too many people.

Film: Raging Bull, Martin Scorsese.

Book: Sorrell and Son, Ernest Thompson Seton and Warwick Deeping.

Music: My Funny Valentine, Chet Baker and Gerry Mulligan.

Hotel: The Bel-Air, Los Angeles.

The lowdown: Having nearly lost it all in 1989 when he overpaid for

Ogilvy & Mather, Sorrell's commitment to the business he founded is

total. He has a phenomenal workload and a work rate to match that makes

him, from a shareholder perspective, worth every penny. It is thanks to

Sorrell that advertising and marketing services is one of the few areas

in which Britain has a market-leading position.


Born: Dundee, Scotland, 8 November 1966.

Family: Beverly Soutar (wife); two sons.

Lives: Epping, Essex.

Education: Glenrothes High School, Fife.

Current job: Editorial director, IPC. +44 (0)870 444 5000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1994-97, editor, FHM, took title from sales of 50,000

to more than 500,000 in three years, creating biggest selling monthly

magazine of any kind in UK; 1997-99, managing director, Kiss FM Radio,

won the station's first Sony Gold, editor-in-chief, Maxim magazine in

US, took it from sales of just above one million to more than two

million in my first year in charge.

Proudest achievements: Winning Magazine of the Year award on both sides

of the Atlantic, for FHM and then for Maxim; 2001, being part of the

board team that completed the deal to sell IPC Media to AOL Time Warner.

Honours and awards: See career highlights.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Loves: Arsenal.

Admires: My missus.

Favourite ad: 'No nonsense', John Smith's campaign.

Film: Trains, Planes & Automobiles, John Hughes.

Book: Espedair Street, Iain Banks.

Music: Cupid & Psyche 85, Scritti Politti.

Hotel: The Philips Club, New York.

The lowdown: The former FHM editor has done it all in publishing. Former

IPC boss Sly Bailey called him a 'towering creative talent and a

tremendous businessman'.


Born: Leicester, 2 September 1962.

Family: Maggie (wife); three sons. Lives Hampstead, London.

Education: St Martin's.

Current job: Executive creative director, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. +44

(0)20 7616 3500.

Salary: £400,000.

Career highlights: Four D&AD Pencils; being asked to sit in David

Abbott's chair; being Paul Brazier's writer.

Proudest achievements: Making enough time to see my children grow up.

Honours and awards: Professor, Ad London Institute; four Pencils; lots

of other prizes.

Professional organisations: Past president, D&AD and Creative Directors


Clubs: None.

Hates: Nothing.

Loves: Too many things.

Admires: David Abbott; Paul Weiland; Richard Curtis.

Favourite ad: 'Because', Chivas Regal; 'surfer', Guinness.

Film: Four Weddings and a Funeral, Mike Newell.

Book: Captain Correlli's Mandolin, Louis de Bernieres.

Music: Revolver, The Beatles.

Hotel: Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica.

The lowdown: Boyish charmer under perpetual pressure to sustain the

creative potency at AMV eight years after becoming David Abbott's

annointed heir. Tough trading conditions haven't helped, but most

agencies would kill for AMV's awards tally under Souter.


Born: London, 9 February 1955.

Family: Doctor Michael and Dorothy Spooner (parents); Lynn (wife); three


Lives: Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Education: Abingdon School; Ealing Business School.

Current job: Chief executive, Media Audits Group. +44 (0)20 7734 4080

Salary: Mind your own business.

Career highlights: 1977-84, marketing manager, Smiths Snacks, growing

brands such as Quavers and Monster Munch; 1986-90, marketing director,

National Dairy Council, producing ads for milk with Bob Geldof; 1995-98,

marketing and strategy director, Guinness UK; launched Guinness Extra

Cold ad campaign and got the brand into growth.

Proudest achievement: Being part of a team that rebuilt a war-torn

brewery in Mozambique which became a thriving business and good


Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; Institute of

Directors; Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Clubs: Maidenhead Rugby Club; TVR and MG Owners Clubs.

Hates: Dishonesty.

Loves: All forms of motor sport and rugby.

Admires: Jochen Rindt.

Favourite ad: 'Elephant' Peugeot.

Film: Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Black Mischief, Evelyn Waugh.

Music: Anything by Eric Clapton.

Hotel: Royal Parc, Evian, France.

The lowdown: The independent-minded Spooner enjoys the challenge of

changing things. As a former Guinness client, he unwittingly blazed a

trail in buying a commercial featuring a gay couple arguing. It never



Born: London, 10 June 1957.

Family: Young-ish, free-ish, single-ish; oddball sister (Sandy); three


Lives: Notting Hill, London.

Education: Eggar's Grammar School; University of Kent at Canterbury


Current job: Chief executive, Clear Channel UK. +44 (0)20 7341 5400.

Salary: Bargain.

Career highlights: 1978-82, Alpine Group Marketing; 1982-84, TV-am

launch team; 1984-88, Grey, new business;1988-92, GGT, deputy managing

director; 1992-94, Woolhams Moira Gaskin O'Malley, managing director;

1994-2000, Young & Rubicam, managing director.

Proudest achievement: Doubling government funding for Groundwork;

teaching IPA students the difference between net and gross; 1994-95,

WACL presidency; helping rebuild Y&R.

Honours and awards: Fellow, IPA; WACL 75 Women of Achievement.

Professional organisations: Chairman, UK Federation of Groundwork

Trusts; Nabs board; Postar board; OAA council; WACL executive committee

(chair, new members); The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Lambton Place; Soho House.

Hates: Being patronised; forgetting how lucky I am; bathroom scales.

Loves: Friends; dancing; running by the sea; swimming; Champagne and

caviar; wilderness.

Admires: My dad - a pioneering single parent in the 50s and 60s.

Favourite ad: ''Ello Tosh', Toshiba.

Film: Kramer vs Kramer, Robert Benton; Cabaret, Bob Fosse; Moulin

Rouge!, Baz Luhrmann.

Book: Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen.

Music: Anything singalong I know the words to.

Hotel: Malmaison, Manchester.

The lowdown: Dripping with vivacious charm and a wicked sense of humour,

the positive-thinking Spring added a new dimension to the outdoor

business when she took over as the chief executive of Clear Channel.


Current job: Art director, Lowe and Partners. +44 (0)20 7584 5033.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The shy man behind some of the best of Lowe's work in the

past few years has no interest in the politics of agency life. Despite

that, he has shown that talent and a smile can do wonders for a career.


Born: Oxford, 6 March 1957.

Family: Married; three children.

Lives: Hassocks , Sussex; the Eurostar.

Education: Dragon School, Oxford; Westminster School, London; Milton

Academy, Boston, USA; Pembroke College, Oxford (Modern History & Modern

Languages); 1978, MA.

Current job: Managing director, PRM European Consultants; director,

Clement Consultants. +322 534 9036.

Salary: Variable.

Career highlights: 1997, being called the 'Point-guard of the UK

Advertising Industry' by Campaign; 1987-89, working as press spokesman

for European Parliament president; 1999, winning European Business

Publications' Most Effective Lobbyist Award; current promotional work on

concise writing for Perspec.

Proudest achievement: Using public affairs and press relations to force

the Algerian government to return children illegally kidnapped from

their European mothers by their Algerian fathers.

Honours and awards: Best Dad in the World 1996, 1999, 2002.

Professional organisations: Public Counsellors' Cautionary Cabal; The

Unconservatives; Society of Ley Hunters; Institute of Public Relations.

Clubs: The Triangle Sports Centre; Burgess Hill School Parents Tennis

Club; English Heritage; Society of Downsmen; Sussex Wildlife Trust.

Hates: Acronymic law firms; umbrellas.

Loves: My girls; persuasive writing; south-west France

Admires: Neil Young.

Favourite ad: 'It's time to advertise', The Hackney Gazette.

Film: Moliere, Ariane Mnouchkine.

Book: The Screwtape Letters, CS Lewis.

Music: Requiem (Toscanini), GuiseppeVerdi.

Hotel: Hotel Berckmans, Brussels.

The lowdown: Stanbrook's talents and interests span the humdrum concerns

of the business world and the mystical intrigue of the UK - he claims to

have found at least 12 ley lines in two decades.


Born: London, 14 June 1962.

Family: Mum and dad; live with husband David; baby son.

Lives: Stockwell, South London.

Education: Misbourne, secondary school in Great Missenden,

Buckinghamshire; High Wycombe College (foundation course); Liverpool

University (BAHons Graphic Design).

Current job: Creative director and partner, Boy Meets Girl S&J. +44

(0)20 7012 6200.

Salary: I haven't decided yet. Career highlights Working at GGT for Dave

Trott in the 80s with my copywriter Tim Hearn; 1996, joining the newly

formed St Luke's as creative directors, where we were made Campaign's

Agency of the Year in 1997-98; becoming vice-chairman in 2001.

Proudest achievements: Professionally, when someone asked my Dad, Bob

Stanners, if he was Kate Stanners' dad; personally, giving birth.

Honours and awards: Ahh, don't really know as I'm not really concerned

with awards because at St Luke's we didn't enter and before that is too

long ago.

Professional organisations: I am on the council of IPA and am

vice-chairman of the IPA Creative Directors forum.

Clubs: WACL; Soho House; D&AD.

Hates: Bin liners that you spend hours trying to open, likewise carrier

bags and those ridiculous plastic cartons for berries etc that won't

open and when they finally do the entire contents shoots all over the


Loves: Green Pantone reference; clean sheets; Howard Hodgkin paintings;

Henri Matisse's snail.

Admires: Not most admire, but I do admire: Mum, dad; husband; Howard

Hodgkin for making me see colour.

Favourite ad: Don't have one ... 'snowplough', Volkswagen; 'St George',

Blackcurrant Tango; 'Arkright', John Smith's; Kiora, to name a few.

Film: Blue Velvet, David Lynch.

Book: Passage to India, EM Forster

Music: You'll Never Walk Alone.

Hotel: Hotel Tresanton, St Mawes, Cornwall.

The lowdown: As the latest statistics suggest that the chances of a

woman making creative director are somewhere between slim and none, the

art director Stanners stands out a mile. Her impeccable reel includes

the Jeff Goldblum Holsten Pils ads and the Cadbury Flake commercial

featuring that woman in the bath.


Born: Glasgow, 20 April 1943.

Family: Married; two grown-up children.

Lives: Putney, London.

Education: Stirling High School, Scotland.

Current job: Co-founder and director, Large Corp. +44 (0)20 7851 2000.

Salary: Poor as a church mouse.

Career highlights: Undisclosed.

Proudest achievements: Staying married; being happy.

Honours and awards: As a writer, Cannes Gold (Schweppes); BTA ITV award

(Iron Bru); D&AD Silver (British Rail, Guide Dogs for the Blind);

several D&AD selection; several BTAA golds, silvers and bronzes. As a

director, Cannes gold (Impulse); Cannes gold (McDonald's); D&AD silver

(McDonald's); several BTA golds, silvers and bronzes (Walls, Batchelors

Cup-a-Soup, Egg); best ad that never ran (British Rail).

Clubs: Groucho; Century; Wandsworth snooker club.

Professional organisations: Zero.

Hates: People collecting awards for rehashed TV comedy sketches.

Loves: Working with people more talented than me.

Admires: Woody Allen; Francis Ford Coppola, Frank Lloyd-Wright, Clement


Favourite ad: 'Kiss your hemorrhoids goodbye', .

Film: My Life as a Dog, Lasse Hallstrom.

Book: Vanity Fair, William Makepeace Thackeray.

Music: Suger Blues, Count Basie.

Hotel: Don't like hotels.

The lowdown: A highly regarded, witty and timeless commercials director

who has survived and thrived for decades. An agency background gives his

reel a unique edge.


Born: Farnham, Hants, 13 November 1964.

Family: Rodney and Moira Stead (parents); Jacqueline (wife); one son;

two daughters.

Lives: Park Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Education: Tring School; Lancaster University (MSc Marketing).

Current title Chief executive, Media Planning Group. +44 (0)20 7393 9000

Salary: £100,000-£200,000.

Career highlights: 1995, making move to agency side from media owner

side; 1987-90, TVS Television, marketing trainee to sales and marketing

executive; 1990-95, TSMS, sales development manager to client account;

1995-present, Mediastar/Mediapolis/Media Planning, marketing manager to

joint managing director.

Proudest achievements: Becoming a father three times.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Marketing Society.

Clubs: None. I don't like 'clubs' particularly. Hates Pretentiousness in


Loves: Working in a team that pulls in the same direction.

Admires: Currently, Michael Watson.

Favourite ad: 'Photo booth', Hamlet.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, Alan Sillitoe. Music Let it Be,

The Beatles.

Hotel: Hotel Duc de Saint-Simon, Paris.

The lowdown: Stead has none of the flashy front that you might expect of

someone in his position. Instead, he maintains a studious, somewhat grey

persona, which seems in keeping with the MPG positioning.


Current job: Creative director, Publicis. +44 (0)20 935 4426.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Relaxed and calm, Studzinski's workmates claim he's never

had a tantrum at the office. An art director, he's been hailed as the

new generation's answer to John Hegarty.


Born: Usk, Scotland, 12 November 1965.

Family: Mr and Mrs James Alan Sutherland (parents); Sophie Louisa

Sutherland (wife); two twin daughters.

Lives: Brasted, Kent.

Education: Monmouth School; Christ's College, Cambridge (Classics).

Current job: Executive creative director, OgilvyOne. +44 (0)20 7345


Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Joined Ogilvy as a graduate trainee in September

1988; account executive 1988-89; planner and information manager

1989-90; May 1990, fired; June 1990, rehired as copywriter; 1995, head

of copy; 1997, creative director (partnered with Mike Simm and Cordell

Burke); 1998, executive creative director; 2000, elected to OgilvyOne

Worldwide creative council; 2001, Ogilvy Worldwide creative council;

writing widely on marketing issues, including a bi-monthly column for


Proudest achievements: I'm pleased to have played a minor part in a

wider movement which has taken UK direct marketing from a specialist

niche to becoming a home for serious talent and a rich source of

commercially valuable ideas. I am also proud of my Cassandra role in

forseeing the importance of the internet to our business from the

impossibly early date of 1994, although this is tempered by my shame at

making not a penny from the prediction.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; APG; member, IPA

training and development council since 2003.

Honours and awards: Won a DMA/Royal Mail overall gold award 1994; Cannes

Direct Lion in 2002 for work on American Express.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Indian food; the American south-west; picnics; Chicago; motoring;

crosswords; Tunbridge Wells; Wi-Fi; Frank Lloyd Wright; The Spectator;


Admires: Margaret Thatcher; Jeremy Bullmore; Elvis Presley (though for

different things).

Favourite ad: Howard Luck Gossage's campaign for Fina (my biggest

professional regret is that Gossage never lived to create work on the


Film: Das Boot, Wolfgang Petersen.

Book: Under the Frog, Tibor Fischer.

Hotel: Hotel La Fonda, Santa Fe, New Mexico (for its location); Tamasha,

Bromley (for its Indian restaurant); Chateau de Touffou, Bonnes, France

(for its door policy - if you don't work for or with Ogilvy, you can't

stay there).

The lowdown: Erudite, learned, decidedly beady ... a bit like a young

Jeremy Bullmore, in fact. One of the most eloquent proponents of direct

marketing's ability to combine hard data with soft data to tease out

motivations to brands.


Born: Newcastle, 17 February 1959.

Family: Maureen Taylor and Kenneth Taylor (parents); Karen Taylor

(sister); single.

Lives: Richmond, Surrey.

Education: Newcastle School of Art.

Current job: Joint creative director, Publicis. +44 (0)20 7935 4426.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1980, Tim Delaney giving me my first job in

advertising at BBDO; in the same year, joining Saatchi & Saatchi; 1990,

being made head of art by Paul Arden; 1990, being made creative director

on the Silk Cut account; 1995, becoming joint creative director; 1996,

Saatchis being voted Agency of the Year at Cannes; 1998, Saatchis being

voted Campaign Agency of the Year; 1998, being made the first female in

advertising to be voted on to a previously all-male D&AD executive

board; 1998, being chosen to appear in the publication The World's 28

Best Art Directors in Advertising by D&AD; 1998, directing my first two

TV ads through Paul Weiland Film Company for the Army, 'homecoming' and

'torchlight', together claiming one silver D&AD Pencil and four silver

D&AD nominations; 2001, having eight pieces of my work chosen to appear

in the annual 40 years of D&AD; 2002, joining Publicis as joint creative

director with Adam Kean.

Proudest achievements: Answering directly to only Charles Saatchi as

creative director on Silk Cut account.

Honours and awards: Four silver D&AD awards; four silver D&AD

nominations; 183 entries accepted in the D&AD annual; 12 Campaign Press

award; one gold Campaign Poster award; one gold award; Creative Circle;

six silver Campaign poster awards; two gold and five silver British TV

awards and one ITVA award; two gold and one silver at Cannes.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Groucho club.

Hates: People who lie.

Loves: An answering machine reading 'no messages', a full Starbucks.

Admires: Charles Saatchi.

Favourite ad: 'Drugstore', Levi's.

Film: Leaving Las Vegas, Mike Figgis.

Book: 1997 D&AD Annual.

Music: Angel Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

Hotel: Hermitage, Nevis, West Indies.

The lowdown: One of the first famous female creatives, Geordie Taylor is

a renowned perfectionist and will never, ever give up. Never seen

without matching shoes and handbag.


Born: London, 10 May 1958.

Family: Roy and Jean Taylor (parents); Elaine Taylor (wife); two


Lives: Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.

Education: Forest School, Snaresbrook; Hull University (Economics).

Current job: Chief executive and chairman, OMD UK. +44 (0)20 7893 4893.

Salary: Enough to pay the bills.

Career highlights: 1981-83, Benton & Bowles training, widely regarded as

the academy of media at the time; 1983, joining BMP as a television

buyer on Quaker, CPC and St Ivel; 1986, appointments to the board and to

joint media director in 1991; 1997, launching BMP Optimum as managing

director; 1999, followed by BMP OMD; 2000, most recently the evolution

to OMD UK as CEO; 2002, adding responsibility for OMD UK Group

development; specific highlights include winning a succession of media

centralisations starting with several existing clients at BMP including

St Ivel, Courage, CPC, British Gas; 1990, agreeing the transfer of

television buying for BBDO clients, Pepsi and Gillette, to BMP and

subsequently winning both companies total media responsibility,

centralising all Gillette business in 1999 after adding Braun (1996) and

Duracell (1998); 1999, agreeing the transfer of centralised Hasbro media

from Griffin Bacal to BMP OMD; 1998 appearing on the front page of

Campaign (!) with news of the Boots media centralisation, effectively

our coming-of-age as a media specialist, given that no responsibility

for Boots media had been held previously; 2002, the reappointment by

Halfords immediately following their sale by Boots; 2002, making the

Nicest People in Media list; the high regard with which OMD UK is held

by the market, by our network, but more importantly by our clients;

developing and promoting the talent within the company to achieve

succession management, reflecting the built not merged basis of the

agency's growth, and working with a truly talented group of people


Proudest achievement: Responsibility for a team with the record of

winning more media awards than any other agency.

Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: IPA pension trustee director

Clubs: None.

Hates: Pomposity; sycophants and style over substance in whatever form.

Loves: Pottering in the garden; reading.

Admires: Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Favourite ad: 'Gertcha', Courage Best.

Film: The Italian Job, Peter Collinson.

Book: The Magus, John Fowles.

Music: Time, Pink Floyd.

Hotel: Woolley Grange, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire.

The lowdown: One of the quiet men of media, despite his roots in TV

buying, Taylor is the reigning nice guy of UK media. No wonder, given

his roots at BMP.


Born: Iserlohn, Germany, 6 April 1967.

Family: Private.

Lives: London.

Education: Cambridge University; Princeton University.

Current job: Head of planning, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. +44 (0)20 7616


Salary: Private.

Career highlights: Yet to come.

Proudest achievement: Getting into Cambridge.

Honours and awards: APG Creative Planning Awards, gold; IPA

Effectiveness Awards, bronze.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Fat.

Loves: Running.

Admires: Me.

Favourite ad: 'Creek', Levi's.

Film: None.

Book: None.

Music: Somebody to Love, Queen.

Hotel: None.

The lowdown: Not your average AMV planning chief - unconventional and

sometimes downright eccentric. Best known, unfortunately, for his

infamous e-mail to staff offering £500 to anybody who could

successfully crack O2's brand positioning problem:

'I get the credit, you get the cash.'


Born: Edinburgh, 18 May 2003.

Family: Monique (wife); one son.

Lives: Acton, London.

Education: Glasgow College (BA Hons Sociology).

Current job: Joint managing director and planning director, St Luke's.

+44 (0)20 7380 8888.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Planning Ikea and helping it go from fourth to first

in the market. Helping St Luke's become the lead strategy agency for BT.

Proudest achievement: Being a co-founder of St Luke's.

Honours and awards: None, the agency has only just started entering


Professional organisations: IPA, APG.

Clubs: Virgin Active.

Hates: Ignorance; bigotry.

Loves: Intelligence; a good book; golf; Italy.

Admires: Howard Gossage.

Favourite ad: 'Be the first kid on your block to win a kangeroo',


Film: The Godfather Part I and II, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Underworld, Don DeLillo.

Music: Day in the Life, The Beatles.

Hotel: None.

The lowdown: Extracting a clear sentence out of Teer's almost

impenetrable Scottish accent is the Ben Nevis-like hurdle facing those

who meet him. Luckily, an almost permanent ear-to-ear grin tends to

bridge any initial awkward silences until the translator arrives.


Born: York, 11 January 1961.

Family: Married; three daughters.

Lives: Ealing, London.

Education: Ardingly College; Oxford Brookes University (Business


Current job: Head of investment, Mindshare. +44 (0)20 7969 4040.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1984, board director, BMP; 1995, deputy managing

director, MediaVest.

Proudest achievement: Being the father of three girls.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Royal Mid-Surrey golf club; Park club; MCC (associate member).

Hates: Dishonesty.

Loves: Family; Chelsea; cricket, rugby; food; wine; travel.

Admires: Sir Martin Sorrell; Gianfranco Zola; Jonny Wilkinson.

Favourite ad: Hamlet series.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Any autobiography.

Music: Any Rolling Stones.

Hotel: Summer Isles hotel, Achiltibule.

The lowdown: Recognised as being one of the best negotiators in town,

Theakstone is also a wise media commentator (see numerous Campaign Media



Born: Coventry, 15 June 1962.

Family: Tim and Bridget Thomas (parents); Fleur Thomas (wife); three

sons; one daughter.

Lives: Dunsfold, Surrey.

Education: Dorset House; Lancing College; Bristol University (English &


Current job: Chief executive officer, Proximity London. +44 (0)20 7298


Salary: Never within our means.

Career highlights: 1990, part of the team that transformed Volvo's brand

image; being top of the new-business league for the two years that I was

new-business director of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO; managing successful

merger of Ammirati Puris and Lowe Howard-Spink as managing director of

APL; Lowe Lintas being named Agency of The Year and European Agency of

The Year in the first year of the merger; being fired by Frank Lowe.

Proudest achievements: Winning Cannes gold Lion and a host of other

awards for Volvo 'twister'.

Honours and awards: Still working on them.

Professional organisations: IPA; The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Marketing Group of Great Britain.

Hates: Not having enough time.

Loves: Kitesurfing; tennis; rugby; teaching my children every sport that

I can.

Admires: My parents.

Favourite ad: 'Surfer', Guinness.

Film: Top Gun, Tony Scott.

Book: Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand.

Music: No Women No Cry, Bob Marley.

Hotel: Dos Mares, Tarifa.

The lowdown: Harshly cast as the fall guy for Lowe's series of

devastating account losses. Always energetic and focused and likely to

be much more comfortable in the less harsh environment of the AMV group,

long regarded as his natural home.


Born: Sheffield, 17 April 1968.

Family: Jeremy and Susie Thompson (parents).

Lives: Fulham, London.

Education: Tonbridge School; University College, London University (BA

Geography & Economics).

Current job: Managing director, Portland Outdoor Advertising. +44 (0)20

7734 7434.

Salary: Details at Companies House.

Career highlights: I have set up companies in developing markets. This

meant getting to grips with a combination of diverse cultures, social

and political challenges and included work in Poland, Hungary, Russia,

Venezuela, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and

Estonia; seeing Portland UK's billings more than double in the last

three years during a recession; working with a fantastic and supportive

team has also been an excellent experience.

Proudest achievements: Going to Poland as an energetic but inexperienced

25-year-old to set up our first overseas office, armed only with a

suitcase, a laptop and a ton of enthusiasm; leaving five years later

with a truck full of furniture, far greater wisdom, a profitable

business staffed by talented Poles that I trained - this provided me

with the confidence and taste of success I needed to drive me forward to

tackle the next stage of my career.

Honours and awards: Numerous overseas but none in the UK.

Professional organisations: IPA; IPA Outdoor Group.

Clubs: Holmes Place; The Vindy 500 Club; Chain Gang Cricket Club.

Hates: Prejudice; negativity; laziness; being late; bad table manners.

Loves: Sport; red wine; travel, my friends and family; the thrill of the


Admires: Many people from many walks of life.

Favourite ad: Too many to pinpoint one but they are, of course, all


Film: The Deer Hunter, Michael Cimino.

Book: The Catcher In The Rye, JD Salinger.

Music: Sympathy For The Devil, The Rolling Stones.

Hotel: Soho Grand, New York.

The lowdown: The youngest managing director in the outdoor world,

Thompson's other claim to fame is that his father founded the Racing

Post in 1981.


Born: Dewsbury, 31 December 1950.

Family: Undisclosed.

Lives: Buckinghamshire.

Education: Batley Girls Grammar School; University of London (French &


Current job: Chief executive, Camelot Group. +44 (0)1923 425 000.

Salary: £375,000.

Career highlights: 1998, being the first female managing director in the

DIY market at Sandvik Saws and Tools; 2000, winning the second licence

for Camelot; Veuve Cliquot Businesswoman of the Year; 2001, Marketer of

the Year.

Proudest achievement: My daughter.

Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: Fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing;

fellow, Royal Society of Arts; Chartered Management Institute; Marketing

Group of Great Britain; WACL; Camelot Foundation; non-executive

director, RAC; DTI business board; commissioner, Press Complaints

Commission; president, CIM.

Clubs: George; Thirty Club.

Hates: Dishonesty; rudeness; bad time-keeping.

Loves: Good food; travelling; being by the sea.

Admires: Sir Terry Leahy. Favourite ad EasyJet.

Film: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, George Roy Hill.

Book: A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens.

Music: La Boheme, Giacomo Puccini.

Hotel: Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo.

The lowdown: Thompson's eloquence and unruffled confidence has seen her

through some tough criticism as chief executive of Camelot. Was touted

as a possible leader of the UK's latest Olympic bid, although she showed

her form and vowed to run the lottery until sales were back on the up.


Current job: Chief executive, Channel 4 Television. +44 (0)20 7396 4444.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The Oxfordshire-dwelling Thompson has an inflatable lady

(complete with pursed lips) in his office. Also known as the man who

axed Brookside.


Born: Wimbledon, 7 July 1967.

Family: Alison Harris and Barry Bunker (parents); Alan Thomas,

(husband); two children

Lives: Penn, Buckinghamshire.

Education: Truro High School; Leeds University (Drama); Kingston

Business School (MA Marketing).

Current job: Managing partner, The Haystack Group. +44 (0)20 7290 2660.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1988-89, theatre director; 1989-91, joined as trainee

account executive, BMP YCC; 1991-93 marketing director (Impact) FCA!;

1993-96, marketing director, TBWA; 1997-98, managing director Kendall

Tarrant, Hong Kong; 1999, managing director, Club Spirit, Bunker Gin;

2001-present, founder, The Haystack.

Proudest achievement: Past, creating a London Distilled Gin, Bunker Gin,

with a recipe given to me by my grandfather; present, setting up The

Haystack Group.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Marketing Society; LAMDA; Floerntines,

advisor; Hong Kong Ladies Dragon Boat Team.

Clubs: RAC Club; Teatro.

Hates: Powerpoint presentations.

Loves: Theatre; reading; cooking; sailing; spending time with family.

Admires: Benazir Bhutto.

Favourite ad: Probably one I saw last week.

Film: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Blake Edwards.

Book: Falling Leaves, Adeline Yen Mah.

Music: Little White Bull, Tommy Steele, much to the disgust of my client

at Universal.

Hotel: La Mamounia Hotel, Marrakech.

The lowdown: The effervescent Thompson has mastered the art of blending

a sharp business-like attitude with a dose of flirtatious charm. Known

for packing a ridiculous number of outfits when she travels, her

over-cautious nature paid off when she was dumped in a pool in Cannes

this summer no fewer than four times.


Born: Oxford, 8 September 1952.

Family: Karen Thompson (wife); two children by first marriage.

Lives: Central London.

Education: Oxford Grammar School.

Current title Commercial director, Chrysalis Radio. +44 (0)20 7221 2213.

Salary: MYOB.

Career highlights: 1981-88, regional sale manager at LWT, it was fun;

1994, starting at Chrysalis Radio as sales director; launching new radio

stations successfully and turning failing ones around.

Proudest achievements: Being part of the start up team of Chrysalis

radio and getting it to where it is now.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: RAB.

Clubs: Solus Club; Third Space; SWIGS; Harleyford Golf Club, Teatro.

Hates: Being late.

Loves: Launching radio stations; playing golf; wine; great food but not

necessarily in that order.

Admires: Tom Watson.

Favourite ad: 'Lost property', Apple Tango.

Film: Scent of a Woman, Martin Brest.

Book: Any well written biography.

Music: The Pearl Fishers, Georges Bizet.

Hotel: La Residencia, Majorca.

The lowdown: Affable but with a relatively low profile outside

Chrysalis, Thomson cut his teeth in the hedonistic 80s at LWT, where he

could party with the best of them. These days, he is more at home with

spreadsheets but keeps in touch with the day-to-day business through job

swaps with radio station colleagues.


Born: Aberdeen, 17 May 1959.

Family: Alex and Irene Thomson (parents); Karen Thomson (wife); one


Lives: London SW14.

Education: Aberdeen High School; Aberdeen College of Commerce; Middlesex

University Business School (evening school MBA).

Current job: Chief operating officer, St Luke's. +44 (0)20 7380 8888.

Salary: More than enough.

Career highlights: Founding director of St Luke's in 1995; joined as

finance director, promoted to chief operating officer.

Proudest achievement: Setting up St Luke's after the buyout from

Chiat/Day; establishing the first top-30 employee-owned agency.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Institute of Chartered accounts in Scotland;

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants; Association of MBAs;

British Institute of Management; director, JOL, charity sponsoring

employee ownership.

Clubs: Bank of England Sports Club.

Hates: The Northern Line.

Loves: Weekends with the family; being with a group of people who are

passionate about their work.

Admires: Anyone who can overcome extreme personal difficulties.

Favourite ad: 'Stadium', BT.

Film: Gladiator, Ridley Scott.

Book: Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkein - my first introduction into

fantasy novels.

Music: Harry's Game, Clannad.

Hotel: Vila Vita Parc, Algarve.

The lowdown: The anonymous man in black (the only colour he ever wears)

- Thomson is commonly known at St Luke's as 'the hurter' because he is

Scottish and known for squeezing the last penny out of people.


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