Looking down as well as up has aided BSkyB's Carli Farmer success #NxtGen

Marketing reveals its list of 10 Nxt Gen marketers. Here, BSkyB's Carli Farmer and her mentor discuss the advice she has been given to succeed.

Farmer: Optimistic, passionate, tenacious
Farmer: Optimistic, passionate, tenacious

Carli Farmer, 28, BSkyB

Head of brand marketing

Describe yourself in three words.

Optimistic, passionate, tenacious.

What attracted you to marketing?

I have always been creative and I love ads, but I enjoy the business side of things too. Marketing is the perfect combination of these areas of interest.

What are your biggest marketing challenges? 

Sky operates at an extraordinarily fast pace. This makes it a truly invigorating place to work, but also means that we have to be fleet of foot and move quickly to turn around major campaigns.

Look down as well as up on your way to the top.

What are the biggest trends affecting your business?

We’re increasingly embracing data-driven decision-making. Having a better understanding of our existing and potential customers means we can reach and interact with them far more effectively. I also think that personalising and tailoring ad breaks for consumers through Sky AdSmart is really exciting. This means that Sky TV customers are more likely to see ads they might be interested in, and less likely to see ones that won’t be relevant to them – a big breakthrough in TV advertising.

Are there any trends or media platforms you believe are overrated?

I’m not entirely convinced by NFC posters. In a world where we have the internet at our fingertips, I’m not sure why somebody would want to walk up to a poster and touch it with their phone.

What are the traits that make your boss Lyssa McGowan such an inspiration?

Lyssa is super-intelligent, inspiring and makes us feel as though anything is possible. One of her biggest strengths is how she empowers her team – we all feel like we add value and want to do well for her. She also gives regular advice and feedback to the whole team.

How has she most helped you in relation to your job?

I have learned so much from Lyssa. She coaches and develops me through the challenges and opportunities that arise in the workplace. She also spends a lot of time with me helping to plan my career and debating any potential changes of role that come up.

What is the best piece of advice she has given you that you would pass on?

Lyssa encouraged me to remember to look down as well as up on my way to the top, and that if I want to become a leader I need to develop the people coming up behind me too.

Lyssa McGowan, mentor

Brand director, communication products, BSkyB

What made Carli stand out among the young marketers you work with?

Her creativity, passion, "can-do" attitude and willingness to stand up for her ideas.

What could others, wanting to get on in marketing today, learn from Carli?

Put in the effort, never give up and bring others along with you.

What attributes does she have that mean she deserves her place in the Power 100 Next Generation?

Carli is amazingly talented, but remains grounded and a real team-player. People want to work with her and she sweeps them along with her enthusiasm and drive.

What specific marketing insight or skills has she brought to the company?

Carli has an amazing creative eye and instincts, coupled with a deep understanding of the business fundamentals – a formidable combination.

What piece of advice would you give to any young marketer wanting to get to the top?

Be brave and take risks. The world is evolving so quickly that your youth is a real asset in seeing beyond the established wisdom and identifying new opportunities: use it to your advantage.

What training do you think is most important for young marketers today?

Broad training early on – understanding the wider business context is key to being a good marketer.