THE A LIST: Part 4 of 13


Born: Watford, 27 November 1958.

Family: Roy and June (parents); Norma (wife); Joe (son).

Lives: Highgate.

Education: Columba's College, St Albans; University of Aston, Birmingham (Managerial and Administrative Studies).

Current job: Managing director, Viacom Brand Solutions. +44 (0)20 7284 7777.

Salary: More than I deserve but less than I desire.

Career highlights: 1983-89, TVS; 1996-2001, successful launch of Channel 5 and deputy sales director; past two years at VBS.

Proudest achievement: VBS winning Campaign Broadcast Sales Team of the Year 2002.

Honours and awards: None yet.

Professional organisations: None, but open to offers.

Clubs: Soho House; Chelsea FC.

Hates: Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Loves: Winning.

Admires: Peter Cook.

Favourite ad: 'Snowman', Heineken.

Film: Dumb and Dumber, Peter and Bobby Farrelly.

Book: Apart from my wife's three novels, Three Men in a Boat, Jerome K Jerome.

Music: Kalinka.

Hotel: Mandarin Oriental, San Francisco.

The lowdown: Curtis is one of the quieter TV salesmen, with a gently wry sense of humour and an all round nice-guy charm. He's also one of the most experienced salesmen in the business, without the arrogance found in some of his peers.


Current job: Editor, Daily Mail, Associated Newspapers. +44 (0)20 7938 6000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Deliberately low profile, Dacre's editorial talent is obvious. His boot-camp atmosphere in the office has reaped rewards.


Current job: Vice-president, UK brand manager, Orange Personal Communications. +44 (0) 1992 502 001.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Dale's energetic take on life is infectious. He is cool, sensible, confident and articulate (not bad for a man with a strong Brummie accent).


Born: Cleethorpes (the St Tropez of the North), 11 September, 1962.

Family: Dr Jasbir Matharu-Daley (wife); two children.

Lives: London SW5.

Education: Waltham Toll Bar Comprehensive (thrown out in 1979); Grimsby Tech; 1984, Manchester University (BA (Hons) Politics & Philosophy); 1985-1986, post-graduate in Marketing, Kingston Business School; 1991, Columbia NYU Leadership Program.

Current job: Chairman, HHCL/Red Cell, global chief executive and chief strategic officer, Red Cell Network (WPP). +44 (0)20 7436 3333.

Salary: Not a Garry Lace.

Career highlights: 1986, WCRS account trainee; 1987, BDH/TBWA Manchester; 1988-1989, DMB&B London account manager/director; 1990, Cromer and Co account director/strategic planner. 1990-2001, McCann-Erickson as follows: London, 1991-92, account director/strategic planner/group board director; New York, 1993-1994, worldwide account director/director of planning; 1994-1998, EVP managing director and director of strategic planning of creative start-up Amster Yard; 1999-2001, chief strategic officer, McCann EMEA and worldwide board director.

Proudest achievement: Any great creative work I've been involved with.

Building Amster Yard in New York into a $150 million agency in two years. Making Red Cell Network a reality. Winning Campaign Press, Poster, Creative Circle, D&AD, Cannes, New York Art Directors, Clios and M&M Awards for work I did while at McCann and Amster Yard. And surviving my youth without death or imprisonment.

Honours and awards: My children love me.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; Institute of Directors; UK and US account planning groups; IPA; British American Business.

Clubs: Wigan Casino Soul Club (eternally); MUFC Supporters Club; Harrington Club; Hedonists in Advertising (unofficial Club of Cannes - sorry, Robert Campbell).

Hates: Laziness; bullying; greed; plagiarism; selfishness.

Loves: Passion; beauty; life; my family; England; the idea of God; the transformational force of creativity.

Admires: Walter Gropius; Muhammad Ali; Peter Beard; Albert Camus; Don McCullin; Enzo Ferrari; Professor Ken Robinson; Sir Stephen Spender (for that poem!); Bill Bernbach; Jay Chiat; John Hegarty; Lee Clow; John Webster; Stanley Pollitt; John Tylee.

Favourite ad: 'Points of view', The Guardian; 'think different', Apple.

Film: In the Mood for Love, Wong Kar Wai; Time of the Gypsies, Emir Kusturica (in that order).

Book: The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, Jean-Dominique Bauby; The Fountainhead, Ayn Rand; Lord Jim, Joseph Conrad (in that order).

Music: What's Going On, Marvin Gaye (the whole album).

Hotel: Houseboat Dal Lake, Kashmir - the closest place to heaven on Earth (with a beer, a smoke and Dylan Thomas).

The lowdown: Mercurial, unconventional and committed to making Red Cell the most potently creative of the WPP networks, Daley has a big ego but with an intellect worth showing off about. A deft handler of the kind of big international clients Red Cell seeks to attract.


Born: Frankton, Warkwickshire, 25 Febuary 1964.

Family: Michael and John (parents); single.

Lives: London E3.

Education: Lawrence Sheriff Grammar; Manchester Poly.

Current job: Joint creative director, Wieden & Kennedy, London. +44 (0)20 7299 7500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Working on Honda 'cog' and Levi's 'Flat Eric'.

Proudest achievement: Being part of the conception of my dad's many crazy, mad inventions.

Honours and awards: Lions; Pencils; a gold disc from EMI music.

Professional organisations: D&AD.

Clubs: The Union.

Hates: Junk mail; bad builders; people who don't care.

Loves: Ideas in any medium.

Admires: My sister. She is a furniture designer and conceptualist and I love her honesty and integrity.

Favourite ad: Too many to choose from ...

Film: Many: One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Milos Forman, would be high on the list.

Book: Perfume, Patrick Suskind.

Music: The Only Way Is Up, Yazz.

Hotel: My flat, my sister treats it like one.

The lowdown: Out of the partnership between Davidson and joint creative director Kim Papworth, Davidson is widely regarded as the wackier. His reel gets him noticed, both at W&K and previously.


Born: Undisclosed.

Family: Undisclosed.

Lives: Undisclosed.

Education: Undisclosed.

Current job: 2001, editor, FHM. +44 (0)20 7436 1515.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1991-1994, editor, Mixmag; 1994-1997, managing director, Mixmag/DMC Publishing; 1997-1999, editor, Q; 1999, editorial director, Heat; 2000-2001, managing director, Emap Elan East (The Face, Arena, Arena Homme Plus, Pop); FHM.

Proudest achievements: Launching Pop with Katie Grand and Ashley Heath.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: BSME.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Davies' appointment as the new editor of FHM was somewhat of a surprise. Not a profile-seeker.


Current job: Chairman, BBC +44 (0)161 869 2000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: A government advisor by the age of 25, Davies is well-equipped to deal with the maelstrom which is running the BBC. Has a holiday home in Devon, complete with pink-lined swimming pool.


Current job: Group chief executive, Sainsbury's Supermarkets UK. +44 (0) Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The client behind the 'Man from the Pru'' ads, Sir Peter was drafted into Sainsbury's three years ago to work his City magic on the supermarket chain. Loves wine, opera and sailing.


Born: Derby, 11 March 1966.

Family: Gerald and Iola (parents); Anne (love); one son.

Lives: London Education: Woodlands Comprehensive, Derby; Gonville and Caius, Cambridge.

Current job: Planning director, Wieden & Kennedy London. +44 (0)20 7299 7500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Failed as a pop star; failed as a joke writer; failed in media and account management at Yellowhammer; failed in account management at TBWA; became a planner; did OK at DFSD Bozell; failed in interactive at Leo Burnett; went to Portland, Oregon to work for Weiden & Kennedy as a planner on Microsoft and did quite well, ended up running the department (Nike, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Miller, Amazon); came back to London; won Honda and Aiwa; did some nice work; had fun.

Proudest achievements: I once got through a Bill Gates meeting without him saying: 'That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard.' Honours and awards: None (blimey, that's depressing).

Professional organisations: APG.

Clubs: Nottingham Forest FC supporters club; League Against Modern Dance.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: My family; making music; Oregon; Derbyshire.

Admires: Jim Riswold.

Favourite ad: 'Walt Stack', Nike.

Film: Gregory's Girl, Bill Forsyth.

Book: Whizz For Atoms, Geoffrey Willans and Ronald Searle.

Music: Drop The Bomb, Trouble Funk.

Hotel: Madonna Inn, San Luis Obispo.

The lowdown: A one-time joke writer for the BBC, Davis is infamous for somehow blagging his way into Cambridge despite posting a notoriously horrific set of A Levels. Before cracking advertising, he played the keyboard in a band whose claim to fame was playing on cult children's show Razzmatazz.


Born: Windsor, 6 May 1944.

Family: Mark and Thelma Davis (parents); Ann Latimer (wife); two sons.

Lives: Notting Hill, London.

Education: Royal Grammar School, High Wycombe; University College, Oxford (Politics, Philosophy & Economics).

Current job: Global business director, J.Walter Thompson.

Salary: Call me old fashioned, but I have always treated peoples'salaries, even my own, as confidential information.

Career highlights: 1967, joined Young & Rubicam as a graduate trainee, spending my first year in the business working in key departments (marketing, media, traffic) and learning the professional ropes; 1968, entered account management on the Procter & Gamble group as assistant account executive on Daz, at that time the agency's single largest account with billings of £1 million. Progressively promoted to account executive, account supervisor and account director working on P&G (Fairy Liquid, Flash, Bold and Crest), Heinz Baked Beans and Cadbury; 1974, following the miners strike and the three-day week, married a Y&R media executive, Annie Latimer, and transferred to Y&R's Canadian agency in Toronto to head the P&G and American Home Products accounts; 1977, returned to the London agency the same month as Chris Wilkins joined to become its new creative director; became director of client services (1978); 1980, managing director; 1982, chairman; 1983, Y&R resigned the P&G account globally to take on Colgate-Palmolive.

Having experienced great difficulty in supporting this decision, I resigned the London chairmanship in 1985 to become partner in a new agency; 1985, partnered with Chris Wilkins and supported by BMP, we launched Davis Wilkins; 1991, opted to part company with Chris as Davis Wilkins merged with BMP Business; joined JWT as director-in-charge of Lever Europe account; 1995, appointed global business director, Unilever; 1997, in addition, became global business director, Shell; 2002, appointed by WPP key account coordinator, Unilever.

Proudest achievement: Winning The Daily Telegraph ('Earth dwellers guide to life, the universe and everything') and The Sunday Telegraph ('Sharp and to the point') accounts at Davis Wilkins.

Honours and awards: During 36 years with Y&R, Davis Wilkins and JWT, I have had the privilege of working with many fine creatives whose work has been honoured with top awards at Cannes, British Television Awards, Campaign Press and Poster awards, etc. The awards quite rightly went to them.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; Solus Club.

Clubs: Lambton Place Health Club.

Hates: Intellectual dishonesty.

Loves: Brilliant copywriting, as practised regularly by former colleague Chris Wilkins and current partner Derek Day; football, the way Spurs used to play it.

Admires: Ed Ney, former chairman of Y&R.

Favourite ad: 'Accountancy was my way of life until I discovered Smirnoff', Smirnoff. This was the first ad in the 'effect is shattering' campaign, created by Y&R in my early years at the agency.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: American Tabloid, James Elroy.

Music: (I can't get no) Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones.

Hotel: Sukothai, Bangkok.

The lowdown: A WPP heavyweight executive, Davis' international client credentials are legendary. A Unilever stalwart, Davis 'gets' and has ample stamina for global advertising


Born: London, 11 October 1964.

Family: Judy Mitchem (partner); two children.

Education: Dulwich College; Bristol University (Politics & Philosophy).

Current job: Executive planning director, TBWA\London. +44 (0)20 7573 6666.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: I spent ten years in market research (quantitative and qualitative). 1995, joined Euro RSCG; 1996, appointed planning director; 1999-2001, planning director and partner at Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy; 2001-present, executive planning director at TBWA\London.

Proudest achievement: Working on the Commission for Racial Equality account at Euro RSCG.

Honours and awards: Part of the team winning major creative awards on Peugeot and Scottish Courage.

Professional organisations: IPA; Marketing Society;APG; MRS.

Clubs: Home House; Century; Holmes Place; Chelsea FC.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Football, films, music, reading.

Admires: Nelson Mandela.

Favourite ad: ''Ello Tosh', Toshiba.

Film: The Godfather, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Libra, Don DeLillo.

Music: Blood on the Tracks, Bob Dylan.

Hotel: The Mercer Hotel, New York.

The lowdown: Underneath his cool, intelligent exterior, Dawson the workout-aholic is said to possess the best physique in the agency.

Meticulously well dressed, he is also known for doing a pretty good Jekyll and Hyde - while always mild mannered and in control by day, by night he has been known to live large with the best of them.


Born: Woking, 14 July 1944.

Family: Lucy and William Dear (parents, father deceased) Sue Dear (wife); three children.

Lives: Wiltshire.

Education: Elmwood School; St Martins School of Art, London.

Current job: Dog-walker and kettle-boiler since 2002.

Salary: £4.50 per hour.

Career highlights: 1980-99, running British Airways advertising during its best years; 1997-2002, chairman of Government's advisory committee on advertising, but resigned in protest at its wastage of tax payers' money on media buying; 1998-2003, board member of QE2 conference centre and helped turn it to profit.

Proudest achievement: 1991, Advertiser of the Year; World's Biggest Offer (all seats given away one day on all BA flights); 'Manhattan' ad; the PJ O'Rourke campaigns.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Clubs: St James; Oare Gardening Club.

Hates: Precious film directors; pushy media buyers; Turner Prize winners.

Loves: Wife; children; Concorde; claret.

Admires: Lord King.

Favourite ad: As above; Volkswagen; Boddingtons.

Film: As Good As It Gets, James L Brooks.

Book: The Human Factor, Graham Greene.

Music: Lakme, Leo Delibes.

Hotel: Le Sirenuse, Positano.

The lowdown: Dear's easy-going nature was tested to the limit when he resigned from the government's advisory committee on advertising. An old-school type of client.


Current job: Chief executive, JCDecaux. +44 (0)20 7298 8000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: The multilingual, Ferrari-driving Decaux has dealt with more industry battles than Dallas' JR Ewing. One of two brothers running the company their father founded in 1964 in response to a ban in France on billposting.


Born: York, 24 November 1943.

Family: Lord and Lady Deedes (parents); Anna Rosemary (wife and daughter of Edward and Rosemary Gray); two sons.

Lives: Hamilton House, Compton Newbury, Berkshire.

Education: Eton.

Current job: Former managing director, Telegraph Group Ltd. +44 (0)20 7538 5000.

Salary: Adequate.

Career highlights: 1970-76, editor, Londoner's Diary, Evening Standard; 1976-1979, deputy editor, Daily Express; one of founding team of Today newspaper.

Proudest achievements: Undisclosed.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Chairman, Warwick Racecourse; director, Millbourne Productions.

Clubs: Boodles; Royal Cape GC; Frilford Heath GC Hates: Garlic.

Loves: Oysters.

Admires: My father.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Vineyard Hotel, Cape Town.

The lowdown: One of those behind the decision to rebrand The Daily Telegraph to a younger audience, Deedes is a keen golfer and the son of former Telegraph editor Bill Deedes. Started as a reporter on Kent Sussex Courier in 1963.


Born: Boston, USA, 15 January 1945, 'old bastard'.

Family: Married since 1968 to the same person; one son; one daughter.

Lives: Chelsea, London.

Education: Boston Latin School; Boston College; Harvard Business School (MBA).

Current job: 1995, president, Sony Computer Enterainment Europe. +44 (0)20 7859 5000.

Salary: Overworked and underpaid (just like everybody).

Career highlights: 1977-82, business manager, Shaving Systems, Gillette International; 1985-91, SVP sales and marketing, RCA/Columbia Home Video; 1991-95, executive vice-president, Columbia Tristar International.

Proudest achievements: Helping Sony smash a games industry record by launching back-to-back number-one games consoles in Europe.

Honours and awards: Nothing to speak of.

Professional organisations: ELSPA; Harvard Club of London.

Clubs: Union Club; Soho House; BA Lounge.

Hates: Waiting for pages to download; slow drivers.

Loves: Guinness; choral music; Chicago blues; fringe theatre; exploring nightlife in new cities.

Admires: Ken Kutaragi.

Favourite ad: 'Martians', Cadbury Smash. Still the best ad ever after 25 years.

Film: Son of the Bride, Juan Jose Campanella.

Book: The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco.

Music: The Thrill is Gone, BB King; Second Movement, Ludvig van Beethoven.

Hotel: Suntset Marquis, LA.

The lowdown: A quiet American who has managed to regain his equilibrium despite a slightly gammy leg from an old skiing accident. Famed for his 'big acts' - he once surprised his advertising agency by handing over their £250,000 performance incentive in cash - in a briefcase.


Current job: Chairman, Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners. +44 (0)20 7836 3474.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: One of eight Delaneys alongside his brother Tim, this one apparently has a secret love of big game fishing. Supports English at rugby, but sings the Irish songs. In his repertoire of 'skills to survive the ad industry', Delaney has learned how to protect himself from a bear.


Born: Bushey, Hertfordshire, 12 March 1946.

Family: Sam (deceased) and Marjorie (parents); seven brothers and sisters; one son; one daughter.

Lives: Cadogan Square, London SW1.

Education: In a transit camp masquerading as a state secondary modern school.

Current job: Chairman, Leagas Delaney. +44 (0)20 7758 1758.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: Receiving a rise on my first day at work; being made creative director of BBDO by Peter Mayle at the age of 27; 1977-79, working for prime minister James Callaghan; 1980, starting Leagas Delaney.

Proudest achievements: Being the only London agency to open offices in Paris, Rome, Hamburg and America with our own money; creating a commercial with Charlotte Moore for Telecom Italia featuring Nelson Mandela that resulted in $1.5 million going to his Children's Fund.

Honours and awards: 1992, D&AD president; 1998, D&AD President's Award; 1997, British Television Lifetime Achievement Award; 1995, Creative Circle President's Award.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: Hurlingham; The Groucho; Fulham FC.

Hates: Those coat hangers without proper hooks in hotels.

Loves: My two children; soccer; Italy.

Admires: Anyone who stands up for what they believe in.

Favourite ad: 'Fast-talking man', FedEx.

Film: Rocco and His Brothers, Luchino Visconti.

Book: The Heart of the Matter, Graham Greene.

Music: Everything.

Hotel: Russie, Rome.

The lowdown: Depending on who you are, Delaney is either an amiable genius or the scariest man to walk the earth. What is undisputable is his talent and the contribution he's made to the advertising industry.


Current job: Vice-president, Procter & Gamble. +44 (0)1932 896000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Has arguably the most powerful job in the industry, but has a relatively low profile. An easy-going, relaxed person, this P&G lifer has been instrumental in getting the company to start relaxing its rigid communications format.


Born: Torino Italy 24 November 1960.

Family: Balduccio and Simonetta de Nardis di Prata (parents); Alberico and Gherardo (sons).

Lives: London SW3.

Education: University Luigi Bocconi, Milan (Economics); Bedales School; Aiglon College, Switzerland.

Current job: Worldwide chief executive, Mediaedge:cia. +44 (0)20 7803 2000.

Salary: Adequate.

Career highlights: 1980, joined McCann-Erickson in Rome as a trainee account executive; 1981-1985, account director at Young & Rubican Milan; 1985-87, co-founder and managing director of advertising agency Alberto Cremona in Milan, key clients Alfa Romeo, Candy, Cointreau, Heineken group; 1987-93, co-founder of Milan agency and deputy chairman of independent media specialist Medianetwork, also chairman of international association of media specialists Media Network International; 1993-2001, following the merger of Medianetwork and CIA, chief executive of CIA Group in Europe and then worldwide; from 1997, also a director of Tempus; 2001,following Tempus' acquisition by WPP and the merger between CIA and The Media Edge, worldwide chief executive of Mediaedge:cia.

Proudest achievement: Convincing Y&R to employ me in 1981, a dream since I was eight years old. Co-founder and managing director of an advertising agency at 25; chairing an international association of media specialists at 28; being given the opportunity to develop CIA from two to 35 countries and to build and manage a network where most of the key people were much more senior and talented than myself. The experience as a director of a public company quoted on the London Stock Exchange; managing a complex and difficult merger to create Mediaedge:cia; managing the same company for 15 years under three different ownerships.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Unfortunately, no time available in my new job.

Clubs: Boodles/Clubino; Harry's Bar; Annabel's; Bluebird Club; Riva Owners Club; Alfa Romeo/Jaguar/ Ferrari/Porsche Owners' Clubs.

Hates: Office politics; resistance to change; narrow-minded individuals; arrogance; dishonesty.

Loves: Meritocracy; interaction with people; languages; travelling; cars, skiing; sailing; animals; my children.

Admires: My parents; Chris Ingram; many others including a little friend called Otto. I admire many people.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: 8 1/2, Federico Fellini.

Book: The Prince, Niccolo Machiavelli.

Music: Anything by The Doors.

Hotel: Splendido, Portofino and Cala di Volpe, Sardinia; a sailing boat even better.

The lowdown: Displays great integrity - De Nardis moved over to London when CIA bought his Italian agency and he remains loyal to the CIA cause. Like a true Italian, De Nardis is a member of the ranks of media car fanatics.


Born: Chesterfield, 10 September 1950.

Family: Nicki (wife); one son; one daughter.

Lives: Edinburgh.

Education: Buckhaven High School; St Andrews University (MA Hons Economics).

Current job: Chairman, The Leith Agency, Edinburgh and London. +44 (0)131 561 8600.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1972-1976, product manager, Boots; 1976-80, brand manager, Scottish and Newcastle; 1980-84, account director, Halls Advertising; 1984, founder of The Leith Agency; 2002, non-executive director of Denholm Marketing Recruitment.

Proudest achievements: Founding The Leith Agency and helping build a team that lives up to our proposition: 'Great advertising without the grief.' Honours and awards: See below.

Professional organisations: Chairman, Creative Edinburgh; previous member, Scottish Arts Council.

Clubs: Craigielaw Golf Club.

Hates: Office politics.

Loves: Sinking long, curly putts.

Admires: No-one specific.

Favourite ad: Currently 'India', Peugeot 206; past 'photo booth', Hamlet.

Film: A Night at the Opera, Sam Wood.

Book: The Bonfire of the Vanities, Tom Wolfe; David Copperfield, Charles Dickens (first half).

Music: Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan.

Hotel: Crinan Hotel, Argyll.

The lowdown: A modest man who passed up the chance of putting his name over the door when starting the agency in 1984 and has been stuck with a low profile ever since. Rumour says he is now thinking of changing his name to Leith.


Born: Sete, 11 June 1945.

Family: Pierre and Jeanine Duplessis de Pouzilhac (parents); Carole Dupuy (wife); three sons.

Lives: Paris.

Education: France.

Current job: Chairman and chief executive, Havas. +33 1 41 34 34 34.

Salary: 1,300,040 euros.

Career highlights: Undisclosed.

Proudest achievements: Being myself.

Honours and awards: Grand Prix du Festival du Film Publicitaire a Cannnes.

Professional organisations: La Chaine de l'Espoir.

Clubs: Racing Club de France.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Life; rugby; football; tennis.

Admires: Soeur Emmanuelle.

Favourite ad: 'Le sculpter', Peugeot.

Film: La Grande Illusion.

Book: The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Music: All Elton John music.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: De Pouzilhac is the quintessential Gallic charmer, proud of his French roots and, paradoxically, a passionate multiculturalist. Just don't ask him what he thinks of Sir Martin Sorrell.


Born: Ebbw Vale, 10 March 1959.

Family: Frank and Eileen Desmond (parents); Christine Arnold (wife); three children.

Lives: Wimbledon, London.

Education: Bishop Hedley High School; Leeds University, Trinity and All Saints (Communication, Arts & Media).

Current job: Chief executive, ITV Broadcasting Enterprises.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: Becoming sales director at Granada in 1992; being part of the team that secured the Cadbury sponsorship of Coronation Street in 1995.

Proudest achievements: Part of the team that secured the hostile bid on United News & Media in 1999; helping turn around ITV's performance in 2002 and 2003.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Solus Club; RTS; Hampton Court Golf Club.

Hates: Negativity; people who give up.

Loves: Most sports; red wine.

Admires: Anyone who gives 100 per cent.

Favourite ad: 'Dambusters', Carling Black Label.

Film: LA Confidential, Curtis Hanson.

Music: Suspicious Minds, Elvis Presley.

Hotel: Four Seasons, New York.

The lowdown: One salesman who effortlessly survived the ITV merger, Desmond's commercial knowledge has undoubtedly helped the channel refocus on its core product after the collapse of ITV Digital last year.

If only be could work the same magic for his beloved Wales rugby team.


Born: 8 December 1951, Hampstead, London.

Family: Married with one son.

Lives: Hampstead, London.

Education: Christ College, Finchley.

Current job: Chairman, Northern & Shell, since 1974.

Salary: Depends.

Career highlights: Looking forward to them.

Proudest achievement: What I am doing now and what I will do tomorrow.

Honours and awards: Undisclosed.

Professional organisations: Too busy with 100 per cent commitment to working towards getting the Daily Express to overtake the Daily Mail.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: Undisclosed.

Admires: Undisclosed.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Film: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Desmond is a famously controversial and outspoken character, although a shrewd and highly successful business brain. His colourful career reached a high point with the success of OK! but the takeover of Express Newspapers really put Desmond centre stage.


Current job: Chief executive, Interpublic, USA. +00 121 2981 7600.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Pumped up and tanned, Deutsche cuts an impressive figure in US adland - the agency his father started in 1969 with $1 million in billings is now worth $2 billion each year.


Born: Newcastle, 13 September 1954.

Family: Nicola Dicketts (wife); one son.

Lives: London SW10; Sussex.

Education: CorbridgeSchool, Corbridge, Northumberland; St Edward's, Oxford.

Current job: Executive creative director, M&C Saatchi. +44 (0)20 7543 4500.

Salary: Details at Companies House.

Career highlights: Joined J. Walter Thompson in 1976 as general dogsbody; took copytest and became a copywriter; joined Saatchi and Saatchi as copywriter in 1979; made group head in 1986 and joint creative director in 1991; one of nine founding members of M&C Saatchi in 1995; joint creative director until 1999; creative director, 1993-2003; currently executive creative director and international creative director on British Airways.

Proudest achievements: Starting M&C Saatchi with my colleagues in a tiny room above an estate agent in Davies Street and helping to build it into what it is today.

Honours and awards: Gold and silver national and international awards in TV, cinema, posters, press and radio for BA, The Samaritans, Pilkington Glass, Daily Mail, Health Education Council, Index on Censorship, Conservative Party, ICI, The Independent; twice winner of best-written advertisment, 'Astronaut wanted, no experience necessary' and 'I'm about to kill myself - talk me out of it'; contributor to The Copywriter's Bible and D&AD publications.

Professional organisations: D&AD.

Clubs: Soho House; Holmes Place Chelsea.

Hates: Rudeness.

Loves: Wine; Italy; Radio 4.

Admires: My grandfather.

Favourite ad: 'Pregnant man' HEC/Family Planning Association.

Film: Twelve Angry Men, Sidney Lumet.

Book: The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Music: The Wall, Pink Floyd.

Hotel: Villa St Michele, Florence.

The lowdown: Smartly attired and with a polished accent, Dicketts has been said to look more like a managing director than an executive creative director. Producer of scores of award-winning campaigns but yet to oversee a truly consistent creative product at M&C Saatchi.


Born: Brighton, 17 September 1960.

Family: Beverley (deceased) and Margaret (parents); two children.

Lives: Wandsworth, London.

Education: Uppingham School, Rutland.

Current job: Commercial director, Initiative Media. +44 (0)20 7663 7000.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1981, joined HTV as a sales assistant, switched to buying at Hedger Mitchell Stark, Leo Burnett and Still Price Court Twivy D'Souza; 1987, Campaign Agency of the Year runner-up; founder director of Initiative Media following the reverse takeover of Still Price by Lintas; 1992-1995, European broadcast director; 1995, founded Rapture Television, the UK's first dedicated youth channel, backed by United News & Media; 2002, returned to Initiative in current role.

Career highlights: Being part of developing a start-up ad agency, a new-media network and conceptualising, financing and running a TV channel; still having new challenges and still meeting great people today.

Proudest achievement: Still working today.

Honours and awards: Reviewed by Rowan Atkinson when playing Hamlet at school.

Professional organisations: Royal Television Society; The Marketing Society; IPA.

Clubs: Richmond Golf Club; Soho House; Surrey County Cricket Club; Lords Taverners, BASC; Countryside Alliance.

Hates: Britain's lack of investment in transport; monotony.

Loves: My family; cricket; golf; wine; travel.

Admires: My mum.

Favourite ad: Undisclosed.

Film: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Sergio Leone.

Book: Wellington: A Personal History, Christopher Hibbert.

Music: Fantasy, Earth Wind and Fire.

Hotel: Phinda Reserve , Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

The lowdown: After trying his hand at being a media owner with the launch of the Rapture youth channel with his old agency partner Adam Stanhope, Ditcham - always the quieter and more conservative - slunk back to his old Initiative home in 2001.


Born: Rochford, Essex, 2 February 1962.

Family: Sydney (deceased) and Norma Dobres (parents); Karen Anderson (wife); one son; one daughter.

Lives: Pinner, Middlesex.

Education: Westcliffe High School; Lancaster University.

Current job: Chief executive (co-founder), i-level. +44 (0)20 7340 2700.

Career highlights: 1983, joined the new Essex Radio from university as a graduate trainee in sales; made redundant after six months; moved to London and started a band while holding down shift work at Victoria Coach Station; 1988-90, started as account handling graduate trainee at Lowe Howard-Spink; 1990-94, various ludicrous temp jobs while chasing stardom; 1995-97, rejoined Lowes after a bid at stardom failed. Started and ran Lowe Digital division; 1997, left to start up media training company, Shedlight; 1998, co-founded i-level with Andrew Walmsley.

Proudest achievements: Co-founding a new agency while co-founding a new family.

Honours and awards: Many agency awards for i-level, no personal ones.

Professional organisations: IoD.

Clubs: Southend United (season ticket holder).

Hates: Duplicity; inhumanity; seafood.

Loves: Karen; Millie; Alfie (everything else is just strong liking).

Admires: Siddhartha Gautama.

Favourite ad: 'Office linebacker', Reebok (received via e-mail as a viral execution).

Film: It's a Wonderful Life, Frank Capra.

Book: The Dignity of Difference, John Sacks.

Music: A Day in the Life, The Beatles.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: With a manner that swings between engaging and brusque, bordering on the sometimes arrogant, Dobres has a direct, no-bullshit character. And why shouldn't he, as a new-media pioneer who has come out the other side of the dotcom crash with one of the best digital outfits in town?


Born: Mount Vernon, New York, 8 March 1948.

Family: Cindy Dooner (wife); two daughters.

Lives: Westchester County, just north of New York City.

Education: St Thomas Villanova University (BA).

Current job: Chairman, chief executive, McCann-Erickson WorldGroup. +00 (0) 646 865 2000.

Salary: Widely published.

Career highlights: 1970, I began my career in media area of Grey Advertising; before joining McCann I was with Marschalk (now Lowe and Partner Worldwide), rising to executive vice-president, director of account management and board member over my ten years there; 1995-present, chairman, chief executive of McCann WorldGroup, except for three years at McCann's parent company, The Interpublic Group, where I held the titles of president, and later chairman, chief executive; 2003, rejoined McCann, Interpublic's largest operating company; 1997, McCann WorldGroup, a $30 billion marketing communications company formed by myself, comprised of McCann Worldwide, the world's largest advertising agency network with operations in over 130 countries, as well as a portfolio of specialized marketing companies, the other WorldGroup companies are: MRM Partners (direct/customer relationship management, online marketing communications through Zentropy), Momentum Worldwide (event marketing/sponsorship/sales promotion), FutureBrand (consulting/design), Torre Lazur McCann Healthcare Worldwide, in adition, WorldGroup is allied with Weber Shandwick (public relations) through The Interpublic Group; I am credited with directing the agency to one of the world's largest and fastest-growing integrated marketing communications organisations; 1998, 1999 and 2000, the success was reflected industry-wide, with Agency of the Year honours from such major publications as Advertising Age, Adweek, Business Marketing, Media Marketing Europe; vision, energy and a persistent dedication to growth through outstanding client service have characterized my 30 year career with Interpublic; 1984, I first joined McCann as a worldwide account director on the Coca-Cola account, and the followind year I was named executive vice-president, general manager of McCann New York; during my four years as head of the New York operations, billings more than doubled and I was named Adweek's East Coast Executive of the Year, I later held president and chief operating officer titles before being named McCann Worldwide chairman; 1995, chief executive.

Proudest achievements: Father of two amazing daughters.

Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: Charter member, President's Advisory Council of CARE; board of directors, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and The Sound Shore Medical Centre; board of trustees, College of New Rochelle.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Undisclosed.

Loves: In addition to my family and friends, I love the business - I believe strongly that it is love of the business that gives people the passion and the energy to be the best.

Admires: My father (deceased).

Favourite ad: Are you kidding? Film: Undisclosed.

Book: Undisclosed.

Music: Undisclosed.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: A highly talkative, cigar-smoking New Yorker, Dooner's forte is running advertising networks, but as head of IPG he was too divorced from the nuts and bolts of the industry. Not the type of person to look at creative directors with awkward reverence.


Born: Alton, Hampshire, 1 September 1962.

Family: Robin Douglas-Home and Sandra Howard (parents); Alex (wife); one son; one daughter.

Lives: Wimbeldon, London.

Education: Bradfield College; University of Warwick (BSc Management Sciences).

Current job: Global head of communications channels, Reuters. +44 (0)20 7250 1122.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1983-93, account handler at Coleman RSCG, Chiat Day Mojo and Still Price Lintas (Unilever, Nestle, Cadbury, Reckitt & Colman, Citroen, Warburton's); 1993-98, advertising manager then head of advertising at BT, winning the Grand Prix at the IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards for 'it's good to talk'; 1998-2001, director of sales and marketing at New Millennium Experience Company; 2001-present, marketing director, Reuters Kalends, then head global communications channel, Reuters and Publisher Reuters magazines; 1996, editor, Zagat London Restaurant Guide.

Proudest achievements: Crossing the finishing line on 31 December 2000 after completing the Dome assault course.

Honours and awards: Grand Prix, IPA Advertising Effectiveness Awards (1996); fellow, Chartered Institute of Marketing.

Professional organisations: Chartered Institute of Marketing; executive committee, ISBA; council member, Marketing Group of Great Britain; Nabs fund-raising committee.

Clubs: George; Montes's; Home House.

Hates: Supermarket trolleys.

Loves: Reviewing restaurants; photography; spread betting.

Admires: Sporting greats.

Favourite ad: 'Tortoise', Citroen.

Film: The Usual Suspects, Bryan Singer.

Book: The Racing Post.

Music: The Wheels on the Bus.

Hotel: La Voile d'Or, St Jean Cap Ferrat.

The lowdown: The well-connected Reuters client is accustomed to dealing with difficulties - he was in charge of marketing the Millenium Dome. An idiosyncratic individual with an even temperament and a quirky sense of fun.


Born: Manchester, 15 September, 1966.

Family: Jim and Mary (parents); Caroline (partner); three children and one expected.

Lives: Chiswick.

Education: Cardinal Langley, Manchester.

Current job: Creative director, Campbell Doyle Dye. +44 (0)20 7483 9800.

Salary: Not completely sure.

Career highlights: Working at Leagas Delaney.

Proudest achievement: Starting an agency.

Honours and awards: D&AD, Campaign Press, Campaign Posters and The One Show.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Long meetings.

Loves: No meetings.

Admires: Tim Delaney; Tom McElliot.

Favourite ad: 'Missed cue', Marriot Hotels.

Film: Glengarry Glen Ross, James Foley.

Book: Any PG Wodehouse.

Music: Swan Lake, Piotr Tchaikovsky.

Hotel: Holiday Inn, Brighouse.

The lowdown: The ebullient Doyle shuns industry limelight but is an entertaining pub companion, where he fancies himself as a quiz aficionado.


Current job: Group managing director, Telegraph Group. +44 (0) 20 7538 5000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Well-spoken and a keen skier, Drayton has a friendly manner which helped him beat other candidates to land the Telegraph job.


Current job: Partner, Lewis Silkin. +44 (0)20 7074 8000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Top lawyer Dresden's number is on speed dial in many chief executives' offices across adland. His razor-sharp professionalism sits well with his easy-going, chatty nature.


Born: Thredbo, Australia, 27 July 1968.

Family: Harold and Vibeke Droga (parents) four brothers, two sisters; Marisa Droga (wife), one son.

Lives: Greenwich Village, New York and Notting Hill, London.

Education: The King's School, Sydney.

Current job: Global executive creative director, Publicis. +44 (0)20 7935 4426.

Salary: Interesting.

Career highlights: 1987, top student nationally, Australian Writer & Art Directors Section; 1992/3, Australian Agency of the Year while partner and joint creative director at Omon; 1998, Ad Age International Agency of the Year while executive creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore; 1999, Regional Network of the Year whilst regional creative director, Saatchi & Saatchi Asia; 2002, Agency of the Year, Cannes; executive creative director, Saatchis London.

Proudest achievements: The birth of my son.

Honours and awards: (As creative director 1996-2003) 42 Cannes Lions (includes two Grand Prix, 11 D&AD Pencils, 23 One Show Pencils, Ad of the Year BTAA 2002, Gold Campaign of the Year 1999 at the Campaign Poster Awards. Gold Campaign of the Year 2001 at the Campaign Press Awards. (As a writer 1987-94) Magazine Ad of the Decade, Folio Awards Australia; 18 AWARD Pencils; FACT TV Ad of the Year; Folio Awards.

Professional organisations: Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Comex Board.

Clubs: Soho House; Yoga Centre; Holmes Place.

Hates: The middle.

Loves: Family; art; reading; films; skiing; rugby; mindless banter.

Admires: Personally, my mother; creatively, Matt Groening, as a global citizen, Nelson Mandela.

Favourite ad: It changes every year. The most recent Nike 'tag' spot, although 'Dambusters', Carling Black Label, is pretty hard to top.

Film: Iron Monkey, Kuan Tai Chen.

Book: The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov.

Music: Fond Memories, Sugar Hill Gang.

Hotel: Sukothai Hotel, Bangkok The lowdown: Droga's easy-going charm belies a ruthless ambition. More commonly known as Dave Yoga, he's probably picked up more awards in his still-young career than he's eaten hot dinners at The Ivy.


Born: Paris, 24 January 1947.

Family: Married, five children.

Lives: New York.

Education: Ecole La Roche Foucauld; HEC Business School.

Current job: President and chief executive, TBWA Worldwide (April 2001).

Salary: Same as other network chief executives.

Career highlights: Executive creative director of France's fifth agency at age 25.

Proudest achievements: Founder of BDDP.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Answering this kind of questionnaire.

Loves: Having time (with my family).

Admires: Charles De Gaulle.

Favourite ad: 'The penalty of leadership', Cadillac.

Film: Federico Fellini's films.

Book: Sophie's Choice, William Styron.

Music: Symphony No 3, Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Hotel: Colombe d'Or, St Paul de Vence, Provence.

The lowdown: Tall, broad and silver-haired, Dru has natural charisma to compete with Gerard Depardieu and masters the English language with the same soft-spoken but engaging delivery. But the Gallic charm disguises a thorny nature, and Dru is passionately intellectual.


Born: Manchester, 13 December 1954.

Family: Living with long-term partner, David.

Lives: Clapham, London.

Education: Cheadle Hulme School, Cheshire; St Johns College Oxford (Politics, Philosophy & Economics).

Current job: Management coach, Paths with Heart. +44 (0)20 7734 5888.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1983-86, director of Abbott Mead Vickers; founder, partner and chairman of DFGW; 1989-2003, DFGW was top-30 agency; 1991-2003, member, IPA council; 1997-2002, chaired IPA T&D; fellow, IPA; 2003, left DFGW, started management coaching practice, Paths with Heart, working with senior managers, management teams and business owners.

Proudest achievements: DFGW winning 1997 Advertising Effectiveness Grand Prix; DFGW launch of Daewoo UK; 2002 campaign for BBC World Cup; 2003, launch of Freeview.

Honours and awards: IPA Effectiveness Award 1987; APG lifetime award; fellowship of IPA.

Professional organisations: Member, The Marketing Society; mentor, Princes Trust; fellow, IPA.

Clubs: The Third Space; The Union; Mei Chuan Tai Chi Academy.

Hates: Very little, since it seems such a waste of energy.

Loves: Music in general; Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart; London; Sydney; playing piano.

Admires: Nelson Mandela.

Favourite ad: 'Double life', PlayStation.

Film: The American Friend, Wim Wenders.

Book: Riddley Walker, Russell Hoban.

Music: Koln Concert, Keith Jarrett.

Hotel: None.

The lowdown: Adland drew a collective 'ahhhh' this year when Duckworth announced he was stepping down from day-to-day agency life, which goes to show how well respected and loved he is. Scarily clever, too.


Born: Whitby, Yorkshire, 13 January 1959.

Family: Stuart Duff (father), Kelly Harrold (partner); two children.

Lives: Islington, London.

Education: Ilford County High.

Current job: Chief executive, Granada Enterprises. +44 (0)20 8396 6000.

Salary: Ridiculously, more than a policeman or a nurse.

Career highlights: 1977,joined Anglia TV as a traffic clerk; 1982, TV buyer at Leo Burnett; 1984, TV manager at GRC; 1986, TV buying director at Publicis; 1990, sales director at TSMS; 1992, sales director at Meridian Broadcasting; 1993, broadcast director rising to chief executive (1996) at Zenith Media UK.

Proudest achievements: 1986, appointed to Publicis UK board aged 27; 1990, one of the founding directors of TSMS; 1996-2001, leading Zenith Media UK through five years of growth and evolution.

Honours and awards: Fellow, IPA.

Professional organisations: Marketing Society.

Clubs: Old Parkonians; Solus Club.

Hates: Abuse of privilege.

Loves: Football (especially West Ham United); cricket; rugby; golf; music; films.

Admires: Tim Wootton.

Favourite ad: 'No nonsense' campaign, John Smith's.

Film: Apocalypse Now, Francis Ford Coppola.

Book: Full Time: The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino, Paul Kimmage.

Music: London Calling, The Clash.

Hotel: La Residencia, Majorca.

The lowdown: Duff's honest-John approach and inability to find an ego endears him to both clients and staff. An East Ender by everything but birth and and West Ham fan to his boots, son of a copper Duff has proved to be a breath of fresh air at 200 Gray's Inn Road during some dog days for the broadcaster.


Born: Newcastle, 20 April 1957.

Family: Elsie and Dennis Duffy (parents); Jann (wife).

Lives: Richmond, Surrey.

Education: St Catherine's, Newcastle; St Columba's College, St Albans; Warwick University (Law).

Current job: Creative partner, Miles Calcraft Briginshaw Duffy. +44 (0)20 7073 6900.

Salary: See Companies House.

Career highlights: 1986, getting onto the board of Colman RSCG at 28; 1989. being made head of copy at CDP; 1992-99, seven great years at Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO; 1999. starting MCBD.

Proudest achievements: Starting MCBD.

Honours and awards: Two D&AD silvers; three Campaign Poster silvers; seven Campaign Press awards; one One Show gold; BTAA Cinema Ad of the Year; two Cannes golds.

Professional organisations: None.

Clubs: RAC; Century; Holmes Place.

Hates: Filling out forms.

Loves: Newcastle United FC.

Admires: Nelson Mandela; Sir Bobby Robson.

Favourite ad: 'Iguana', Benson & Hedges.

Film: Airplane!, Jim Abrahams, David and Jerry Zucker.

Book: The Forgotten Soldier, Guy Sajer.

Music: Yellow, Coldplay.

Hotel: The Novotel in Hammersmith - it means I'm only four miles from home.

The lowdown: Duffy may be the advertising industry's most gentle Geordie to most people, but get a drink in him and show him a karaoke machine and there's no shutting him up.


Born: Belfast, May 1959.

Family: Undisclosed.

Lives: London W8.

Education: Priory Grammar School for Girls; Kingston; Birbeck (Business); London University (Business Change & Strategic Management); Harvard (Advanced Management Programme).

Current job: Chief executive, Newspaper Marketing Agency. +44 (0)20 7887 1929.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1982, joined J. Walter Thompson as a graduate trainee; 1989-95, group media director; 1996-98, strategic communications director and worldwide partner, developing first interactive TV commercial for Kellogg's Frosties and part of team winning Kellogg centralised European media business; 1998-2000, controller, TV marketing, BBC, part of the team developing BBC digital TV strategy; 2000-02, controller, ITV daytime, and working for David Liddiment; 2003, chief executive, Newspaper Marketing Agency, tasked with setting up a generic marketing company for national newspapers.

Proudest achievement: Delivering results on a range of client businesses during my time at JWT through the building of strong teams; moving into a broader area at the BBC and creating a strong department from scratch that won many awards at Promax including four golds for EastEnders.

Honours and awards: See above.

Professional organisations: IoD; The Marketing Society.

Clubs: Undisclosed.

Hates: Negativity; procrastination.

Loves: Sitting in the sun at a pavement cafe and having a chance to relax and read; theatre; films; music; trying out new wine bars.

Admires: Many for their talent.

Favourite ad: Constantly changes.

Film: Lord of the Rings, Peter Jackson.

Book: Roth trilogy, Andrew Taylor.

Music: Peer Gynt, Edvard Grieg.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: The feisty head of the NMA was head of ITV Daytime when the channel had its bust-up with Richard and Judy, so she's well equipped to deal with newspaper politics.


Born: Henley, 13 June 1963.

Family: Michael and Pauline Duffy (parents); Georgina Eyre (partner); one son; one daughter.

Lives: London SW4.

Education: Cheltenham Grammar School; King's College, Cambridge (MA History) Current job: Managing director, M&C Saatchi. +44 (0)20 7543 4500.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1987, planner, Saatchi & Saatchi; 1993, group account director, Saatchis; 1995, founder member, M&C Saatchi; 1997, managing director, M&C Saatchi.

Proudest achievement: My part in M&C Saatchi.

Honours and award None.

Professional organisations: The Marketing Society; Marketing Group of Great Britain.

Clubs: None.

Hates: Small pets.

Loves: Mountains.

Admires: Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

Favourite ad: 'Fly', Health Education Council.

Film: The Terminator, James Cameron.

Book: Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift.

Music: Hurricane, Bob Dylan.

Hotel: None.

The lowdown: As nice as his Christian name suggests he is, but Duffy shouldn't be mistaken for the wide-eyed innocent he sometimes appears.

'He's the choirboy who you find out has been shagging your girlfriend,' a former colleague famously said of him. As much in love with M&C as the agency is with him.


Born: Croydon, 31 July 1962.

Family: Married to Jocelyn; two daughters.

Lives: Chaldon, Surrey.

Educated Whitgift School, Croydon; Manchester University (Management Studies).

Current job: Director of marketing, communications and audiences, BBC.

+44 (0)20 7580 4468.

Salary: Undisclosed. Career highlights 1984-89, Elida Faberge; 1989-94, Brooke Bond Foods; 1995-2001, Unilver Bestfoods; 2001-present, BBC.

Proudest achievements: At Unilever, the launch of Pro-activ; at the BBC, launching Freeview.

Professional organisation Marketing Group of Great Britain.

Honours and awards: Awards success at RTS, BTAA, D&AD, Creative Circle, Promax and the Marketing Society for BBC ; other awards for work on Unilever brands.

Clubs: Old Whitgiftian's Hockey; Selsdon Tennis; Croham Road Church, Croydon; Woldingham Golf Club.

Hates: DIY.

Loves: Sport.

Admires: Mother Teresa.

Favourite ad: Currently: '5Live Premiership', Radio 5 Live - our Eminem 8 Mile idea.

Film: The Shawshank Redemption, Frank Darabont.

Book: The Bible.

Music: That's Alright, Elvis Presley.

Hotel: Undisclosed.

The lowdown: Duncan is the first ever board-level marketer at the BBC and is an inspirational although somewhat worthy, character. One of the last left standing at the bar at any good party.


Born: Singapore, 15 April 1958.

Family: Stuart and Pat Duncan (parents); Penny Duncan (wife); one son; one daughter. Lives London.

Education: Dulwich College; St Andrews University (MA (Hons) Fine Arts).

Current job: Chief executive, Publicis. +44 (0)20 7935 4426.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1982-93, graduate trainee to client services director, CDP; 1993-98, deputy managing director and subsequently managing director, GGT; 1998-99, managing director, TBWA International; 1999-2002, managing director, Publicis; 2002-03 joint chief executive, Publicis; 2003, chief executive, Publicis.

Proudest achievements: In partnership with Robert Saville, Jay Pond-Jones and subsequently Trevor Beattie, reviving GGT's creative reputation in the late 90s.

Honours and awards: None.

Professional organisations: Council member, IPA; member, IPA membership and watchdog committees; chairman, ASA general media panel; chairman, Marketing Society business leaders' programme; member, London's first creative business network; vice-chairman, Prostate Cancer Charity.

Clubs: Soho House; Holmes Place.

Hates: Office politics.

Loves: Winning a pitch.

Admires: Leonardo da Vinci.

Favourite ad: 'Photo booth', Hamlet.

Film: Any Marx Brothers film.

Book: East of Eden, John Steinbeck.

Music: Third Piano Concerto, Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Hotel: The Royalton, New York. The lowdown A mild-mannered Scot, whose managerial style has been described as relying more on encouragement than inspiration. Rated for his ability to laugh and joke as well with the humblest agency staffer as an industry big gun.


Born: London, 6 October 1961.

Family: Liz (wife); three children.

Lives: Undisclosed.

Education: King Edward VI School, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk; Trinity & All Saints, Leeds (Mathematics).

Current job: Managing director, Saatchi and Saatchi London. +44 (0)20 7636 5060.

Salary: Undisclosed.

Career highlights: 1986-89, account planner, Publicis London; 1989-1993 board director, Young & Rubicam London; 1993-1995, senior vice-president, director of planning, Saatchi & Saatchi San Francisco; 1995-99 executive vice-president, director of planning, FCB Advertising San Francisco; 1999-2002 executive planning director, Saatchis London; January 2002 onwards, managing director, Saatchis .

Proudest achievements: See Honours and Awards.

Honours and awards: Bafta for Foster's; Emmy for Levi's; Cannes Agency of the Year for Saatchis London.

Professional organisations: IPA Council.

Clubs: Century; Wentworth.

Hates: Wasting time.

Loves: Flying (I've held a private pilot's licence since 1998); fast cars since I can't remember.

Admires: Madonna, because she is the pinnacle of reinventing the brand.

Favourite ad: 'Snowplough', Volkswagen.

Film: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, George Roy Hill.

Book: Childrens' photo album.

Music: All the classics from U2.

Hotel: The Delano, Miami.

The lowdown: The amiable Dundas has barrelloads of diplomacy and exudes an aura of calmness (handy if you're strapped into a small plane with him). Instantly likeable, he has to be advertising's single most inoffensive person.


Current job: Group chief executive, The Carphone Warehouse Group. +44 (0)20 8896 5000.

Details: Not supplied.

The lowdown: Dunstone's networking links in the advertising industry are second-to-none (he was Clemmow Hornby Inge's Johnny Hornby's best man at his wedding). His affable exterior disguises his fiercely competitive business mind.


Born: London, 21 November 1957.

Family: Melvin and Thelma (parents); two children.

Lives: Islington, London.

Education: Bell Grammar School for Boys.

Current job: Chairman, PHD, founded 1990. +44 (0)20 7446 0555.

Salary: Paltry.

Career highlights: 1977, Anglia TV; 1979, FGA; 1982, John Ayling & Associates; 1985, WCRS; 1987, joint media director, WCRS; 1990, co-founder, PHD.

Proudest achievement: PHD now turns over $5 billion per year.

Honours and awards: Blue Peter Badge for coming third in Bleep and Booster competition 1966.

Professional organisations: Non-executive chairman, Campus Media; co-founder, Blakes 6; the Fat Boys Athletic and Dining Club Clubs: See above.

Hates: Ballet; speed cameras; pickled eggs.

Loves: Eating; cinema; Naomi Campbell; Melba toast.

Admires: David Abbott.

Favourite ad: Any Volkswagen ad since 60s; 'no nonsense' campaign, John Smith's.

Film: Pulp Fiction, Quentin Tarantino.

Book: Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkein.

Music: Perfect Day, Lou Reed Hotel: Blakes.

The lowdown: A formidable creative media strategist, the Essex-born Durden is also 'one of the nicest men in media', according to those who are acquainted with him. He enjoys roaring around in his Aston Martin.