Liverpool Victoria ads focus on mutual offer

The mutual society Liverpool Victoria is returning to television after a break of nearly a decade, with three 30-second commercials created by Clemmow Hornby Inge.

The campaign aims to communicate the competitive benefits of the friendly society's mutual status. The ads stress the fact that because Liverpool Victoria is a mutual organisation with no shareholders and therefore no requirement to pay dividends, all of its profits are available for its members.

The campaign was developed around the concept "You wouldn't share everything", asking why investors should have to share their profits with shareholders.

The first execution, "pub", features a barman taking a slurp out of a punter's pint before handing it over and charging him full price for it.

In the second, "supermarket", a checkout girl is seen taking bites out of various items in a woman's shopping basket and the third, "kiss", shows a woman trying to interrupt a courting couple in an attempt to steal a kiss.

The ads, which were written by Matt Pam and Laurie Smith and directed by David Hartley of Brave Films, go on air on 3 February for eight weeks.

Each 30-second execution is accompanied by a ten-second cut-down version. Media is by Starcom Motive.

The campaign builds upon the established "wouldn't share" print campaign that has been running in the national press for the past 18 months.

Simon Rhodes, Liverpool Victoria's group director of marketing and sales, said: "With little consumer awareness around mutuality, there is a significant opportunity for Liverpool Victoria to promote the fact that we have no shareholders, and therefore our members are the only ones who benefit from the profit on their investment."

The CHI partner Johnny Hornby added: "It's a really simple way of dramatising Liverpool Victoria's point of difference."