THE A LIST: Part 12 of 13


Born: Usk, Scotland, 12 November 1965.

Family: Mr and Mrs James Alan Sutherland (parents); Sophie Louisa Sutherland (wife); two twin daughters.

Lives: Brasted, Kent.

Education: Monmouth School; Christ's College, Cambridge (Classics).

Current job: Executive creative director, OgilvyOne. +44 (0)20 7345 3000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Joined Ogilvy as a graduate trainee in September 1988; account executive 1988-89; planner and information manager 1989-90; May 1990, fired; June 1990, rehired as copywriter; 1995, head of copy; 1997, creative director (partnered with Mike Simm and Cordell Burke); 1998, executive creative director; 2000, elected to OgilvyOne Worldwide creative council; 2001, Ogilvy Worldwide creative council; writing widely on marketing issues, including a bi-monthly column for Admap.

Proudest achievements: I'm pleased to have played a minor part in a wider movement which has taken UK direct marketing from a specialist niche to becoming a home for serious talent and a rich source of commercially valuable ideas. I am also proud of my Cassandra role in forseeing the importance of the internet to our business from the impossibly early date of 1994, although this is tempered by my shame at making not a penny from the prediction.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; APG; member, IPA training and development council since 2003.

Honours and awards: Won a DMA/Royal Mail overall gold award 1994; Cannes Direct Lion in 2002 for work on American Express.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Indian food; the American south-west; picnics; Chicago; motoring; crosswords; Tunbridge Wells; Wi-Fi; Frank Lloyd Wright; The Spectator; eBay.

Admires: Margaret Thatcher; Jeremy Bullmore; Elvis Presley (though for different things).

Favourite ad: Howard Luck Gossage's campaign for Fina (my biggest professional regret is that Gossage never lived to create work on the internet).

Film: Das Boot, Wolfgang Petersen.

Book: Under the Frog, Tibor Fischer.

Hotel: Hotel La Fonda, Santa Fe, New Mexico (for its location); Tamasha, Bromley (for its Indian restaurant); Chateau de Touffou, Bonnes, France (for its door policy - if you don't work for or with Ogilvy, you can't stay there).

The lowdown: Erudite, learned, decidedly beady ... a bit like a young Jeremy Bullmore, in fact. One of the most eloquent proponents of direct marketing's ability to combine hard data with soft data to tease out motivations to brands.


Born: Newcastle, 17 February 1959.

Family: Maureen Taylor and Kenneth Taylor (parents); Karen Taylor (sister); single.

Lives: Richmond, Surrey.

Education: Newcastle School of Art.

Current job: Joint creative director, Publicis. +44 (0)20 7935 4426.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1980, Tim Delaney giving me my first job in advertising at BBDO; in the same year, joining Saatchi & Saatchi; 1990, being made head of art by Paul Arden; 1990, being made creative director on the Silk Cut account; 1995, becoming joint creative director; 1996, Saatchis being voted Agency of the Year at Cannes; 1998, Saatchis being voted Campaign Agency of the Year; 1998, being made the first female in advertising to be voted on to a previously all-male D&AD executive board; 1998, being chosen to appear in the publication The World's 28 Best Art Directors in Advertising by D&AD; 1998, directing my first two TV ads through Paul Weiland Film Company for the Army, 'homecoming' and 'torchlight', together claiming one silver D&AD Pencil and four silver D&AD nominations; 2001, having eight pieces of my work chosen to appear in the annual 40 years of D&AD; 2002, joining Publicis as joint creative director with Adam Kean.

Proudest achievements: Answering directly to only Charles Saatchi as creative director on Silk Cut account.

Honours and awards: Four silver D&AD awards; four silver D&AD nominations; 183 entries accepted in the D&AD annual; 12 Campaign Press award; one gold Campaign Poster award; one gold award; Creative Circle; six silver Campaign poster awards; two gold and five silver British TV awards and one ITVA award; two gold and one silver at Cannes.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Groucho club.

Hates: People who lie.

Loves: An answering machine reading 'no messages', a full Starbucks.

Admires: Charles Saatchi.

Favourite ad: 'Drugstore', Levi's.

Film: Leaving Las Vegas, Mike Figgis.

Book: 1997 D&AD Annual.

Music: Angel Eyes, Frank Sinatra.

Hotel: Hermitage, Nevis, West Indies.

The lowdown: One of the first famous female creatives, Geordie Taylor is a renowned perfectionist and will never, ever give up. Never seen without matching shoes and handbag.


Born: London, 10 May 1958.

Family: Roy and Jean Taylor (parents); Elaine Taylor (wife); two children.

Lives: Kingston-Upon-Thames, Surrey.

Education: Forest School, Snaresbrook; Hull University (Economics).

Current job: Chief executive and chairman, OMD UK. +44 (0)20 7893 4893.

Salary: Enough to pay the bills.

Career highlights: 1981-83, Benton & Bowles training, widely regarded as the academy of media at the time; 1983, joining BMP as a television buyer on Quaker, CPC and St Ivel; 1986, appointments to the board and to joint media director in 1991; 1997, launching BMP Optimum as managing director; 1999, followed by BMP OMD; 2000, most recently the evolution to OMD UK as CEO; 2002, adding responsibility for OMD UK Group development; specific highlights include winning a succession of media centralisations starting with several existing clients at BMP including St Ivel, Courage, CPC, British Gas; 1990, agreeing the transfer of television buying for BBDO clients, Pepsi and Gillette, to BMP and subsequently winning both companies total media responsibility, centralising all Gillette business in 1999 after adding Braun (1996) and Duracell (1998); 1999, agreeing the transfer of centralised Hasbro media from Griffin Bacal to BMP OMD; 1998 appearing on the front page of Campaign (!) with news of the Boots media centralisation, effectively our coming-of-age as a media specialist, given that no responsibility for Boots media had been held previously; 2002, the reappointment by Halfords immediately following their sale by Boots; 2002, making the Nicest People in Media list; the high regard with which OMD UK is held by the market, by our network, but more importantly by our clients; developing and promoting the talent within the company to achieve succession management, reflecting the built not merged basis of the agency's growth, and working with a truly talented group of people throughout.

Proudest achievement: Responsibility for a team with the record of winning more media awards than any other agency.

Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: IPA pension trustee director Clubs: None.

Hates: Pomposity; sycophants and style over substance in whatever form.

Loves: Pottering in the garden; reading.

Admires: Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

Favourite ad: 'Gertcha', Courage Best.

Film: The Italian Job, Peter Collinson.

Book: The Magus, John Fowles.

Music: Time, Pink Floyd.

Hotel: Woolley Grange, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire.

The lowdown: One of the quiet men of media, despite his roots in TV buying, Taylor is the reigning nice guy of UK media. No wonder, given his roots at BMP.


Born: Iserlohn, Germany, 6 April 1967.

Family: Private.

Lives: London.

Education: Cambridge University; Princeton University.

Current job: Head of planning, Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. +44 (0)20 7616 3500.

Salary: Private.

Career highlights: Yet to come.

Proudest achievement: Getting into Cambridge.

Honours and awards: APG Creative Planning Awards, gold; IPA Effectiveness Awards, bronze.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Fat.

Loves: Running.

Admires: Me.

Favourite ad: 'Creek', Levi's.

Film: None.

Book: None.

Music: Somebody to Love, Queen.

Hotel: None.

The lowdown: Not your average AMV planning chief - unconventional and sometimes downright eccentric. Best known, unfortunately, for his infamous e-mail to staff offering £500 to anybody who could successfully crack O2's brand positioning problem: 'I get the credit, you get the cash.'


Born: Edinburgh, 18 May 2003.

Family: Monique (wife); one son.

Lives: Acton, London.

Education: Glasgow College (BA Hons Sociology).

Current job: Joint managing director and planning director, St Luke's.

+44 (0)20 7380 8888.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Planning Ikea and helping it go from fourth to first in the market. Helping St Luke's become the lead strategy agency for BT.

Proudest achievement: Being a co-founder of St Luke's.

Honours and awards: None, the agency has only just started entering them.

Professional organisations: IPA, APG.

Clubs: Virgin Active.

Hates: Ignorance; bigotry.

Loves: Intelligence; a good book; golf; Italy.

Admires: Howard Gossage.

Favourite ad: 'Be the first kid on your block to win a kangeroo', Quantas.

Film: The Godfather Part I and II, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Underworld, Don DeLillo.

Music: Day in the Life, The Beatles.

Hotel: None.

The lowdown: Extracting a clear sentence out of Teer's almost impenetrable Scottish accent is the Ben Nevis-like hurdle facing those who meet him. Luckily, an almost permanent ear-to-ear grin tends to bridge any initial awkward silences until the translator arrives.


Born: York, 11 January 1961.

Family: Married; three daughters.

Lives: Ealing, London.

Education: Ardingly College; Oxford Brookes University (Business Studies).

Current job: Head of investment, Mindshare. +44 (0)20 7969 4040.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1984, board director, BMP; 1995, deputy managing director, MediaVest.

Proudest achievement: Being the father of three girls.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Royal Mid-Surrey golf club; Park club; MCC (associate member).

Hates: Dishonesty.

Loves: Family; Chelsea; cricket, rugby; food; wine; travel.

Admires: Sir Martin Sorrell; Gianfranco Zola; Jonny Wilkinson.

Favourite ad: Hamlet series.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Any autobiography.

Music: Any Rolling Stones.

Hotel: Summer Isles hotel, Achiltibule.

The lowdown: Recognised as being one of the best negotiators in town, Theakstone is also a wise media commentator (see numerous Campaign Media Forums).


Born: Coventry, 15 June 1962.

Family: Tim and Bridget Thomas (parents); Fleur Thomas (wife); three sons; one daughter.

Lives: Dunsfold, Surrey.

Education: Dorset House; Lancing College; Bristol University (English & History).

Current job: Chief executive officer, Proximity London. +44 (0)20 7298 1000.

Salary: Never within our means.

Career highlights: 1990, part of the team that transformed Volvo's brand image; being top of the new-business league for the two years that I was new-business director of Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO; managing successful merger of Ammirati Puris and Lowe Howard-Spink as managing director of APL; Lowe Lintas being named Agency of The Year and European Agency of The Year in the first year of the merger; being fired by Frank Lowe.

Proudest achievements: Winning Cannes gold Lion and a host of other awards for Volvo 'twister'.

Honours and awards: Still working on them.

Professional organisations: IPA; The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Marketing Group of Great Britain.

Hates: Not having enough time.

Loves: Kitesurfing; tennis; rugby; teaching my children every sport that I can.

Admires: My parents.

Favourite ad: 'Surfer', Guinness.

Film: Top Gun, Tony Scott.

Book: Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand.

Music: No Women No Cry, Bob Marley.

Hotel: Dos Mares, Tarifa.

The lowdown: Harshly cast as the fall guy for Lowe's series of devastating account losses. Always energetic and focused and likely to be much more comfortable in the less harsh environment of the AMV group, long regarded as his natural home.


Born: Sheffield, 17 April 1968.

Family: Jeremy and Susie Thompson (parents).

Lives: Fulham, London.

Education: Tonbridge School; University College, London University (BA Geography & Economics).

Current job: Managing director, Portland Outdoor Advertising. +44 (0)20 7734 7434.

Salary: Details at Companies House.

Career highlights: I have set up companies in developing markets. This meant getting to grips with a combination of diverse cultures, social and political challenges and included work in Poland, Hungary, Russia, Venezuela, Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia; seeing Portland UK's billings more than double in the last three years during a recession; working with a fantastic and supportive team has also been an excellent experience.

Proudest achievements: Going to Poland as an energetic but inexperienced 25-year-old to set up our first overseas office, armed only with a suitcase, a laptop and a ton of enthusiasm; leaving five years later with a truck full of furniture, far greater wisdom, a profitable business staffed by talented Poles that I trained - this provided me with the confidence and taste of success I needed to drive me forward to tackle the next stage of my career.

Honours and awards: Numerous overseas but none in the UK.

Professional organisations: IPA; IPA Outdoor Group.

Clubs: Holmes Place; The Vindy 500 Club; Chain Gang Cricket Club.

Hates: Prejudice; negativity; laziness; being late; bad table manners.

Loves: Sport; red wine; travel, my friends and family; the thrill of the chase.

Admires: Many people from many walks of life.

Favourite ad: Too many to pinpoint one but they are, of course, all posters.

Film: The Deer Hunter, Michael Cimino.

Book: The Catcher In The Rye, JD Salinger.

Music: Sympathy For The Devil, The Rolling Stones.

Hotel: Soho Grand, New York.

The lowdown: The youngest managing director in the outdoor world, Thompson's other claim to fame is that his father founded the Racing Post in 1981.


Born: Dewsbury, 31 December 1950.

Family: Undisclosed.

Lives: Buckinghamshire.

Education: Batley Girls Grammar School; University of London (French & English).

Current job: Chief executive, Camelot Group. +44 (0)1923 425 000.

Salary: £375,000.

Career highlights: 1998, being the first female managing director in the DIY market at Sandvik Saws and Tools; 2000, winning the second licence for Camelot; Veuve Cliquot Businesswoman of the Year; 2001, Marketer of the Year.

Proudest achievement: My daughter.

Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: Fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing; fellow, Royal Society of Arts; Chartered Management Institute; Marketing Group of Great Britain; WACL; Camelot Foundation; non-executive director, RAC; DTI business board; commissioner, Press Complaints Commission; president, CIM.

Clubs: George; Thirty Club.

Hates: Dishonesty; rudeness; bad time-keeping.

Loves: Good food; travelling; being by the sea.

Admires: Sir Terry Leahy. Favourite ad EasyJet.

Film: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, George Roy Hill.

Book: A Tale of Two Cities, Charles Dickens.

Music: La Boheme, Giacomo Puccini.

Hotel: Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo.

The lowdown: Thompson's eloquence and unruffled confidence has seen her through some tough criticism as chief executive of Camelot. Was touted as a possible leader of the UK's latest Olympic bid, although she showed her form and vowed to run the lottery until sales were back on the up.


Current job: Chief executive, Channel 4 Television. +44 (0)20 7396 4444.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The Oxfordshire-dwelling Thompson has an inflatable lady (complete with pursed lips) in his office. Also known as the man who axed Brookside.


Born: Wimbledon, 7 July 1967.

Family: Alison Harris and Barry Bunker (parents); Alan Thomas, (husband); two children Lives: Penn, Buckinghamshire.

Education: Truro High School; Leeds University (Drama); Kingston Business School (MA Marketing).

Current job: Managing partner, The Haystack Group. +44 (0)20 7290 2660.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1988-89, theatre director; 1989-91, joined as trainee account executive, BMP YCC; 1991-93 marketing director (Impact) FCA!; 1993-96, marketing director, TBWA; 1997-98, managing director Kendall Tarrant, Hong Kong; 1999, managing director, Club Spirit, Bunker Gin; 2001-present, founder, The Haystack.

Proudest achievement: Past, creating a London Distilled Gin, Bunker Gin, with a recipe given to me by my grandfather; present, setting up The Haystack Group.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Marketing Society; LAMDA; Floerntines, advisor; Hong Kong Ladies Dragon Boat Team.

Clubs: RAC Club; Teatro.

Hates: Powerpoint presentations.

Loves: Theatre; reading; cooking; sailing; spending time with family.

Admires: Benazir Bhutto.

Favourite ad: Probably one I saw last week.

Film: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Blake Edwards.

Book: Falling Leaves, Adeline Yen Mah.

Music: Little White Bull, Tommy Steele, much to the disgust of my client at Universal.

Hotel: La Mamounia Hotel, Marrakech.

The lowdown: The effervescent Thompson has mastered the art of blending a sharp business-like attitude with a dose of flirtatious charm. Known for packing a ridiculous number of outfits when she travels, her over-cautious nature paid off when she was dumped in a pool in Cannes this summer no fewer than four times.


Born: Oxford, 8 September 1952.

Family: Karen Thompson (wife); two children by first marriage.

Lives: Central London.

Education: Oxford Grammar School.

Current title Commercial director, Chrysalis Radio. +44 (0)20 7221 2213.

Salary: MYOB.

Career highlights: 1981-88, regional sale manager at LWT, it was fun; 1994, starting at Chrysalis Radio as sales director; launching new radio stations successfully and turning failing ones around.

Proudest achievements: Being part of the start up team of Chrysalis radio and getting it to where it is now.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: RAB.

Clubs: Solus Club; Third Space; SWIGS; Harleyford Golf Club, Teatro.

Hates: Being late.

Loves: Launching radio stations; playing golf; wine; great food but not necessarily in that order.

Admires: Tom Watson.

Favourite ad: 'Lost property', Apple Tango.

Film: Scent of a Woman, Martin Brest.

Book: Any well written biography.

Music: The Pearl Fishers, Georges Bizet.

Hotel: La Residencia, Majorca.

The lowdown: Affable but with a relatively low profile outside Chrysalis, Thomson cut his teeth in the hedonistic 80s at LWT, where he could party with the best of them. These days, he is more at home with spreadsheets but keeps in touch with the day-to-day business through job swaps with radio station colleagues.


Born: Aberdeen, 17 May 1959.

Family: Alex and Irene Thomson (parents); Karen Thomson (wife); one daughter.

Lives: London SW14.

Education: Aberdeen High School; Aberdeen College of Commerce; Middlesex University Business School (evening school MBA).

Current job: Chief operating officer, St Luke's. +44 (0)20 7380 8888.

Salary: More than enough.

Career highlights: Founding director of St Luke's in 1995; joined as finance director, promoted to chief operating officer.

Proudest achievement: Setting up St Luke's after the buyout from Chiat/Day; establishing the first top-30 employee-owned agency.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Institute of Chartered accounts in Scotland; Chartered Institute of Management Accountants; Association of MBAs; British Institute of Management; director, JOL, charity sponsoring employee ownership.

Clubs: Bank of England Sports Club.

Hates: The Northern Line.

Loves: Weekends with the family; being with a group of people who are passionate about their work.

Admires: Anyone who can overcome extreme personal difficulties.

Favourite ad: 'Stadium', BT.

Film: Gladiator, Ridley Scott.

Book: Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkein - my first introduction into fantasy novels.

Music: Harry's Game, Clannad.

Hotel: Vila Vita Parc, Algarve.

The lowdown: The anonymous man in black (the only colour he ever wears) - Thomson is commonly known at St Luke's as 'the hurter' because he is Scottish and known for squeezing the last penny out of people.


Born: Torrumbarry, Australia, 11 March 1961.

Family: Ping Wang (wife); two sons.

Lives: Undisclosed.

Education: Undisclosed.

Current job: Editor, The Times. +44 (0)20 7782 5000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1979, The Herald, Melbourne Australia; 1983, Sydney Morning Herald; 1985-89, appointed to a Beijing bureau, then shared by the Sydney paper and the Financial Times, reporting on the economic and social reforms of the time; 1989-94, appointed to a Tokyo bureau, witnessing the rise and fall of the bubble economy; 1994-96, FT's foreign news editor, London; 1996, editor of the Weekend FT and assistant editor of the Financial Times; 1998, managing editor of FT, responsible for the FT's drive in the US market (in the US, I had regular slots on CNN and ABC News and appeared on the McLaughlin Group, Charlie Rose, The Editors, fox News, NPR's on Media and other news and TV programmes, including as co-host of CNN's Street Sweep; March 2002, editor, The Times.

Proudest achievements: Undisclosed.

Honours and awards: 2001, US Business Journalist of the Year.

Professional organisations: Knight Bagelot Fellowship Board at Columbia University; director of the Society of American Business Editors and Writers; FTSE in the US.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Tokyo Monogatari, Yasujiro Ozu.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Thomson has bags of energy, and embarked on a mission to improve editorial quality as soon as he was hired in March 2002, axing The Times diary, relaunching T2 and increasing its cover price.


Born: Nantwich, 19 January 1963.

Family: They wish to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals.

Lives: The Rural Idyll, East Sussex.

Education: Malvern College, Royal Holloway College, London University (BA Drama and Theatre Studies); Watford College.

Current job: Executive creative director, Leo Burnett London. +44 (0)20 7591 9111.

Salary: I beg your pardon? Career highlights: Meeting my wife at J. Walter Thompson.

Proudest achievements: Still being married to her.

Professional organisations: Honorary chairman, 'Let's Smoke!', a non-violent, civil, yet disobedient group of one, dedicated to smoking everywhere and anywhere as long as tobacco remains a legal substance.

Honours and awards: The Victor Meldrew Memorial Award for Britain's Most Miserable Man 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 (have been pipped at the post by Mark Waites of Mother for the past two years).

Clubs: Stoke City London Supporters Club Hates: Everyone and everything to do with Manchester United FC.

Loves: Everyone and everything to do with Stoke City FC.

Admires: The late, great Tony Waddington.

Favourite ad: 'Bear', John West Salmon.

Film: The Graduate, Mike Nichols; the 1972 League Cup Final video.

Book: A Prayer For Owen Meany, John Irving.

Music: London Calling, The Clash; The Stone Roses, The Stone Roses.

Hotel: Me Mum's house.

The lowdown: Thornton and Mother seemed set to be together forever, but it's a testament to his ability to grab a good opportunity that he's chosen to take the creative helm at Burnett with Paul Shearer.


Born: London, 12 July 1974.

Family: Hans and Ilona Thykier (parents); Hattie Thykier (wife).

Lives: London W9.

Education: Eton; Edinburgh University; Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO.

Current job: Managing partner, Campbell Doyle Dye. +44 (0)20 7483 9800.

Salary: Healthy for a new agency, bargain for an established one.

Career highlights: 1996, joined AMV; 1998, became account director on Volvo; 1999-2001, worked as board account director on Guinness; 1999-2001, new-business director; 2002; founding partner, CDD, working on Mercedes-Benz, The Macallan, Adnams, Sekonda, Merrydown Cider; building a strong agency brand.

Proudest achievement: Starting an agency with the person who got me interested in advertising in the first place; marrying Hattie.

Honours and awards: Overhearing people talk about your ad; seeing someone look at your ad when they turn the page; when people say 'thank you' for great work; standing by what you believe in.

Professional organisations: None Clubs: None.

Loves: Honesty; people who say 'thank you'.

Hates: Advertising by committee.

Admires: Anyone who has the belief to buy into an original idea.

Favourite ad: 'EG', National Newspapers of Ireland.

Film: Groundhog Day, Harold Ramis.

Book: Papillon, Henri Charriere.

Music: Van Morrison in general.

Hotel: San Pietro, Positano.

The lowdown: The aristocratic Thykier has achieved much in only 29 years, dammit. A man with impeccable manners, a firm handshake and an antique desk in his office.


Current job: Media analyst, Numis Securities. +44 (0)207 776 1500.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Tilbian has put investment bank Numis on the map since she and the WestLB Panmure media team defected three years ago. Shrewd, witty and incisive, the UK media debate would not be the same without her.


Born: Wolverhampton, 22 September, 1956.

Family: Married to Olwen Rice (freelance journalist); three children.

Lives: Blewbury, Oxfordshire Education: 1968-1975, Regis Comprehensive, Wolverhampton; 1975-78, Southampton University (BSc Environmental Science); 1979-82, post-grad research.

Current job: Partner, The Ingram Partnership, following acquisition of Unity July 2003. +44 (0)20 7637 7171.

Salary: Lots.

Career highlights: 1982, trainee media planner, BMP; 1986, board director; 1989, media director, Delaney Fletcher Delaney; 1990, executive media director/deputy managing director, DFSD Bozell; 1991, head of strategic planning, Zenith Media; 1993, deputy managing director, Zenith Media; 1995, joint managing director; 1999, founding partner, Unity; 2003, founding partner, The Ingram Partnership.

Proudest achievement: Taking the risk to create Unity, an independent communications strategy company, and watching the market prove us right.

Professional organisation Prince's Trust board member; Advertising Association Media Business Course committee member Honours and awards: Worst Over of the Year Award, BMP Indian Cricket Tour Dinner 1987.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Disloyalty; cucumber; when people in our industry fail to recognise how fortunate they are; the tube in August; sloppy journalism; meetings for meetings' sake.

Loves: Being at home in the country with my family on a languid summer afternoon; Nikon D100; curries; Mersault; antiquarian books.

Admires: Olwen Rice; John Bartle; Richard Eyre; Tim Cox; my father.

Favourite ad: Dead heat between: 'Iguana,' Benson & Hedges; 'photo booth', Hamlet.

Film: Singin' in the Rain, Stanley Donen and Gene Kelly.

Book: The Gormenghast Trilogy, Mervyn Peake.

Music: Let It Be, The Beatles Hotel: Royal Palm, Mauritius The lowdown: The laidback, black T-shirt-wearing Tilley seems the antithesis of your average media chest beater. However, he's the perfect example of how everyone in advertising looked in the mid-80s.


Directing collective consisting of Larsson, Sam; Lindbergh, Mats; Lowenheilm, Pontus; Sanders, Ole; Ulfeengreen, Richard; Von Krusenstjerna, Patrik.

The lowdown: Traktor's blend of humour and reality have helped to made it the most sought-after directing collective in the world. However, now that it is one member down - Ulf Johannson (see separate entry) having left - it will be interesting to see if their working format continues to succeed. Traktor's parties in Cannes are already the stuff of legend.


Born: London.

Family: Peter and Lois (parents); Mark Smith (husband); one son.

Lives: West Sussex.

Education: Minchenden Grammar; Stockport College of Technology.

Current job: Managing director, Postar. +44 (0)20 7479 9700.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Achieving Broad Positions at FCB and J. Walter Thompson in media where none previously existed for women.

Proudest achievements: Training some of the best people in the business.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Clubs: WACL.

Hates: Bullies.

Loves: Entertaining family and friends.

Admires: Parents.

Favourite ad: 'Bandstand', Kit Kat.

Film: High Society, Charles Walters.

Book: My latest cookery book.

Music: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, Gustav Handel.

Hotel: Gidleigh, Devon.

The lowdown: The former Nabs director Tridgell is a mainstream media player, in the most honourable sense of the word.


Born: London 22 May 1947.

Family: Jack and Ellen (parents); Cathy Heng (wife); two children.

Lives: Hampstead, London.

Education: Barking Abbey School; East Ham Tech; Pratt Institute, New York (BFA).

Current job: Creative director, Walsh Trott Chick Smith. +44 (0)20 7907 1200.

Salary: Not enough.

Career highlights: 1971, returned from US and joined BMP as junior copywriter; 1980, left BMP to found GGT; 1990, left GGT to found BST; 1995, left BST to found WTCS.

Proudest achievements: Helping get the Third World Debt tragedy on the political agenda.

Honours and awards: Some D&AD and Cannes awards; nothing recently.

Professional organisations: Nope.

Clubs: Nope.

Hates: Boredom.

Loves: Landmark Forum.

Admires: Shirley Cox (my sister); Les Arden (Paul's dad); Ian Dury.

Favourite ad: 'Think small', Helmut Krone .

Film: The Big Lebowski, Joel Coen.

Book: Down and Out in Paris and London, George Orwell.

Music: California, Joni Mitchell.

Hotel: Pavillon de la Reine, Paris.

The lowdown: Having had his name above three agency doors, Trott has been there and done it all, but still retains just a hint of art-school naivety. Ian Dury once had a well-meaning but awkward exchange with Peter Cook in Trott's kitchen.


Born: Who cares? Family: Father and step-mother (parents); one daughter.

Lives: I live in a garden flat in Edinburgh's New Town, which is the Georgian heart of the city centre.

Education: Dr Challoner's High School for Girls, Little Chatford, Buckinghamshire; Salford University (BA Hons Italian & German).

Current job: Marketing director, Faulds; media director before taking on my new-business and marketing role. +44 (0)131 557 6003.

Salary: Sufficient.

Career highlights: 1983-87, working with Hall Advertising as a media group head on the launch of 'you can't get better than a Kwik Fit fitter'. Hall was a fun place to work and spawned many of Scotland's top agencies; 1989, joining a young and ambitious team at Faulds as media director; 1990, becoming a shareholder of Faulds; 1992, helping to grow the business, being the only non-London agency to win a huge privatisation campaign (Scottish Electricity); 2000, becoming the largest agency in Scotland and the largest communications group outside London in 2000.

Proudest achievements: Raising a beautiful, talented daughter.

Honours and awards: Surviving in this business.

Professional organisations: Association of Scottish Businesswomen; past president, East of Scotland Businesswomen's club.

Clubs: The Marketing Society; Institute of Directors; past ESBC Presidents' Dining Club.

Hates: Hypocrisy; disloyalty; laziness; big mouths; spiders; spinach; beards; slippers; Sunday drivers; English pubs' closing times.

Loves: My daughter; my friends; sense of fair play; loyalty; honesty; sense of fun; seafood; Toblerone; my cats; St Cere (France); New York; Aston Martin; skiing; vodka martinis; jewellery; Sutherland.

Admires: Hilary Clinton; Dirk Bogarde.

Favourite ad: 'Ambassador's party', Ferrero Rocher - wonderfully camp and cheesy.

Film: Death in Venice, Luchino Visconti; Jean de Florette; Claude Berri.

Book: Far from the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy.

Music: Andy Shepherd; Miles Davis; Out of Africa soundtrack, John Barry.

Hotel: Villa Vedema, Santorini; The Mercer, New York; Prince Maurice, Mauritius.

The lowdown: Obviously no art-house cynicism here. Scoffers may want to query her favourite ad, however.


Born: Manchester, 19 January 1961.

Family: Brian Tunnicliffe (father); Dorothy Anne Baxendale (mother, deceased); Elaine (wife); one son; one daughter.

Lives: Hampstead, London.

Education: 1972-79, Bramhall High School; 1979-82, Saatchi & Saatchi.

Current job: Executive vice-president, Initiative Worldwide. +44 (0)20 7663 7000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1979-82, media assistant, Saatchis; 1983-84, media executive, Leagas Delaney; 1984-89, media director, Horner Collis and Kirvan; 1989-98, managing director, CIA Medianetwork, director, CIA UK Holding, CIA Medianetwork Europe Holdings, Tempus Group (formerly CIA); 1998-2000, managing director, Western International Media, part of Lowe Group (Interpublic); 2000-present, executive vice-president, Initiative Worldwide (Interpublic).

Proudest achievements: Being married for 14 years.

Honours and awards: 1988, IPA Advertising Effectiveness Award; six Media Week Media Strategy Awards.

Professional organisations: NABS; Marketing Society.

Clubs: RAC; Lingfield Gym; Royal Yachting Association. Hates The advertising industry's obsession with self promotion.

Loves: My family.

Admires: Personal, my wife; in our business, Frank Lowe.

Favourite ad: 'Manhattan', British Airways; any Stella Artois ad.

Film: 24 Hour Party People, Michael Winterbottom (the story of Factory Records and The Hacienda).

Book: A Boy Named Dave, Dave Peltzer.

Music: Freebird, Lynyrd Skynyrd; You've Got a Friend, James Taylor.

Hotel: Ritz Carlton, Singapore.

The lowdown: Tunnicliffe found fame as the cynical, wise-cracking managing director of CIA in the 90s and has slipped smoothly into the role of client-hand-holder as Initiative's key contact point with Unilever. And all without losing the ability to enjoy life.


Born: London, 16 June 1959.

Family: Leon and Olivia Turzynski (parents); Kim (wife); three sons.

Lives: London SW18.

Education: St Ignatius, Bedford College; London University (Human Physiology).

Current job: Managing director, ZenithOptimedia. +44 (0)20 7224 8500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1982, joined Young & Rubicam as graduate trainee; 1996, left as media director, outlasting seven managing directors; held the COI Communication centralised TV buying across 11 government privatisations and £280 million of taxpayers' money; 1996, joined Optimedia as managing partner; 2002 became managing director; won SCJohnson, Allied Bakeries, British Airways planning, COI planning; 2003, merged with Zenith Media.

Proudest achievements: Only worked in two companies in 20 years.

Honours and awards: Campaign Agency of the Year (Young & Rubicam, 1991-1992).

Professional organisations: IPA; Marketing Society.

Clubs: Winchester House; Raffles; S&TA.

Hates: Nothing.

Loves: Fly fishing; sailing; golf; diving.

Admires: Father (mother died).

Favourite ad: 'Bear,' John West Salmon.

Film: The Graduate, Mike Nichols.

Book: The Catcher in the Rye, JD Salinger.

Music: The Monochrome Set.

Hotel: The Master Builder, Bucklars Hard.

The lowdown: Turzynski has reputation of being a very good fly fisherman and is patient and shrewd away from the river too. Used to drive an Aston Martin, but gave it up on the birth of his third child.


Born: Cardiff, 31 August 1958.

Family: Stanley and Mavis Tutssel (parents); Julie Tutssel (wife); one son.

Lives: Greenwich, London; Chicago.

Education: Barry Boy's Comprehensive School; Cardiff College of Art and Design.

Current job: Vice-chairman and deputy chief creative officer, Leo Burnett US. +001 (0)312 220 5959 Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1986, joined Burnett London as a senior art director; 1994, promoted to creative director; 1999, promoted to joint executive creative director; 2001, promoted to current job.

Proudest achievement: In 2001, Burnett London was the most awarded agency in the world at Cannes in television, winning three gold Lions.

Honours and awards: Cannes Grand Prix; seven Cannes gold Lions; four D&AD silver Pencils; the Andy Grand Prix; eight Andy awards; Clio Grand Prix; four Clios; two Eurobest Grand Prix; eight Campaign Press silvers; three Campaign Poster silvers.

Professional organisations: Fellow, Royal Society of Arts; member, D&AD, One Club.

Clubs: London Welsh Rugby Football Club; Soho House; East Bank Club, Chicago.

Hates: Politics.

Loves: Spending quality time with my son.

Admires: My father.

Favourite ad: 'Points of view,' The Guardian.

Film: Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: The last book I read, Middlesex, Jeffrey Eugenides.

Music: Soul.

Hotel: Sandy Lane, Barbados.

The lowdown: Tutssel was famously wounded by Nick Bell's planned departure to Lowe. A proud creative, with some justification - his talent has taken him all the way to one of the biggest creative jobs on the planet.


Born: Cambridge, 26 April 1950.

Family: David and Gwynneth Twinn (parents); Frances Twinn (wife); two sons.

Lives: Dulwich, London.

Education: Netherhall Secondary Modern, Cambridge; Cambridge Grammar School VI Form; UCW Aberystwyth (Geography); Reading University (PhD Pressure Groups & Planning).

Current job: Director of membership, ISBA. +44 (0)20 7499 7502.

Salary: Amazingly good value.

Career highlights: 1983-97, member of Parliament; senior lecturer in planning, Southbank London.

Proudest achievement: Being a father; building a folly.

Professional organisations: Fellow, Royal Geographical Society; fellow, Royal Society of Arts.

Honours and awards: Companion of the Order of Honour - Greece.

Clubs: RAC.

Hates: Braised celery; backpacks on the tube.

Loves: Long warm summer evenings.

Admires: Those who put their lives in danger for others.

Favourite ad: 'Speed camera', Toyota.

Film: Star Wars, George Lucas.

Book: The Bell, Iris Murdoch Music: Messiah, Gustav Handel.

Hotel: L'onda, Limmasol The lowdown: A former MP who joined the Commons in the same intake as prime minister Tony Blair, Twinn now brings his political skills to bear for the UK's advertisers. Personable, with just a whiff of the professional politician's theatricality.


Born: London, 24 July 1961.

Family: Mark Edwards (partner); Sylvia and Georgia (daughters).

Lives: London NW2.

Education: Henrietta Barnett; Mansfield College, Oxford (BA Hons Modern History; MA Oxon).

Current job: Director of strategic solutions, MediaCom. +44 (0)20 7874 5500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: MediaCom's merger with The Media Business; new-business record; growth to number one in the UK.

Proudest achievement: My daughters.

Honours and awards: Campaign and Media Week Awards.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Lying.

Loves: Honesty.

Admires: Partner and children.

Favourite ad: 'House-proud hunks', Ajax.

Film: Now Voyager, Irving Rapper.

Book: Addiction to Perfection, Marion Woodman Music: Positively 4th Street, Bob Dylan.

Hotel: Burgh Island hotel.

The lowdown: She might look like an earth mother from the days of women's lib, but there are few people better at dissecting a media brief into smart planning solutions.


Current job: Worldwide chief executive, OMD. +001 (0)212 415 3600.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: A bulging contacts book and impeccable skills as a team builder made Uva the obvious choice to run Omnicom's then dysfunctional media offshoot. By US standards, a relatively informal media man.


Born: Harrogate, 23 September 1964.

Family: Julian and Sylvia Vallance (parents); Irina (wife); one son; one daughter.

Lives: London, SW12.

Education: Sedbergh School; Nottingham University (English 1:0) Current job Founding partner, Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest. +44 (0)20 7802 5800.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1998, Kimberly-Clark campaign, BWBC; 1991, Sony Walkman campaign, Bartle Bogle Hegarty; 1994-2001, WCRS, Orange, Caffreys, Land Rover campaigns; 2001, VCCP, O2, ING Direct, Appletiser, Wedgwood, FedEx, LBC, Coca-Cola campaigns.

Proudest achievements: Being a founder of VCCP.

Honours and awards: 1996 IPA Effectiveness gold; The Marketing Society, New Brand of the Year, Caffreys 1997; Marketing Society, Brand of the Year, Orange 1996.

Professional organisations: IPA; The Marketing Society.

Clubs: The Academy; Moortown Golf Club; Boxbusters CC.

Hates: Bureaucracy.

Loves: Common sense (it's as rare as genius).

Admires: David Beckham.

Favourite ad: 'Overdone', Castlemaine XXXX.

Film: The Big Lebowski, Joel Coen.

Book: Carry On, Jeeves, PG Wodehouse.

Music: Enjoy Yourself, The Specials.

Hotel: The Peninsula, Chicago.

The lowdown: Cool, calm, collected and apparently the only person who can tell fellow VCCP founder Rooney Carruthers what to do. As the ex-executive strategy director of WCRS, Vallance has been described as one of the best planning minds in the business.


Born: Gloucester, 31 July 1968.

Family: Robert and Joan Vick (parents).

Lives: London SW12.

Education: Marling School, Stroud; Keble College, Oxford (Modern Languages).

Current job: Joint managing director, DFGW. +44 (0)20 7734 5888.

Salary: More than some, less than most.

Career highlights: 1991, graduate trainee, Ogilvy & Mather; 1994, account director, O&M; 1996, new-business director, O&M; 1999, head of account management, DFGW; 2001, joint managing director.

Proudest achievements: Not turning into an advertising wanker.

Honours and awards: Not vain enough to list them.

Professional organisations: Member, IPA training and development committee.

Clubs: Forest Green Rovers FC.

Hates: Beetroot; crap wine.

Loves: Parsnips; Condrieu.

Admires: Jean Moulin.

Favourite ad: 'Chick', Union Carbide (the best product demo ever).

Film: Carry on Up the Khyber, Gerald Thomas.

Book: Michelin Red Guide to France.

Music: Fools Gold, The Stone Roses.

Hotel: Anywhere with a great restaurant and an even better wine list.

The lowdown: The amiable Vick is a knockout with a wine list and has the confidence of clients, too. He is currently renovating his house in Balham - however, his lack of DIY skills means that this is going to be a long-term project.


Born: Vancouver, Canada 18 August 1971.

Family: Single.

Lives: London W11.

Education: Vancouver Community College; Langara College Fine Arts (Multimedia).

Current job: Creative director and partner, Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest. +44 (0)20 7802 5800.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1996, associate creative director, Palmer Jarvis DDB Needham Digital, Vancouver; 1998, creative director, Modem Media.Poppe Tyson, London; 1999, creative director, interactive and board director, WCRS Arnold Worldwide Partners; 2000, senior vice-president and interactive creative director, FCB San Francisco; 2002, creative director and partner, Vallance Carruthers Coleman Priest.

Proudest achievement: Joining VCCP as a partner and being part of building the agency.

Honours and awards: One Show (two Pencils); London International Advertising Awards (including one Gold); D&AD finalist; Cannes Lions finalist; Adweek Icon Awards (two); created Campaign's first interactive Pick of the Week; Campaign's Best Interactive Ad in 2000; Campaign's top new-media creative in 2000.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Marmite.

Loves: Road trips.

Admires: Parents.

Favourite ad: '1984', Apple.

Film: Badlands, Terrence Malick.

Book: On the Road, Jack Kerouac.

Music: Luna; Guided by Voices; Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

Hotel: Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo, California.

The lowdown: Known in the business as a stalwart of online advertising, and one who has weathered the dotcom storm better than most. Not your typical web-head.


Current job: Editor, The Sun, News Group Newspapers. +44 (0)20 7782 4000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The first female editor of The Sun, Wade is a networker supreme who models herself on Paul 'no publicity, please' Dacre. Used to date Banks Hoggins O'Shea/FCB's managing director, Jonathan Rigby. Now married to Ross Kemp.


Current job: Partner, Mother. +44 (0)20 7689 0689.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The low-profile Waites tends to hide behind his creative partner Robert Saville, but is widely regarded as being one of the biggest talents in UK advertising.


Born: Lusaka, Zambia, 10 November 1953.

Family: Eileen and Desmond Walker (parents); Oliver Croom-Johnson (husband); one son; one daughter.

Lives: London SW17.

Education: Woodlands, Zambia; Cambridge House, Northern Ireland; Exeter University (English, History & Sociology).

Current job: Partner, Walker Media. +44 (0)20 7447 7500.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1985, launching and building, as partner/shareholder, Ray Morgan & Partners and attracting clients of the stature of Allied Lyons,General Foods, Halifax and Pedigree Petfoods; 1988, launching Zenith Media and loving it for nearly a decade. 1998, launching Walker Media with my partner Phil Georgiadis, allowing me to get back to the coalface of media.

Proudest achievement: Walker Media.

Honours and awards: 1989, Adwoman of the Year; Advertising Media Specialist, Marketing Week 20 Year Awards; 1998, Media Innovator Advertising Age International awards.

Professional organisations: WACL; MGGB; Thirty Club; fellow, Marketing Society; council member, IPA.

Clubs: Lobsters Cricket club.

Hates: Political correctness.

Loves: Gardening (leave).

Admires: Margaret Thatcher; Greg Dyke.

Favourite ad: 'Small family car', Durex.

Film: Witness, .

Book: E, Matt Beaumont.

Music: Jackson Browne.

Hotel: Sandibe Lodge, Okavango Delta, Botswana.

The lowdown: The Rhodesia-born, chain-smoking Christine Walker is a networker par excellence. Walker recently purchased a bolthole in France only to discover that Martin Bowley is a next-door neighbour.


Born: Redhill, 15 July 1967.

Family: James and Joan Wall (parents); Catarina Wall (wife); two daughters.

Lives: Ladbroke Grove, London.

Education: Trinity School; University of Sussex (Economics & French).

Current job: Managing partner, Fallon London. +44 (0)20 7494 9120.

Salary: Market rate.

Career highlights: 1990-92, DMB&B, graduate, good old fashioned fun; 1993-95, Lowe, account manager, technical excellence; 1995-98, Simons Palmer, account director, entrepreneurial chutzpah; 1998-present, Fallon London, founder, special.

Proudest achievement: Outside of family, establishing a business.

Honours and awards: None as an individual; lots as a team.

Professional organisations: IPA.

Clubs: Soho House; RAC.

Hates: Dishonesty.

Loves: Directness; spirit.

Admires: Not the most but I rate John McEnroe.

Favourite ad: 'Factory tour', Skoda.

Film: Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks.

Music: Coney Island Baby, Lou Reed.

Hotel: Palaccio de Setais, Sintra, Portugal.

The lowdown: Wall's good humour and advertising skill makes him an obvious choice to co-head a start-up as vibrant as Fallon.


Born: Worcester, 27 November 1960.

Family: Dave and Eileen Walsh (parents); Brian Stewart (husband); one daughter.

Lives: Islington, London.

Education: St Mary's Convent, Worcester; Kingston Polytechnic (French).

Current job: Former founding partner, Walsh Trott Chick Smith. +44 (0)7767 776314.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: Appointed managing director of WCRS (the only female one at a top-20 agency at the time).

Proudest achievement: Building WTCS from scratch into a £40 million business.

Honours and awards: No personal ones, but managing business through my career which has won one gold and three silver IPA Effectiveness awards; two Campaign gold awards; eight D&AD silver Pencils.

Professional organisations: WACL (former president); The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Blakes 7; Soho House; Third Space.

Hates: Insincerity.

Loves: Passion.

Admires: Mary, Queen of Scots.

Favourite ad: 'Iguana', Benson & Hedges.

Film: Romeo and Juliet (both Franco Zefferelli and Baz Luhrmann versions).

Book: Wuthering Heights, Charlotte Bronte.

Music: Koln Concert, Keith Jarrett.

Hotel: The Amanwana, Indonesia.

The lowdown: Walsh has a real appetite for agency life, so her decision to leave WTCS surprised many. While trying to sell her ultra-modern Islington house, she pulled off the masterstroke of getting the Evening Standard to run a feature on it.


Born: Nottingham, 1 October 2003.

Family: Ken and Edith Walsh (parents); Sally (wife); two children.

Lives: Muswell Hill, London.

Education: Hulme Grammar; Durham University (BA Hons Geography).

Current job: Chief executive Europe, Africa and Middle East, Ogilvy & Mather. +44 (0)20 7345 3000.

Salary: See Sir Martin Sorrell.

Career highlights: 1972, graduate trainee, Young & Rubicam; 1980, board director, Y&R; 1986, chief executive, O&M; 1989, worldwide board, O&M, chairman, Ogilvy Group UK.

Proudest achievement: Completing the assault and Tarzan courses when the Royal Marines was a client in my Y&R days.

Awards and honours British Red Cross Badge of Honour.

Professional organisations: Trustee and honorary vice-chairman, British Red Cross; special advisor, WWF; fellow, IPA; IAA.

Clubs: Loch Lomond, Carnegie, Royal West Norfork, Hunstanton and Highgate golf clubs; Brancaster Staithe Sailing Club; British Association for Shooting and Conservation; RSPB; Thirty Club; Annabel's; Marks Club; RAC; Keiser Gym.

Hates: Almonds; marzipan; sugary sycophants.

Loves: A cold, clear January day on the Norfolk coast.

Favourite ad: 'Desert', Benson & Hedges.

Film: 2001: A Space Odyssey, Stanley Kubrick.

Book: Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.

Music: Porcelain, Moby.

Hotel: Bay Hotel, Camps Bay, Cape Town.

The lowdown: Walsh is one of the real long-term industry players who isn't afraid of making the hard decisions - even pulling the plug on one-time close friend and former Ogilvy & Mather chief executive Paul Simons. Fastidious and exacting in everything.


Current job: Deputy regional director, McCann-Erickson UK. +44 (0)20 7837 3737.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The man who hired Ben Langdon to run McCann London, Warden's dream would be to live the lifestyle of a London start-up director, lunching at The Ivy every day. A keen golfer.


Born: Pembury, 8 November 1964.

Family: Married to Jenny; two children.

Lives: Highbury, London.

Education: London School of Economics.

Current job: Director of strategy, Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners.

+44 (0)20 7836 3474.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Halifax IPA Effectiveness gold.

Proudest achievements: Children.

Honours and awards: IPA Effectiveness gold; APG gold.

Professional organisations: None.

Hates: Cool.

Loves: The US.

Admires: People who do it from scratch.

Favourite ad: 'Handbuilt by robots', Fiat.

Film: Hoop Dreams, Steve James.

Book: John Updike's Rabbit series.

Music: Misere, Gregorio Allegri.

Hotel: Park Hyatt, Tokyo.

The lowdown: One of advertising's best kept secrets is Warren's marriage to Jenny Abbott, the daughter of the David Abbott. Warren is a total foodie, with an encyclopaedic knowledge of wine.


Born: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, 13 November 1959.

Family: Married; three sons.

Lives: North London.

Education: Clacton High School; Colchester School of Art.

Current job: Creative director, DFGW. +44 (0)20 7734 5888.

Salary: Middle.

Career highlights: First City Advertising; GGT; DFGW.

Proudest achievements: My three boys; also very proud of designing Body Zone in the Millennium Dome (the only bit with queues); very proud of my reel.

Honours and awards: Not nearly enough.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Clubs: Creative Circle; D&AD; Bafta.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Claes Oldenburg; Charles Saatchi.

Favourite ad: 'Istanbul', Benson & Hedges.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Waters is a fan of sharp suits, in complete contrast to his creative partner Paul Grubb's penchant for T-shirts. An avid cine-camera user, he can usually be found rounding up a posse of aspiring directors to make his next Super-8 film.


Born: Portsmouth, 26 December 1967.

Family: Angie Watson (wife); two children.

Lives: London; Scotland.

Education: Sussex.

Current job: General manager, Mirror Group Newspapers. +44 (0)20 7293 3000.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: Launching Who Wants to be a Millionaire? around the world; 1990s, making The Sun kill the Daily Mirror; landing the job of general manager so I can make the Daily Mirror kill The Sun.

Proudest achievements: Undisclosed.

Honours and awards: Cycling Proficiency, age 12.

Professional organisations: Undisclosed.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Traffic; idiots; Volvos.

Loves: Family; motorbikes; talented people.

Admires: Bart Simpson.

Favourite ad: All Tango work, Clemmow Hornby Inge.

Film: Betty Blue, Jean-Jacques Beineix.

Book: Stick it up your Punter!, Peter Chippindale and Chris Horrie.

Music: Woke up this Morning, Alabama Three.

Hotel: Home House.

The lowdown: Watson's fiery unpredictability and outrageous mischievousness have been tempered a little over the years. But he still inspires a deep affection and a real respect from colleagues who see the business brain beneath the larger-than-life exterior.


Born: London, 24 April 1958.

Family: Refilwe Waugh (wife); two daughters; four sons.

Lives: Oxshott, Surrey.

Education: Sevenoaks School, Kent.

Current job: 2002, Group director, marketing, British Gas. +44 (0)1753 494000.

Salary: More than enough, thank you.

Career highlights: 1987, appointed to the sales director, American Express; 1990, joined Lloyds Abbey Life Group as commercial director for bank's general insurance business, Independent Life, pensions,investment business; 1993, joined Saga as main board director and managing director of all non-travel business within Saga; 1997, joined Centrica as group director of marketing; 1998, kept group marketing role but also became managing director of Centrica's financial services (Goldfish and AA insurance and financial services); 2002, as well as group marketing role, moved from financial services to deputy managing director, British Gas; 2001, appointed fellow of Marketing Society; 2003, appointed fellow of Institute of Direct Marketing.

Proudest achievements: Personally, having six fantastic, beautiful children; in the business world, helping to turn Saga into a highly profitable business by evolving Saga from being a travel brand to a lifestyle brand for over 50s.

Honours and awards: Fellow, Marketing Society; fellow, IDM.

Professional organisations: ISBA; CIM; Marketing Society; non-executive director, Johnson Press; Trustee, Sparks children's charity.

Clubs: Drift Golf Club; Marketing Group of Great Britain.

Hates: Internal politics; forgetting what's really important in life.

Loves: Working; being with people who have a shared vision and a shared set of values.

Admires: Nelson Mandela.

Favourite ad: Car and beer commercials, most recently 'cog', Honda.

Film: It's a Beautiful Life, Frank Capra.

Book: Wild Swans, Jung Chang.

Music: Leyla, Eric Clapton.

Hotel: The Datai, Malaysia.

The lowdown: He might not come across as particularly slick or intense, but you would certainly put your money on Waugh succeeding wherever he went. A jocular client with bags of charisma.


Born: Paris, 17 December 1934.

Family: Maureen (wife); two daughters.

Lives: Hertfordshire.

Education: St Peters' York; Hendon County; Hornsey College of Art.

Current job: Executive creative director, BMP DDB.+44 (0)20 7258 3979.

Salary: ! Career highlights: 1961, youngest group head, Mather & Crowther; 1965, art director, Hobson Bates; 1967, art director, Pritchard Wood; 1971, creative director, BMP.

Proudest achievement: D&AD's president's award (1982).

Honours and awards: One D&AD gold; ten D&AD silvers; two Cannes Grand Prix; D&AD president's award; two BTV Grand Prix; EPICA Grand Prix; Annecy Animation Grand Prix 2002; Clios and others.

Professional organisations: D&AD.

Clubs: Brickendon Grange Golf Club.

Hates: Hooking off the tee.

Loves: Laurel and Hardy.

Admires: Pablo Picasso.

Favourite ad: 'Spicy spicy meatballs', Alka Seltzer.

Film: The Seven Samurai, Akira Kurosawa.

Book: One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

Music: Any of Frederic Chopin's Nocturnes.

Hotel: Hurricane hotel, Tarifa, Spain.

The lowdown: There's not a creative brain in the business who wouldn't agree that Webster is a genius. He's won so many awards he's thrown the pre-1982 ones away.


Current job: Chairman, Lever Faberge. +44 (0)20 8439 6000 Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The Marketing Society's first president, Weed is one of few to go successfully from marketing into a key general management role as chairman of Lever Faberge.


Current job: Director, The Paul Weiland Film Company. +44 (0)20 7287 6900.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Weiland's elder statesman profile belies a director who is still directing some of the glossiest commercials around. In work spanning the classic 'points of view' film for The Guardian to Walkers Crisps, he has defined the best TV advertising.


Born: London, 25 September 1952.

Family: Josephine (wife); three children; two children from first marriage.

Lives: Barnes, London.

Education: Bishopshalt Grammar School, Hillingdon; London School of Economics (BSc Social Anthropology).

Current job: European creative director, Lowe. +44 (0)207 584 5033.

Career highlights: Working as a copywriter with art directors Tony Kaye (1978-81) and John Merriman and Rhod Waskett (in the 80s); creative director of Lowe Howard-Spink for about ten years from 1989 (three of them with Adrian Holmes).

Proudest achievement: Surviving as a creative director for ten years.

Professional organisations: D&AD.

Honours and awards: Creative awards from D&AD, Campaign Press and Posters and British Television Awards; Creative Circle president's award in 1997. Clubs Huntercombe Golf Club.

Hates: Advertising.

Loves: Advertising.

Admires: (In advertising) Sir Frank Lowe; John Webster; Tony Brignull; Neil Godfrey; Alan Waldie; Terry Lovelock; Vince Squibb; Charles Inge.

Favourite ad: 'Istanbul', Benson & Hedges.

Film: Get Carter, Mike Hodges.

Book: A Fortunate Life, AB Facey.

Music: Anything by Bob Dylan.

Hotel: Lizard Island, Australia.

The lowdown: Never regarded as the most charismatic of senior creatives, but a safe pair of hands running the Lowe creative department between Charles Inge's departure and installation of Damon Collins. A 20-year servant of the agency whose continued presence is seen as a shield protecting Collins from the worst of the agency's politics.


Born: Weymouth, 1 August, 1961.

Family: Mark (husband); two children.

Lives: Basingstoke.

Education: Weymouth Grammar; New College, Oxford (MA Chemistry).

Current job: Deputy managing director, Sainsbury's Supermarkets. +44 (0)20 7695 6000.

Salary: Publicly available in annual report.

Career highlights: 1983-96, joined Mars Confectionery as a graduate trainee and worked through most of the UK brand portfolio to the position of European franchise director, NPD; launched products including Mars King Size, Miniatures and Milky Way Magic Stars; 1996-99, retail marketing director, Abbey National; introduced Alan Davies and 'because life's complicated enough' with Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper; 2000-present, joined Sainsbury's as marketing director; recruited Jamie Oliver as brand consultant and spokesman and launched Taste the Difference range.

Proudest achievements: Seeing the winners cross the line at the 1985 Mars London Marathon - my first big project; leading Living the Brand in Abbey National, in which 10,000 people committed to making customers lives easier; being equal fifth with Tony Blair in Marketing's survey of great marketers.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Non-executive director, Mitchells & Butlers.

Clubs: I wish I had the time.

Hates: Wasted time.

Loves: My family; Mars bars (in that order).

Admires: Margaret Thatcher.

Favourite ad: 'Dancing man', Guinness.

Film: Men in Black, Barry Sonnenfeld.

Book: Wonderful Life: The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History, Stephen Jay Gould.

Music: The Sound of Silence, Simon and Garfunkel.

Hotel: White Moss, Windermere.

The lowdown: Weller is undoubtedly an ambitious marketer, but tempers this with a ready smile and a sense of humour. Harbours a soft spot for the boys at Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper from her days at Abbey National.


Born: Redditch, 24 April 1944.

Family: Sue (wife); four children.

Lives: Reading.

Education: Oxford (PPE).

Current job: Chairman, Agency Assessments International. +44 (0)20 7976 1818.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1973-75, country manager for McCann-Erickson Portugal; 1975-78, Malaysia; 1979-81, managing director, Royds; chairman and founder, Wethey Scottt Pocock.

Proudest achievement: Founding AAI; growing it over 15 years.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Company of management consultants; member, IAA, The Marketing Society.

Clubs: MCC; RAC; Hankley Common Golf Club; Calcot Park Golf Club.

Hates: Admin.

Loves: Alderney.

Admires: Harry Colt, golf architect.

Favourite ad: The Hunt Lascaris campaign for Nando's in South Africa.

Film: Four Weddings and a Funeral, Mike Newell.

Book: The Loom of Language, Frederick Bodmer.

Music: Third Horn Concerto, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Hotel: W Hotel, Wolloomooloo, New South Wales, Australia.

The lowdown: A militaristic demeanour and vociferous love for the Tory party makes Wethey appear more at home on the side of a cricket pitch than an advertising pitch. Nevertheless, his understanding and affection for the business is profound.


Born: Ilkley, 9 February 1947.

Family: Denise Kingsmill (partner); three children jointly.

Lives: Holland Park, London.

Education: Watford Grammar School; St Johns College, Cambridge (Economics).

Current job: A number of directorships.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: The turnaround of Jazz FM, and subsequent sale to Guardian Media Group in 2002.

Proudest achievement: See above.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Chairman, City of London Arts Trust.

Clubs: Oxford and Cambridge; Solus; The Marketing Society.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Music; my family.

Admires: Nelson Mandela.

Favourite ad: Impossible to choose one - there's loads.

Film: Un Homme et une Femme, Claude Lelouch.

Book: The Mandarins, Simone de Beauvoir.

Music: Symphony No 3, Camille Saint-Saens.

Hotel: Tournabuoni Beacci, Florence.

The lowdown: How appropriate that Wheatly, the man behind the turnaround of Jazz FM, loves music - he plays the sax and piano. A minor player in the rece