Take a look inside Innocent's blue cafe

Pop-up celebrates brand's new Bolt from the Blue drink.

Innocent has partnered multisensory experience studio Bompass & Parr to open the "Definitely blue café" in London Covent Garden. The café will be open from today (4 October) until 6 October. Visitors will be able to hear, smell, taste and of course drink all things blue, free of charge on a first come, first serve basis.

The café is the final instalment of the drinks brand's campaign to launch its new Innocent Plus range of added-benefit juices, which blends fruit and vegetable juices with botanicals and vitamins. The campaign began in August with a £3.5m spend that included TV, online, outdoor and a social campaign (featuring Duncan James from pop band Blue) in order to create awareness and conversion to purchase in store. 

The blue theme was inspired by the brand's Bolt from the Blue drink, which gets its colour from spirulina, and the debate it sparked on Twitter, where almost 4,000 people challenged the brand on the true colour of the drink.

Brand manager Bara Amouyal said: "We want to once and for all settle the discussion about the colour of our drink. There’s a lot of people saying it’s green; we want to make it clear it’s definitely blue.

"Bolt from the Blue is actually the first blue juice that you can buy in major retailers, so that inspired us to create this experience."

Bompass & Parr has created a blue-tinted world inspired by the drink through its partnership with Innocent. Sam Bompass, director of Bompass & Parr, said: "We did this in the most compelling way possible, through taste and through a total sensory assault."

The unique nature of the drink is articulated throughout the experience, Bompass said: "Blue drinks allow for more scope of creativity; there is an element of playfulness that is perfectly encapsulated by Innocent Bolt from the Blue."

On the collaboration, Amouyal said: "It was really important to us that our internal creative team worked really closely with their production team in developing an experience that is really true to Innocent's branding."

This is not the first time the two brands have worked together  it was actually an early collaboration with Innocent that inspired the inception of Bompass & Parr. "Our very first project was feeding people jellies at the VNP (very nice person) area of  the Innocent village fete back in 2007," Bompass said, adding: "Doing this project with Innocent feels like coming full circle."