THE A LIST: Part 10 of 13


Born: Manchester, 23 January 1968.

Family: Single.

Lives: London.

Education: Woverhampton University (BA Hons Business and Marketing).

Current job: Vice-president, marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (PlayStation). +44 (0)20 7859 5000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1990, graduate marketing trainee, BMW; 1991, joined Nintendo UK as assistant product manager; 1995, Nintendo UK, marketing manager; 1995, joined Sony Computer Entertainment Europe as European marketing manager; 1999, became European marketing director; 2001, promoted to vice-president.

Proudest achievements: Helping make PlayStation a unique, world-class, credible and instantly recognised brand in less than four years from launch.

Honours and awards: Being part of a marketing team whose work has won hundreds of high-profile awards across all marketing disciplines.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; ISBA executive; CIM.

Clubs: Manchester United FC.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Football; music; travel.

Admires: Not one singular person.

Favourite ad: 'Swimmer', Guinness.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: The Scarlet Pimpernel, Baroness Emmuska Orczy.

Music: Live music.

Hotel: Any hotel in Sydney.

The lowdown: Patton has an office that is a 15-year-old's dream, with video games stacked from floor to ceiling and consoles bulging out of cupboards. He has only one complaint about his job - that when he tells people what he does, it sounds like so much fun that the inevitable response is that he doesn't have a 'real' job.


Born: London, 2 February 1945.

Family: Geoff and Jocelyn Galloway (parents); Alan Lifford (husband); two step-children, two step-grandchildren and nine nieces and nephews.

Lives: Farnham, Surrey.

Education: Farnborough Hill Convent; Uplands School, Poole; travelling the world with my Army father.

Current job: Aiding and abetting three different companies. +44 (0)7850 944088.

Salary: None currently.

Career highlights: Becoming one of the first female account handlers at the university of advertising, SH Benson in the early 70s; founding the AAR in 1975 and during my time representing the top 50 agencies and attracting most of the leading advertisers.

Proudest achievements: Establishing the AAR as an integral player within the advertising business; taking the AAR concept to New York and establishing a successful office there; having sister companies throughout Europe.

Honours and awards: 1995, the first female to be honoured by the Publicity Club of London and being awarded their annual cup; 1999, receiving the Ron Miller award for services to Nabs; 1987-98, president, WACL.

Professional organisations: Honorary member, WACL; executive committee, Nabs; non-executive director, Tools for Schools.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Phonies; insincerity.

Loves: Tennis (playing and watching); playing cards, especially poker; cooking; entertaining family and friends.

Admires: In the business, Jeremy Bullmore, John Bartle, Peter Mead, Chris Powell and Peter Warren for their many and varied talents and importantly for their unstinting support of younger folk coming up through the business; outside the business, my husband and my amazing parents who supported me unconditionally.

Favourite ad: 'Photo booth', Hamlet; 'airline', Cinzano (Leonard Rossiter and Joan Collins).

Film: It's a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra.

Book: Journey of the Soul, Dr Brenda Davies.

Music: Summertime, from Porgy & Bess, George Gershwin.

Hotel: The Savoy, London.

The lowdown: Likened to a much-loved aunt, Payne has scores of god-children and spends lots of time on her charitable interests.

Prefers vodka and tonics to the industry favourite, Champagne.


Current job: Chairman, Zenith Optimedia. +44 (0)207 224 8500.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: A fan of Radio 4's The Archers and a horse-racing nut, Perriss is an accomplished media operator, having survived the snakepit of early Zenith and subsequent corporate disasters and mergers. He remains a master of media, with an almost encyclopaedic grasp of the subject.


Born: Tamworth, 1 July 1954.

Family: Kenneth and Nancy (parents); Delia (wife); one son; two daughters.

Lives: London SW16.

Education: Atherstone Grammar School, Warwickshire; Bedford College, London University (Classics).

Current job: Chairman, Magna Global UK. +44 (0)20 7833 5858.

Salary: Confidential.

Career highlights: 1977-84, Scottish Television, rising to group sales manager; 1984-95, McCann-Erickson, TV manager, TV buying director; 1995-2001, Universal McCann, vice-chairman; 2001, Magna Global UK, chairman; promotion to TV buying director in 1989; being part of the team that launched Universal; successful creation of Magna Global UK.

Proudest achievements: Building a great TV buying operation with a fantastic group of people and no politics.

Honours and awards: The Harrison K McCann Leadership Award.

Professional organisations: IPA.

Clubs: LA Fitness.

Hates: Losing.

Loves: Football; cricket; tennis; music; movies; food.

Admires: Jack Nicholson.

Favourite ad: 'Martians', Cadbury Smash.

Film: Once Upon a Time in America, Sergio Leone.

Book: Catch 22, Joseph Heller.

Music: Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan.

Hotel: Cipriani, Venice.

The lowdown: An old-generation time buyer who has survived the years of consolidation to take one of the top buying jobs in the UK. A true West Midlander, he hopes that Wolverhamption Wanderers can stay in the Premier League this season.


Born: Salford, 15 June 1962.

Family: Valerie and Tony Phillips (parents); one sister; Angie (wife); one son; one daughter.

Lives: West Dulwich, London.

Education: Manchester Grammer School; Southbank Polytechnic (BA Hons Business Studies).

Current job: Director of advertising and media services, AAR. +44 (0)20 7612 1200.

Salary: Enough for the time being.

Career highlights: 1980s, Doyle Dane Bernbach and Horner Collis & Kirvan; 1990- 98, WM Media and CIA Medianetwork; 1999-present, AAR.

Proudest achievements: Wedding day speech (those who were there know).

Honours and awards: Yeah, right.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; governor, Rosemead School.

Clubs: Dunham Forrest Golf Club; Holmes Place; SWIGS; Milk & Honey.

Hates: Bad service; automated telephone response systems.

Loves: Family; friends; golf; gym.

Admires: My wife, for putting up with me.

Favourite ad: 'Photo booth', Hamlet.

Film: Anything by the Coen Brothers (at the moment).

Book: The Right Stuff, Tom Wolfe.

Music: Lazy Dog and Tom Waits (at the moment).

Hotel: The Sun Inn, Stockwell (ask my wife).

The lowdown: Tall and moustachioed, Phillips is the butt of many Village People jokes. That aside, his past career makes him the ideal marriage broker between media agencies and clients.


Born: Secunderabad, India, 9 September, 1960.

Family: Margaret Phippen (mother); Liz (wife); four children.

Education: Churston Grammar School, Devon; Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge (Philosophy & Psychology).

Current job: Managing director, BBC Magazines. +44 (0)20 8433 2000.

Salary: I work for love.

Career highlights: 1982, graduate trainee, IPC; 1983, associate publisher, IPC; 1993, managing director, BBC Magazines; 1997, managing director, BBC Worldwide (UK); 1998, president and chief executive, BBC Worldwide (US).

Proudest achievement: Undisclosed.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Chairman, Frontline; chairman, BBC Haymarket Exhibition; chairman, Galleon; school governor.

Clubs: Soho House; various sports clubs.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Motorbikes, squash, music - particularly jazz; walking; my family.

Admires: Alfred the Great.

Favourite ad: 'Fly fishing', Yellow Pages.

Film: Jean de Florette, Claude Berri.

Book: Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks.

Music: Cello Concerto, Edward Elgar.

Hotel: Taj Mahal, Mumbai.

The lowdown: Much more relaxed after his return from a couple of years in New York, colleagues say. Phippen, the son of Presbyterian missionaries, can often be found roaring around West London in leathers astride his motorbike.


Born: Aldershot, 25 April 1964.

Family: Tony and Felicity Pinder (parents); Charlotte Pinder (wife).

Lives: Hong Kong.

Education: Sherborne School, Dorset; Southampton University (Economics).

Current job: Regional managing director, Leo Burnett Asia-Pacific. +852 (0)25 67433.

Salary: Great value for money.

Career highlights: 1982, freelance motoring journalist and trainee helicopter salesman; 1986 left Westland Helicopters and joined Grey Advertising as graduate trainee; 1989, account director on Fairy Liquid 'old' poster (D&AD annual);1990, appointed to the board of Grey; 1994, client services director and account head on Allied Dunbar's 'there may be trouble ahead' campaign, which won 22 major awards; 1997, joined Ogilvy & Mather as managing director, and the agency won Cannes Lions and BTA awards for Impulse's 'men can't help acting on Impulse' campaign and new-business wins from Nestle, Unilever, Ford and local clients; 2000, joined Leo Burnett as regional managing director, Asia-Pacific; 2002, appointed to worldwide board.

Proudest achievement: Winning 2001 Asia-Pacific Regional Agency of the Year.

Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: China Club; Aberdeen Marina Club; Royal Asiatic Society.

Hates: Dishonesty; lateness; thoughtlessness; racism.

Loves: Wit; style; excessive speed; great design.

Admires: Shelly Lazarus' global connections; Sir Martin Sorrell's financial acumen; Maurice Levy's charm; Keith Reinhard's luck.

Favourite ad:

Film: Snatch, Guy Ritchie.

Book: Taking on the World, Ellen MacArthur.

Music: American Life, Madonna.

Hotel: Amanpulo, Philippines.

The lowdown: Pinder is like your proverbial pig in shit. The good life of the Orient becomes him. A total workaholic, however, Pinder rarely finds time to indulge his passion for yachts.


Born: Johannesberg, 13 June 1951.

Family: David and Madeleine Pinnell (parents); Judith Pinnell (wife); two sons.

Lives: London SE24.

Education: Branfield College, Ealing (HND Business Studies); Polytechnic of Central London, (Diploma Marketing).

Current job: Vice-president, global brands and communications, Shell International. +44 (0)207 934 1234.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1971-72, selling baked beans for Heinz; 1972-89, marketing and sales for Nestle, launch of Lean Cuisine; 1989-94, marketing director for Prudential, 'I want to be' campaign; 1994-96, marketing director for Natwest, stopping the advertising; 1996-date, vice-president, global brands and communications, global advertising, more effective than local, beating competitor and peer benchmarks, at lower total cost, through a well-motivated agency.

Proudest achievements: The people I have helped to develop.

Honours and awards: 1987, Supermarketing, Brand of The Year; 2001, Marketing Society, Customer Insight.

Professional organisations: The Chartered Institute of Marketing; The Marketing Society; The Worshipful Company of Marketors; Institute of Directors; Government Advisory Committee on advertising; ISBA.

Clubs: IOD.

Hates: Hypocrisy.

Loves: Good food; theatre; reading; travelling.

Admires: Jesus Christ.

Favourite ad: 'I must have left it behind', Andrews.

Film: Henry V, Laurence Olivier.

Book: Management Challenges for the 21st Century, Peter F Drucker.

Music: (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones.

Hotel: My own bed.

The lowdown: Pinnell is consistent to the extreme and, happily for a client of such magnitude, almost impossible to faze. The ability to work under pressure is an absolute necessity for someone in his position and it is a skill that he has more than mastered.


Born: Birkenhead, 1956 Family: Fiona (wife); three children.

Lives: London SW19.

Education: Stonyhurst College; Bristol University (Psychology).

Current job: Chief executive, Euro RSCG Partners. +44 (0)207 240 4111.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1979, graduate trainee to associate director, D'Arcy; 1983, joined WCRS as director; 1988, ran the Euro RSCG/WCRS agency in Sydney; 1991, managing partner, FCO; 1993, managing director, Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper and chief executive from 2002.

Proudest achievement: Fathering three children; helping to make a huge success of Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper with Mark and Brett.

Professional organisations: Avoid them.

Honours and awards: Worked on many award-winning campaigns, but peerage continues to elude me.

Clubs: Hurlingham; RAC; Wimbledon.

Hates: Revealing personal information.

Love Tennis; skiing; family (not in that order).

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: The archetypal account man, 'Pinners' is the man who always has a smile on his face. But anyone who has survived more than ten years with Mark Wnek is tougher than they look.


Born: Scarborough, 17 June 1962.

Family: Father is a surgeon, mother is a farmer and neither is married to the other any more; four children in our family all reared as my dad's science project; two brothers and one mad sister.

Lives: Primrose Hill, London, in a house created by the set designer from Abigail's Party.

Education: Read erotic magazines at Reigate Grammar School; Nottingham University (Pure Physics).

Current job: Partner, The Ingram Partnership from July 2003 - before that, I was a partner at Unity, set up in 1997. +44 (0)20 7637 7171.

Salary: Too much. Especially for what I do. I make Beckham look like a pauper.

Career highlights: 1991-95, media planning director, BMP; 1995-97, European media director, Wieden & Kennedy; 1997-2003, founding partner, Unity.

Proudest achievement: Watching people I work with do well; making people laugh.

Honours and awards: Many Media Week awards and a couple of IPA Media Effectiveness Awards; Player of the Year, Horley Town FC 1978-79.

Professional organisation Undisclosed.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Bigotry; conventional wisdom; Y-fronts; tomatoes.

Loves: Laughing; running; chocolate; football; a nice cup of tea on a cold winter afternoon.

Admires: Almost everybody, but my heroes are Isaac Newton; John Irving; Billy Bremner; Eddie Izzard; from our industry, Chris Powell; John Webster; Paul Mukherjee.

Favourite ad: 'Where's my potty?', Fisher Price; 'it's frothy man', Cresta Bear; 'eat football, sleep football, drink Coca-Cola', Coca-Cola; 'instant karma', Nike.

Film: Raiders of the Lost Ark, Steven Spielberg; The Jungle Book, Wolfgang Reitherman; Some Like it Hot, Billy Wilder.

Book: Very difficult question. Tarzan Lord of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs; A Prayer for Owen Meaney, John Irving; The Thought Gang, Tibor Fischer; The Dice Man, Luke Rheinhardt all feature.

Music: Walking on Sunshine, Katrina and the Waves; Brilliant Mind, Furniture; When You're Young, The Jam.

Hotel: Lizard Island, Australia.

The lowdown: Pollard was the dog's bollocks at BMP but, of Unity's original three media musketeers, he's managed to maintain the lowest profile. The archetypal lateral-thinking planner, he offers brilliant flashes of 'outside-the-box' insight and ideas.


Born: London, 1 July 1957.

Family: Married to Sophie; one daughter.

Lives: Notting Hill, London.

Education: Bishopshalt Grammer School.

Current job: Content director, Will Pond-Jones Collective. +44 (0)20 7349 6818.

Salary: A ridiculous amount when you consider the fun I have every day.

Career highlights: Helping DMB&B get its first advertising into the D&AD annual; standing in a bar with Mark Waites, watching people stuff wedges of lime into their bottles of Sol, mainly because of our ads; being creative director at GGT; introducing the ambient category to the D&AD Awards; Mary Whitehouse claiming that the anti-drinking driving Holsten Pils 'asshole' ad brought television down to 'an all-time low', thus attracting huge press attention and hopefully saving many more lives; laughing so much at the Christmas decorations in GGT's reception with Robert Saville that we actually cried; representing the UK on the film and television jury in Cannes; drawing the original 'fcuk fashion' layout on a napkin over a cappuccino in St Marks Square with Trevor Beattie; every minute at HHCL & Partners.

Proudest achievement: When Tom Wnek and I got Lee 'Scratch' Perry to advocate world peace in a commercial for Guinness Ireland - brands are powerful voices in the media and this time it felt like we were doing more than selling beer.

Honours and awards: The honour of working with some truly brilliant people. The awards are secondary to that.

Professional organisations: D&AD.

Clubs: Groucho; Chelsea FC Supporters Club.

Hates: Black socks after three washes.

Loves: Laughter.

Admires: People who can simultaneously make you think and smile.

Favourite ad: 'Snowplough', Volkswagen.

Film: Of all time, Midnight Cowboy, John Schlesinger; this year, Standing in the Shadows of Motown, Paul Justman.

Book: Vile Bodies, Evelyn Waugh.

Music: What's Going On, Marvin Gaye.

Hotel: Claridges.

The lowdown: Quiet and self-effacing, Pond-Jones' demeanour belies a vivid imagination and sparky personality in the business.


Born: Bolton, 23 May 1959 Family: Ken and Adrianne Pooler (parents); Howard Dyer (partner); two children (twins).

Lives: Hampton Court.

Education: Bolton School; Jesus College, Oxford (English).

Current job: Chief executive, WPP The Channel. +44 (0)20 7408 2204.

Salary: Six figures.

Career highlights: 1991, media director at Ogilvy & Mather; being right in at the beginning of MindShare (including what Campaign described as a 'Californian tree hugger's name').

Proudest achievement: My twins.

Honours and awards: Advertising Woman of the Year; fellow, IPA.

Professional organisations: IPA; The Marketing Society.

Clubs: WACL; Blakes 7.

Hates: Bad manners.

Loves: Good listeners.

Admires: In business, Sir Martin Sorrell; in life, Tony Benn.

Favourite ad: 'Swimmer', Levi's.

Film: High Society, Charles Walters.

Book: Middlemarch, George Elliot.

Music: Last act of Der Rosenkavalier, Richard Strauss.

Hotel: Crillon, Paris.

The lowdown: A real industry player, Pooler is known to like her beer and fags. However, like anyone who's reached the same level of play within the industry, she can be steely when she needs to be.


Born: Kitwe, Zambia, 9 June 1957.

Family: Kate Porter (wife); two sons; one daughter.

Lives: Flackwell Heath, Buckinghamshire.

Education: Haywards Heath Grammar School; Jesus College Cambridge (Natural Sciences; PHD Metallurgy).

Current job: 2003, customer proposition director, Abbey National. +44 (0)20 7356 5000.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1983-84, goldsmiths research fellow, Churchill College, Cambridge; 1985-99, Mars confectionery; 1995-98, UK marketing director; 1998-99, general manager, Europe, sugar confectionery; 1999-2003, managing director, consumer division.

Proudest achievements: The launches of Celebrations boxed chocolates and BT Broadband.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Board member, Business in the Community; council member, ISBA.

Clubs: MCC.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Cricket; golf.

Admires: Jack Welch.

Favourite ad: 'JR Hartley', Yellow Pages.

Film: Toy Story, John Lasseter.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Supper's Ready, Genesis Hotel: Claridges, London.

The lowdown: A dedicated cricketer, Porter is known for tackling issues with a measured precision. Repairing the Abbey brand will test even his skills.


Born: Haywards Heath, 4 October 1943.

Family: Air vice-marshal John Powell (father); Rosie (wife); three children. Lives Hammersmith; the New Forest.

Education: Canterbury Cathedral Choir School; St Peters, York; London School of Economics (Politics).

Current job: Chairman, BMP DDB (1999). +44 (0)20 7258 3979.

Career highlights: Joining BMP in 1969; president, IPA, 1993-95.

Proudest achievement: Greater London Council campaign in 1984.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts; Institute of Public Policy Research; Creative Industries Advisory Group of the British Council; Riverside Studios; International Family Health; United Business Media; The Fish Can Sing; FIPA; FMS.

Clubs: Groucho; Thirty Club.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Ferociously bright in an understated way, the impeccably connected Powell was at the heart of BMP's rise from creative hotshop to establishment player. A long-time Labour activist, his elder brother Charles was an adviser to Margaret Thatcher and his younger brother Jonathan is Tony Blair's chief of staff.


Current job: Executive creative director, Ogilvy & Mather. +44 (0)20 7345 3000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: No shrinking violet, Poynton has a reputation for standing by his principles, creative talent and his ability to lead a creative department.


Born: Epsom, 7 August 1963.

Family: David Priest (father); Virginia Priest (wife); two children.

Lives: Wandsworth, London.

Education: Whitgift School; Kingston University (BA Hons Business Studies).

Current job: Founding partner, Vallance Curruthers Coleman Priest. +44 (0)20 7802 5803.

Salary: £100,000-£150,000.

Career highlights: 1990, board director, IMP; 1993, partner, HHCL & Partners; 1999, managing director; 2002 founding partner, VCCP.

Proudest achievement: Being fortunate enough to be part of the UK's biggest-ever start-up agency on the back of winning the launch of O2 across Europe, making it the most successful mobile launch ever, according to Accenture.

Honours and awards: Nothing individually, but as part of a team various awards for Egg, Guinness, Pot Noodle and Iceland; Campaign Agency of the Decade for HHCL in 2000.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; IPA.

Clubs: Old Whitgiftian Rugby Football Club; Walton Heath Golf Club; Harbour Club.

Hates: Laziness.

Loves: Honesty.

Admires: My ballsy wife.

Favourite ad: 'St George', Blackcurrant Tango.

Film: Midnight Express, Alan Parker.

Book: Long Walk to Freedom, Nelson Mandela.

Music: You're My First, My Last, My Everything, Barry White.

Hotel: Raj Vilas, Jaipur, India.

The lowdown: Priest's rugged reliability is well proven during his time in the business, but his emergence as a start-up entrepreneur may have surprised some.


Born: London, 17 July 1951.

Family: Robert Pringle (father, deceased); Pamela Pringle (mother); Vivienne (wife); four children.

Lives: Chiswick, London.

Education: Glenalmond; Trinity College, Oxford.

Current job: Director-general, IPA. +44 (0)20 7235 7020.

Salary: Not so much as to annoy IPA members, but enough to keep me happy.

Career highlights: 1973, Ogilvy & Mather, graduate trainee; 1975, McCormick Richards, account manager; 1976, BMP, became associate director; 1980, Publicis, new-business director; 1982, Abbott Mead Vickers, director and subsequently shareholder; 1984-85, chairman, IPA; 1985, elected to IPA Council; 1986, formed Madell Wilmot Pringle and sold to RSCG in 1990; 1990, Leagas Delaney, director; 1992, KHBB, director, became chairman and chief executive; 1993-96, chairman, IPA Advertising Effectiveness Committee; 1994-96, IPA President's Committee; 1996, relaunched KHBB as K Advertising and was chairman and chief executive; 1997, K merged into Saatchi & Saatchi, I became vice-chairman, director of marketing; 1999, formed Brand Beliefs Limited.

Proudest achievements: Writing the direct response ad in 1983 for Blooming Marvellous, which is still running 20 years later; being board director on the winning Abbott Mead Vickers J.R. Hartley Yellow Pages pitch in 1984; leading the multi-agency team which launched the GM Card from Vauxhall in 1994; co-authoring Brand Spirit with Marjorie Thompson in 1999, and Brand Manners with William Gordon in 2001.

Honours and awards: 1996, fellow, IPA; 1996, D&AD silver for Pentax art direction; 1999, Nabs, Ron Miller Award.

Professional organisations: D&AD; The Marketing Society; Marketing Group of Great Britain; Solus Club.

Clubs: Soho House; Esporta Riverside Club.

Hates: Eating things in aspic; gristly meat; offal; lumpy custard; eggs en cocotte; music where the lyrics are repetitive, profane, full of expletives, homophobic, misogynistic and macho; muggers who make it scary for women and children to walk home; people who are inconsistent and hypocritical, saying one thing and doing another.

Loves: Doing photography, painting, sculpture and design; playing tennis, golf, bridge and Boggle; seeing art exhibitions, films, musicals, plays and gigs; watching rugby; drinking French wine; cooking Sunday supper; having new ideas.

Admires: Grace under pressure (as in Vivienne running Blooming Marvellous); our household and our family.

Favourite ad: 'Face', British Airways.

Film: Chariots of Fire, Hugh Hudson.

Book: Being Digital, Nicholas Negroponte.

Music: Taj Mahal, Taj Mahal.

Hotel: Le Club de Cavaliere, Lavandou, France.

The lowdown: His later agency career may have disappointed, but the smoothly spoken, diplomatic Pringle has proved ideally suited to running the IPA.


Born: Guildford, 6 September 1956.

Family: Lindsay (wife); four children.

Lives: Wimbledon, London.

Education: St George's College, Weybridge; Durham University (Sociology & Politics and rugby).

Current job: Chief executive, MindShare Worldwide. +44 (0)20 7969 4040.

Salary: Ask my wife.

Career highlights: Being chief executive of J. Walter Thompson London was a real privilege (1991-97); launching and running MindShare Worldwide has to be the real highlight; our best years are yet to come.

Proudest achievement: As above.

Honours and awards: Serial winner of The Rabbit at The Telegraph Turnberry Masters (until Toby Hoare joined the tour ...).

Professional organisation Trustee, Tommy's Baby Charity; shareholder, AFC Wimbledon.

Clubs: Thirty Club; Richmond Golf Club.

Hates: Four-foot putts.

Loves: Four-inch putts.

Admires: My wife.

Favourite ad: Any campaign that can last through the decades is very special. Kit Kat would be a fantastic example.

Favourite film The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: The Complete Works of Shakespeare, William Shakespeare.

Music: La Traviata, Giuseppe Verdi.

Hotel: The Temozon, Yucatan, Mexico.

The lowdown: One of the media world's gentlemen, Proctor combines a warm good humour with an ability to appear laid back even under the strains of running the MindShare network.


Current job: Managing director of sales, Maiden Outdoor. +44 (0)20 7838 4000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Wry, self-effacing and serious minded, Pugh is part of the new breed of contractors, bringing posters in line with mainstream media.


Born: Kilkenny, Ireland, 26 December 1943.

Family: Kimberly Fortier, publisher of The Spectator (wife); four sons.

Lives: Mayfair, London.

Education: St Kieran's College, Kilkenny.

Current job: Publishing director, Vogue, Conde Nast. +44 (0)20 7499 9080.

Salary: Confidential, Conde Nast policy.

Career highlights: Launching GQ, the first mainstream magazine for men.

Proudest achievements: Increasing the profits of Vogue every year since 1992.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: British Fashion Council; The Jasmine Awards of Great Britain; The Ireland Fund.

Clubs: The Reform; Groucho; George.

Hates: Snobbish people.

Loves: Egalitarian people.

Admires: Tony Blair; George Bernard Shaw.

Favourite ad: Cartier Pasha watch ad.

Film: American Beauty, Sam Mendes.

Book: The Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe.

Music: Time Out of Mind, Bob Dylan.

Hotel: The Grand, Milan; The Lancaster, Paris; The Lowell, New York.

The lowdown: A craggy-faced charmer with impeccable manners, Quinn can be ruthless when he needs to be. A Conde Nast stalwart, he lives and breathes magazines.


Born: Dumbarton, Scotland, 25 May 1955.

Family: Margaret and Peter Rainey (parents); two brothers and one sister.

Lives: London W2.

Education: University of Glasgow (MA Hons Cognitive Psychology); University of Aston, Birmingham (PHD Psychology).

Current job: Joint chief executive, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R.

+44 (0)20 7404 2700.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Discovering that planning was an actual job and not just a way of thinking; working with some great inspirational people at TBWA and GGT; being hired by Jay Chiat and Jane Newman to start planning for Chiat/Day on the West Coast, aged 26; working with Steve Jobs, Lee Clow and Steve Hayden on the development and launch of the Mac and picking up the gold at D&AD; founding Chiat/Day as chief executive in the UK in 1989; starting my own agency in 1993 and putting the case for valuing ideas; building the RKCR business with some fantastic clients; making a potentially very difficult merger with Y&R really work; employing 250 great people. Proudest achievements Pioneering planning in the US; founding RKCR.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: D&AD; honarary member, APG; Marketing Society.

Clubs: Groucho; Soho House; Century; Cobden; chairman, Marketing Group of Great Britain; Thirty Club; WACL; Forum; Labour Party.

Hates: Flying.

Loves: Travelling.

Admires: Have-it-all superwomen.

Favourite ad: 'Iguana', Benson & Hedges.

Film: Raging Bull, Martin Scorsese.

Book: Underworld, Don DeLillo.

Music: Hejira, Joni Mitchell.

Hotel: Mercer, New York.

The lowdown: The diva of planning who spread the gospel in the US. MT watchers say she has outgrown agency life. Her next move should be interesting.


Born: Newcastle, 19 February 1961.

Family: Margaret Ramsey (mother); Anouk Ramsey (wife); three daughters.

Lives: Wandsworth, London.

Education: South Shields Grammar School; London College of Printing (Graphic Design).

Current job: Creative director, Bartle Bogle Hegarty. +44 (0)20 7734 1677.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1986, joined Saatchi & Saatchi as junior art director (won awards on British Airways and NSPCC); 1990, joined BBH (created award-winning work on Sony, Levi's and Audi); 1995, promoted to the board; 2000, creative director; 2002, included in the Top Ten IPA Best of the Best creative directors.

Proudest achievement: Levi's winning a black Pencil at D&AD 2002.

Honours and awards: Numerous Campaign Press and Poster silvers; BTAA golds and silvers; as a creative director, one gold and seven silvers at D&AD.

Professional organisations: D&AD.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Transport in the south-east.

Loves: Saturday mornings.

Admires: Tony Blair.

Favourite ad: 'Creek', Levi's.

Film: A Kind of Loving, John Schlesinger.

Book: The New Confessions, William Boyd.

Music: Sheena Is a Punk Rocker, The Ramones.

Hotel: Mondrian, LA.

The lowdown: Gentle and seemingly shy, Ramsey is the antithesis of adland's typical creative director. However, the man behind some of BBH's best recent creative work is ambitious.


Born: Nairobi, Kenya, 11 May 1964.

Family: Parents (retired); Ben (husband); two children.

Lives: Highbury, London.

Education: Clapham High School; Emmanuel College, Cambridge (Modern & Medieval Languages).

Current job: Managing director, Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO (2002). +44 (0)20 7616 3500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Pitching and winning BT as incumbent in 1999; running Sainsbury's for seven years; landmines campaign for International Red Cross.

Proudest achievement: Making two sweet children.

Professional organisations: WACL.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Clubs: Montes; Home House.

Hates: Bullying.

Loves: Laughter; sunshine.

Admires: International aid workers.

Favourite ad: 'Tested by dummies', Volvo.

Film: Les Amants Du Pont-Neuf, Leos Carax.

Book: Tender is the Night, F Scott Fitzgerald.

Music: Beyond Skin, Nitin Sawhney.

Hotel: Hotel Palumbo, Ravello, Italy.

The lowdown: Ramzan's dazzling smile and expertise with clients have made her one of the bastions of AMV's senior management team. She is devoutly loyal to the agency, so don't expect her to spill the beans on prospective pitches.


Born: Shoreham-by-Sea, 24 June 1963.

Family: details John and Olive Ratcliffe (parents); John Cole (husband); one daughter.

Lives: London NW2.

Education: Davison CoE School; Worthing Sixth Form College; Northbrook College Current job: Joint managing director, MediaCom. +44 (0)20 7874 5500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1982, joined BMP as trainee media planner/buyer - worked on winning pitch teams for Marks & Spencer, British Rail, National Dairy Council and won media awards for each of them; 1985-90, joined RMS/Grey in 1992 and helped create MediaCom; 1994, appointed to the board; 1999, became joint managing director of the newly merged MediaCom.

Proudest achievement: Being part of the team that took MediaCom to the top position in four years.

Professional organisation IPA media futures group; NRS board; Media Circle Honours and awards: Media Week, three winners, one commended; Campaign, one winner.

Clubs: Holmes Place Gym.

Hates: Dishonesty; public transport.

Loves: A relaxing dinner in a good restaurant with a fine bottle of wine and entertaining company; a day on the beach with my daughter playing in the sea; reading; listening to stories on CD.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: 'Dancing milk bottles', National Dairy Council.

Film: The Jungle Book, Wolfgang Reitherman.

Book: Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte.

Music: Streetlife, Randy Crawford and the Crusaders.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: A MediaCom devotee, Ratcliffe is a crucial cog in the agency's good performance. Not a headline hogger, Ratcliffe's focus has always been more on client servicing than personal fame


Born: Cambridge, 7 February 1956.

Family: John and Cherry Reddaway (parents); Jude Reddaway (wife); one son; two daughters.

Lives: Brighton, East Sussex.

Education: Perse School Cambridge; Sussex University.

Salary: Just enough.

Current job: Head of communication planning, Carat. +44 (0)20 7430 6000.

Career highlights: 1978-85, media trainee to planning manager during the Benton & Bowles heyday; 1985-96, planner/buyer, rising to head of planning and head of media consultancy and auditing, Yershon Media Group; 1997-2000, commercial director, Carat Insight, product development director, Carat; board client director, head of strategy and joint head of communications planning, Carat - accounts worked on have included , Unilever, Diageo, Royal Mail, Arla Foods, Switch/Maestro.

Proudest achievements: Ability to multitask - buyer, planner, auditor, consultant, product development director, research commercial director, strategist and account handling suit (all in the past 20 years, often at the same time); leading the winning United Distillers & Vintners pitch team; retaining the Arla Foods business in competitive pitches three times in successive years; retaining Royal Mail, one of our largest customers, over the past six years; working with Nik Wilkinson, the Unilever media controller who doesn't suffer fools gladly, for more than eight years; being part of the Carat management team for the past five years; learning (a bit) about the art of managing people; working with so many fantastic client handling teams over the years, not least the current bunch; co-authoring that riveting read the Carat Sphere; retaining the best PA in the world, Dot Cooper, for more than ten years.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; IPA strategy group; PPA Agency Forum; Friends of The Tate. Clubs The Wine Society.

Hates: People who are in too much hurry to be considerate.

Loves: France; Brighton; fine wine; rugby.

Admires: My family.

Favourite ad: Most Volkswagen advertising over the past 20 years.

Film: All About My Mother, Pedro Almodovar.

Book: Collected short stories, Raymond Carver.

Music: Otis Blue, Otis Redding.

Hotel: Hotel de Paris, Monaco.

The lowdown: This quiet, softly spoken media man is described by colleagues as having a forensic mind. Commutes to Parker Towers every day from Brighton and likes his red wine.


Born: 20 January 1935.

Family: Rose-Lee (wife); seven children; four grandchildren.

Lives: New York City.

Education: Berne-French High School, Berne, Indiana, USA; no college or further education.

Current job: Chairman, DDB Worldwide Communications Group. +1 (0)212 514 2000.

Salary: More than $400,000.

Career highlights: 1964, getting my first job after ten years of trying as copywriter at Needham Lois & Brorby agency in Chicago; 1965, winning an award for my first radio campaign; 1971, creative director on pitch that won McDonald's account at Needham Harper & Steers agency in Chicago.

Proudest achievements: The creation of DDB Worldwide.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Clubs: Undisclosed. Hates Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Reinhard is inexhaustible - his energy levels put men half his age to shame. Sharp as a razor, he continues to keep an eagle eye on the global network he founded, but he still has time for seven children and four grandchildren. Last seen charging around the dance floor of the DDB party in Cannes at 2am with the creative kids of BMP.


Current job: Managing director, News Group Newspapers. +44 (0)20 7782 7000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Married to News International's Clive Milner (see separate entry), Rhodes has a formidable pedigree in media sales. Rumoured to have been first choice for Sly Bailey's top job at Mirror Group Newspapers.


Born: London, 9 September 1942.

Family: Norman and Tessa (parents); Vivienne (wife); three children; five grandchildren.

Education: Blackwell School.

Current job: Retired as group chairman, MediaCom (June 2003). +44 (0)20 7874 5500.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1975, founder of The Media Business; 1998-2001, group chairman and chief executive, MediaCom; 1998-present, group chairman, MediaCom.

Proudest achievements: Everything I have ever achieved in business.

Honours and awards: MIPA; MAA (by examination).

Professional organisations: Council member, IPA.

Clubs: Annabels; Harry's Bar; RAC; Home House; Holmes Place; Hartsbourne Golf Club.

Hates: Nothing.

Loves: My family, friends and life.

Admires: My wife and children.

Favourite ad: Chimps campaign, PG Tips.

Film: Ben-Hur, William Wyler.

Book: Any sports book.

Music: Bridge Over Troubled Water, Simon & Garfunkel.

Hotel: Beach Plaza, Monte Carlo.

The lowdown: His wardrobe doubtless contains more beige linen suits and jewelry than any other man in the history of media. Rich is also known for his smooth, perhaps slightly oily, charm and determined focus on success. Oh, and for having a Bentley and a Ferrari.


Born: London, undisclosed date.

Family: Married; two children.

Lives: Harrow; London.

Education: Undisclosed.

Current job: Chief executive, Posterscope UK. +44 (0)20 7336 6363.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Getting to be the biggest out-of-home specialist in the UK.

Proudest achievement: My children.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Fellow, IPA; joint chairman, Meridian; Postar board.

Clubs: WACL.

Hates: People who lie.

Loves: Winning.

Admires: The people I most admire aren't famous.

Favourite ad: All The Economist work.

Film: Anything with Katherine Hepburn.

Book: Catch 22, Joseph Heller.

Music: Anything by Elvis Costello.

Hotel: Undislosed.

The lowdown: High on charm and femininity, Rickard is a rare example of a successful woman in the overwhelmingly male poster business.


Born: Manchester, 4 June 1959.

Family: Married; three children.

Lives: Warwickshire.

Education: Chadderton Grammar School; Loughborough University; Columbia Business School.

Current job: Chief executive, Chrysalis Radio. +44 (0)20 7221 2213.

Salary: A matter of public record in the Chrysalis Group annual report.

Career highlights: All of the station relaunches I've been involved in, including the two Heart stations, The Galaxy Network and most recently, the LBC relaunch.

Proudest achievements: Being the father of three wonderful children.

Honours and awards: Being made a fellow of the Radio Academy is pretty high on the honours received.

Professional organisations: Fellow, Radio Academy.

Clubs: Teatro; Holmes Place.

Hates: I'm a pretty easy-going chap, but Manchester City fans would be in there somewhere.

Loves: My wife and children; Manchester United FC; radio (especially Chrysalis).

Admires: Lance Armstrong (cyclist); Joe Simpson (mountaineer) - read them for true stories of courage.

Favourite ad: Imperial War Museum radio ad.

Film: The Godfather Part II, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins.

Music: Born to Run, Bruce Springsteen.

Hotel: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai.

The lowdown: Riley is a no-nonsense, combative Mancunian who enjoys climbing and keeping fit. He started his career as a DJ before helping to turn around Radio Aire in Leeds as its managing director.


Born: London, 20 March 1964.

Family: Riccardo and Valentina Rimini (parents); Suzanne (wife); one son; one daughter.

Lives: London NW5.

Education: Highgate School; St Edmund Hall, Oxford (Politics, Philosophy & Economics); SDA Bocconi, Milan (MBA).

Current job: Director of strategy and development, J. Walter Thompson, London. +44 (0)20 7656 7000.

Career highlights: 1985, joined creative business as a graduate trainee in account planning at Ted Bates; moved on to Still Price Court before emerging as planning director at Euro RSCG; MBA in Milan; media planning and buying at CIA Media Network (first as deputy managing director, then as vice-chairman); 1998, joined JWT London as its first director of strategy and development.

Proudest achievement: Convenor of the IPA Effectiveness Awards 2002; communications strategy for the launch of Daewoo UK.

Honours and awards: Fellow, IPA.

Professional organisations: Council member, IPA; chairman, IPA strategy committee.

Clubs: London Library.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Arsene Wenger.

Favourite ad: 'Laundrette', Levi's.

Film: Roman Holiday, William Wyler.

Book: Maturin series, Patrick O'Brian.

Music: Toots and the Maytals: Live at Red Rocks, Toots and the Maytals.

Hotel: Babington House, Somerset.

The lowdown: A quiet disposition belies Rimni's massive intellect.

Despite his low profile, he is one of JWT London's greatest assets.


Born: Great Yarmouth, 31 July 1959.

Family: Mike and June Roalfe (parents); two children.

Lives: Penn, Buckinghamshire.

Education: Framlingham College; Portsmouth Art.

Current job: Joint executive creative director, Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R. +44 (0)20 7404 2700.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: WCRS, junior art director; Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO; founding partner, Banks Partnership; 1993, founded RKCR.

Proudest achievement: Being part of the team that grew RKCR to the seventh-largest agency in ten years.

Honours and awards: Campaign gold for RSPCA; Campaign gold for Volvo; Creative Circle gold for BT; BTAA for Virgin, BT, Miller.

Professional organisations: Chairman, DART.

Clubs: Soho House.

Hates: Queuing.

Loves: My children.

Admires: In terms of advertising, David Abbott.

Favourite ad: 'Surfer', Guinness.

Film: To Kill a Mockingbird, Robert Mulligan.

Book: The Butterfly and the Diving Bell, Jean-Dominique Bauby.

Music: Get it On, T-Rex.

Hotel: Colombe d'Or, St Paul de Vence, Provence.

The lowdown: Less vocal than his long-time, now ex-partner Robert Campbell, Roalfe lets his work speak for him.


Born: Manchester, 20 October 1949.

Family: Rowena (wife); four children.

Lives: Tribeca, New York; Auckland, New Zealand.

Education: Lancaster Royal Grammar.

Current job: Chief executive, Saatchi & Saatchi. +1 (0)212 463 2000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Undisclosed.

Proudest achievements: Undisclosed.

Honours and awards: University of Waikato (PhD).

Professional organisations: Chief executive in residence, Judge Institute, Cambridge University.

Clubs: Queens Lawn Tennis Club; White City (Sydney) Lawn Tennis Club.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: The All Blacks; Manchester City.

Admires: Ken Livingstone; Steve Jobs.

Favourite ad: 'Father and son', New Zealand Telecom.

Film: Gladiator, Ridley Scott.

Book: Catch 22, Joseph Heller.

Music: Thunder Road, Bruce Springstein.

Hotel: Byblos, St Tropez.

The lowdown: Roberts is well known for his touchy-feely management style and is certainly different from your average network big cheese.

Fiercely passionate for the Saatchis brand and things called 'lovemarks'.


Current job: President, BBDO North America. +1 (0)212 459 5000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The smooth-talking, hard-working Robertson went down a storm in the US when he left Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO to head the network's New York office in 2000. Showed early promise when he bought his boss's Ferrari with a cash windfall.


Born London, 20 March 1964.

Family: Alison and Eric Robinson (parents); Terri (wife); one son. Lives Willesden Green, London.

Education: Henry Forton School; Chelsea College of Art; Hounslow College (art courses).

Current job: Managing director and creative director, Quiet Storm. +44 (0)20 7907 1140.

Salary: Ask the wife.

Career highlights: Orange Tango; setting up Quiet Storm.

Proudest achievement: Creating a different style of agency and a new way of working.

Honours and awards: 1990, Independent Radio Awards silver and ILR silver, for Exchange & Mart; 1992, Creative Circle, three silvers and one gold, D&AD silver, British Television Awards silver, Eurobest silver, Epica Awards gold, Bafta Awards nomination in two categories and Royal Television Society Awards, for Orange Tango; Bafta nomination in one category for Indesit; 1993, Campaign Campaign of the Year 1992, Eurobest Awards gold, Creative Circle gold and silver, for Orange Tango; British Television Awards silver and bronze for Orange Tango; Marketing Society Awards, Off Licence News for Orange Tango and Pantone European Colour Awards Grand Prix award for Golden Wonder Pots; 1994, British Television Awards bronze and Marketing Society Award for Mercury; 1995, D&AD Silver, BTA two silvers, Creative Circle Platinum, Creative Circle two golds and The One Show gold award for Apple Tango; D&AD silver for Golden Wonder Pots; 1996, Shots Creativity Showcase, Ozwald Boateng, selected as one of the best productions of the year; Creative Circle gold for Apple Tango; 1997, Cannes Lion, bronze for Apple Tango; 1998, Creative Circle silver for Telegate.

Professional organisations: IPA; APA.

Clubs: Soho House; Groucho; Met Bar; Union.

Hates: No-one.

Loves: Wife; family; friends; the guys at Quiet Storm.

Admires: Film directors.

Favourite ad: 'Jiggy with it', Fanta.

Film: Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Milan Kundera.

Music: Azimut, Aloan.

Hotel: Westin Excelsior - I stayed there for the Venice Film Festival, it's fabulous.

The lowdown: Robinson is one of those sickening people who combines running a successful business with continuing to innovate as a creative and a director. He's a nice bloke, too.


Current job: Chief executive , Media Planning Group. +44 (0)20 7393 9000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: This year's jury president of the Media Lions in Cannes, the Catalan Rodes has vats of charm and warm Mediterranean hospitality.

Likes pasting up his children's pictures in his Barcelona office.


Born: Moline, Illinois, USA, 24 November 1944.

Family: Lady Felicity Rosenquist (spouse); one step-son.

Lives: Chelsea, London.

Education: University of Iowa (Business Administration).

Current job: Worldwide account director, Unilever, Lowe. +44 (0)20 7584 5033.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Marketing director of Mennen and Company, USA, achieved sensational growth, currently part of Colgate-Palmolive; client service head, Lintas New York, in charge of Unilever, Nestle and Coca-Cola. The success of Diet Coke during my ten years was a highlight; past 12 years, overseeing Unilever worldwide business at Lintas and Lowe.

Proudest achievements: Success with Unilever.

Honours and awards: Have been involved with many advertising awards.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Wisley Golf Club; Harry's Bar; George; Bucks Club.

Hates: Arrogance without substance, deceit.

Loves: Passion; commitment.

Admires: Winston Churchill; Harry Truman.

Favourite ad: Hamlet ads.

Film: The Deer Hunter, Michael Cimino; The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: The Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger.

Music: Sitting on the Dock of the Bay, Otis Redding.

Hotel: The Carlyle, New York The lowdown: It has been said that the best place to be standing in the event of a nuclear explosion is behind Rosenquist, aka Teflon Terry.


Born: New York, 14 March 1939.

Family: Missy Rosenshine (wife); two sons; two daughters.

Lives: Manhattan, NYC.

Education: Columbia College (BA English Literature).

Current job: Chairman and chief executive, BBDO Worldwide. +1 212 459 5000.

Salary: $0 to $1 million a year.

Career highlights: See CV.

Proudest achievements: Helping BBDO become the top creative agency network.

Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: See CV.

Clubs: Lotos Club; Equitable Health Club.

Hates: Liars.

Loves: Sex; food; laughter.

Admires: My wife (although she wouldn't believe it).

Favourite ad: Other than BBDO work, 'Just do it' as Nike's theme.

Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick.

Book: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Robert Pirsig.

Music: 7th Symphony, Ludwig van Beethoven .

Hotel: Bel-Air, Los Angeles.

The lowdown: Famous as the one-time copywriter who fired the starting gun on Madison Avenue's merger mania in 1986 when he announced the alignment of his own BBDO with Needham Harper and Doyle Dane Bernbach under a single holding company, Omnicom. 'We are the biggest - but maybe only for ten minutes,' he observed, accurately . Rosenshine is greatly admired for putting creativity at the heart of the BBDO offering.


Current job: Chairman, Daily Mail & General Trust. +44 (0)20 7938 6000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Stepped up to run the family company on the death of his father, Lord Rothermere, in 1998. Spent his formative years learning the newspaper publishing business on the Evening Standard, where he once shadowed the sales team for a day.


Born: Point Fortin, Trinidad, 14 June 1961.

Family: Sara-Jane (wife); one daughter.

Lives: London N7.

Education: Mill Hill School; Peterhouse, Cambridge (Architecture).

Current job: Managing director, Gorgeous Enterprises. +44 (0)20 7287 4060.

Salary: £40,000+.

Career highlights: 1982, joined FCB as trainee account manager; 1984, joined BMP as trainee producer; 1988, joined Paul Weiland Film Company as producer; 1996, joined RSA as joint managing director; 1997, joined Gorgeous as partner and managing director.

Proudest achievement: Marrying Sara-Jane; the birth of Kira.

Honours and awards: BTA Craft Awards best crafted commercial of the year 2002 (NSPCC), 2001('twist', Levi's), 2000 ('snails', Guinness); Palme D'Or, Cannes 2002; BTA Production Company of the Year 2002, 2000, 1999; Campaign Production Company of the Year 2002, 2000.

Professional organisations: Member, APA council; BTA committee; D&AD member; RNLI member.

Clubs: Calshot Kitesurfing Association; Soho House.

Hates: Questionnaires.

Loves: Kitesurfing; films.

Admires: Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Favourite ad: 'Points of view', The Guardian.

Film: Breaking the Waves, Lars von Trier, although it'll be years before I could watch it again.

Book: William Gibson novels.

Music: Calypso.

Hotel: Parador Nacional San Francisco, Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

The lowdown: Most commonly seen on awards stages, picking up gongs for his colleagues, Rothwell is the man who makes it all happen at Gorgeous Enterprises.


Born: Bishop Stortford, 23 March 1961.

Family: Two parents; one wife; two sons.

Lives: Edinburgh.

Education: The Main School, Nettarall; Trinity College; Dunfermline College.

Current job: Chief executive, Leith London. + 44 (0) 20 7758 1400.

Salary: £10,000-£1 million.

Career highlights: Opening Leith London.

Proudest achievements: Working 15 years at the Leith Agency.

Honours and awards: First prize for metal work, third year Main School.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Gullane Golf Club.

Hates: People who don't indicate.

Loves: Saturdays.

Admires: My mum.

Favourite ad: 'In Germany there are no getaway cars', Porsche.

Film: Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, George Roy Hill.

Book: Biography of a Grizzly, Ernest Thompson Seton.

Music: Rhythm of Life, Sammy Davis Junior.

Hotel: The Crown, Southwold, Sulfolk.

The lowdown: A firm believer that the Scottish way of working could teach London agencies a thing or two. Rowley is a straight talker who has his feet firmly on the ground.


Born: Epson, Surrey, 23 January 1973.

Family: Diane and Peter Royce(parents); one sister.

Lives: London.

Education: Radley College, Oxford; University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

Current job: Creative director, Glue, London. +44 (0)20 7739 2345.

Salary: Contact Mark at Glue London.

Career highlights: 1995, Ogilvy & Mather as account executive, moved to creative department as copywriter two years later; 2000, joined Glue London.

Proudest achievements: Helping to take Glue from administration to being Campaign's New-Media Agency of the Year 2002, within 18 months.

Honours and awards: 2003, bronze Cannes Cyberlion, for homeless charity Shelter; 2003, New Media Age awards, best digital advertising campaign, Virgin Credit Card; 2002, Campaign New-Media Agency of the Year; 2002, winner, Campaign best use of online media award, One 2 One; 2000 D&AD award nomination, Ford Transit.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: I go to the gym.

Hates: Aggressive people.

Loves: The sun.

Admires: Mum.

Favourite ad: Too many.

Film: Bugsy Malone, Alan Parker.

Book: Life of Pi, Yann Martel.

Music: Belfast, Orbital.

Hotel: Les Terrasses, Ibiza.

The lowdown: As one of Campaign's faces to watch and a key figure at the former Agency of the Year, the youthful, good-looking Royce, at 29, is doing all the right things to get noticed. Had his flowing locks drastically shorn in the summer of 2003.


Current job: Editor, The Guardian, Guardian Newspapers. +44 (0)20 7278 2332.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: A popular and accomplished editor, Rusbridger has a shrewd business mind and was an early champion of the internet long before Guardian Unlimited sprang into life. He is rumoured to have changed his spectacles after the last Harry Potter movie was launched because of the comparisons.


Born: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 21 May 1960.

Family: Married to Sue; three children.

Lives: Rochester, Kent.

Education: Sir Joseph Williamson's Mathematical School for Boys; Leicester University (Economics).

Current job: Global media director, Unilever. +44 (0)207 822 5252.

Salary: £180,000+.

Career highlights: One of the founding team at Dorlands that really began the centralised media buying assignments with Heinz , BT; winning and running the centralised UK media accounts for both Dalgety and Guinness at Ogilvy & Mather in the early 90s; running and integrating the IBM account into the Ogilvy Media Europe business in 1994/1995; handling the launch of PlayStation in Europe 1995-98, while at O&M; introducing the concept of communication channel planning into Unilever and its agencies worldwide in 2000.

Proudest achievement: Highlighting and raising the importance and role of media to Unilever.

Honours and awards: Apart from the usual media and advertising awards, none.

Professional organisation WFA.

Clubs: Solus Club; Medway Rugby Club.

Hates: People who believe advertising is purely an art form rather than a means to an end.

Loves: My family; most sports.

Admires: Frank Lowe; Bobby Moore; Clive Woodward.

Favourite ad: Rutger Hauer and 'dolphin', Guinness; 'tribal women', Lynx.

Film: Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: None.

Music: Sultans of Swing, Dire Straits; Ashes to Ashes, Bowie.

Hotel: Copacabana Palace, Rio.

The lowdown: A former media agency poacher turned client gamekeeper, Rutherford has adapted well to the corporate politics required to thrive at Unilever and has proved to be a canny appointment.


Current job: Chief executive, FCB Worldwide. +1 (0)212 885 3000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Although removed from IPG's board, along with other network chiefs, Ryan has resolutely thrown himself into the task of running the FCB arm. Allegedly turned down the top IPG job, now run by his former FCB colleague, David Bell.


Current job: Partner, M&C Saatchi. +44 (0)20 7543 4500.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Exceptional creative talent with a ferocious drive to go one step further than anyone else, whether in advertising or when indulging his passion for modern art. Dark, broody and extraordinarily shy with people he does not know. Now married to Nigella Lawson, he appears in the gossip columns an alarming amount for one who hates publicity.


Current job: Partner, M&C Saatchi. +44 (0)20 7543 4500.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Tall, Kenzo-suited and rarely seen without his trademark tortoiseshell specs, Saatchi never fails to exude the charm and quiet authority that befits the possessor of the most famous surname in world advertising.