Lockets targets sick commuters through Minerva poster drive

Lockets, the Mars-owned cold remedy brand, is using posters to reach under-the-weather rush-hour travellers in places close to where the product is for sale.

A pounds l.5 million budget is backing the campaign, the first to be produced by Minerva since it took over the account from its Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO sister agency last summer.

Under the theme "lighten-up your cold", the three executions feature glum-looking sufferers wearing party novelties. They were written by Keith Lewin, art directed by Stuart Gill and photographed by Seamus Ryan.

Previously, Lockets advertising focused on people with sore throats and blocked noses at work, but Caroline Young, the agency account director on the business, said: "We felt it was important not only to reach people as they were travelling, but at places where they could immediately buy the product. What's more, we believe Lockets is such a strong and established brand it can afford to bring humour into its advertising."

MediaCom is handling media planning and buying for the campaign, comprising six- and 48-sheet executions and Tube cards running nationally until the middle of next month to coincide with the peak period for colds.

It is supplemented by an ambient campaign on petrol pump nozzles to persuade motorists to buy Lockets as they pay for their fuel.