A little bit funny: the best parodies of John Lewis' Elton John ad

You can tell everybody... that all the best John Lewis Christmas parodies (so far) are here. Hope you don't mind.

A little bit funny: the best parodies of John Lewis' Elton John ad

These days almost as highly anticipated as the real thing, social media (and Twitter in particular) comes into its own as soon as the John Lewis Christmas campaign goes live. Indulge yourself with the best parodies and spoofs of the festive season to date...


The fact that a reverse chronological musical biopic of Elton John is possibly more difficult to send up than a monster under the bed didn't deter these willing pranksters: 

Elves Behavin' Badly replaced Elton's classic with something slightly less critically acclaimed:

— Elves Behavin’ Badly (@ElvesBB) November 15, 2018

Joe.co.uk combined the two hot topics du jour:

Pizza Hut referenced another much-talked-about Christmas campaign:

Keele University tapped into the ad's nostalgic feel with its annual effort:

Frank PR changed Your Song to #FranksSong, saying sorry to Elton in the process:

— Frank. (@WelcomeToFrank) November 15, 2018



…which John Lewis couldn't resist responding to:




And finally...

Spare a thought for the man who gets almost as much attention as the retailer at this time of year:

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