Loaded 'fighting for feminism' ad cleared after complaint

LONDON - A poster ad for lads' mag Loaded, which boasted it had been fighting for feminism for 10 years, has been cleared by the advertising watchdog of being offensive and demeaning to women.

The ad, for the 10th anniversary issue of Loaded, showed a side view of a woman from the waist up. The woman was naked and holding a burning bra, with her arm partly covering her breast. The text read: "10 years fighting for feminism."

Three people objected to the poster, two of whom said it was demeaning to women, offensive and unsuitable for children. Other people said the ad was offensive because it trivialised the fight for equality.

IPC Media, publisher of Loaded, defended the ad, which also appeared in TV & Satellite Week.

IPC said that the ad was an ironic reference to the magazine's content and did not believe its readers would see it as an effort to undermine the position of women in society. It rejected the complaint that it was unsuitable for a medium that was likely to be seen by children and said the covered breast was an acceptable level of nudity.

TV & Satellite Week said the ad would be acceptable to its readership, 36% of who fall inside Loaded's demographic of men aged between 15 and 44. The Advertising Standards Authority judged that the ad was unlikely to cause widespread offence.

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