Lloyds Bank launches Christmas Apple Pay campaign

Lloyds Bank's Christmas ad promoting its partnership with Apple Pay presents the sweet tale of a young girl struggling to find the perfect gift for her mother.

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R created the spot as part of a £4 million campaign. The TV ad first aired on 2 November and will also run online and on VoD channels.

In the spot, a young girl decides that a star would be the perfect Christmas present for her mum, but struggles to find one for sale until she goes to a shop and is told about "name a star" packages. The little girl is then pleased to see how easily her dad pays for one of these packages with Apple Pay.

As part of the campaign, Lloyds is also giving away an illustrated children’s book to its customers through iTunes. The work was created by Nicola Wood and Andy Forrest, and directed by Mark Albiston through The Sweetshop.

Ros King, the director of marketing communications at Lloyds Banking Group, said: "This new campaign focuses on the sometimes difficult task of finding that elusive perfect gift.

"The campaign demonstrates the ease and simplicity of paying with your Lloyds Bank card and Apple Pay and really brings to life the emotion of this very special time of year."