London snow provides blank canvas Extreme branding

LONDON - CURB, creative media solutions agency, took advantage of yesterday's blizzards to deliver a 'snow-tagging' campaign for sports channel, Extreme.

Snow...branding opportunity for Extreme
Snow...branding opportunity for Extreme

Curb, which provides branding and advertising solutions using only natural resources, stamped over 2000 Extreme logos onto 350 London locations.

Parked cars, post boxes, walls and central London’s shopping hub Oxford Street, were all branded with the logo, which was applied using a laser cut stencil.

Al Gosling, CEO of Extreme Group, said: "Extreme has a long history of both branding innovation and association with alpine adrenaline living, but it’s not very often we get to bring these both together onto the streets of London.

"CURB were able to turn it around in a couple of hours and we were very impressed with what they delivered."