L'Oréal Paris most aired brand on UK TV in June

L'Oréal Paris was the most aired brand on British TV last month, followed by Smart Insurance and Tesco.

The beauty and personal care brand aired 4,825 spots across television in June, adding up to just under 2,000 minutes of airtime, a 4% decrease in last month.

L’Oréal Paris was also the most aired brand on free-to-air channels in June, with 450 minutes, followed by Lloyds Bank and McDonald’s.

McDonald’s, the most aired brand in May, was fourth in June in terms of airtime minutes.

Meanwhile Suzuki racked up the most minutes of TV adertising airtime on pay TV channels, with 289 minutes across 433 spots, followed by Volkswagen and Nivea.

This data was compiled by data science company 4C for the period 1-30 June.