Bhavesh Patel: media director, Carat
Bhavesh Patel: media director, Carat
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London Live launch reflects the city's diversity and glitz

In the run up to the launch, there was a lot of talk around energy and diversity from everyone associated with London Live, and it was very apparent from the opening night that this is clearly what they are going to stand for.

The presenters were enthusiastic, the reporters were bubbly and the modern studio helped to dispel any memories of local TV gone before. Reporting live from the red carpet at the Noah premier also gave the evening an added bit of glitz.

In the space of six hours they covered programming on food, freestyle footballers, stand-up comedians, a UK rapper, and two comedy dramas.

All were unique and had an urban feel to them, whilst hoping to appeal to a range of diverse younger audiences.

"London Live" and the aptly named 'Not The One Show' will be the pillar of the schedule and will cover all the live news, current affairs and entertainment, with a focus on stimulating debate and getting viewers to interact.

Next came 'Food Junkies', which was a highly entertaining show on London’s hidden culinary scene.

Targeting the younger males will be 'F2 Kicks off' about two freestyle footballers, which was followed by the Alex Zane presented 'Funny Rotten Scoundrels' which provides a platform for up-and-coming comedians.

Two sitcoms followed in the form of 'Misfits' as part of their partnership with Channel 4 and the intriguing 'Brothers With No Game', which is a popular web series making its debut on the big screen.

The night finished with 'Nothing to Something' about UK garage rapper "Megaman", as the title suggests this will be looking at a range of popular diverse people talking about their humble beginnings.

The initial viewing figures are a bit of a mixed bag, with 'Not The One Show' and 'Brothers With No Game' delivering some promising numbers, however the rest struggled with fewer than 4,000 viewers.

It will be interesting to see if any develop a loyal following, and how quickly they start moving the schedule around once they identify what isn’t working.

In the short term, they will need to continue driving awareness through the Evening Standard.

Bhavesh Patel, media director, Carat