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L'Oréal Paris and Facebook tap into a memorable moment

How Facebook helped L'Oréal Paris reach an elusive audience with its first UK digital-only campaign, for its Casting Crème Gloss hair colour

L'Oréal Paris and Facebook tap into a memorable moment

The first time you find a grey hair. It’s a familiar and often traumatic moment – and often the first sign that your youth is slipping away and old age is, well, one step closer. That memorable moment lies at the heart of L’Oréal Paris’ new Casting Crème Gloss campaign.

The brand wanted to reach the increasingly elusive audience of women aged under 35 and show that, with its product, it’s easy to achieve a fresh and beautiful look. It wanted to get the attention of women around the age of 30 – first-time hair-colourers discovering their first greys or simply looking to refresh their look.

In a first for the UK market, L’Oréal Paris decided to launch a campaign with no TV budget and looked for a digital strategy that would achieve what it wanted: a big impact.

It needed to drive reach and scale in a digital-only campaign and reach new consumers through relevant and engaging creative. It wanted to tap hair-colour communities – and worked with Facebook and Instagram to do exactly that.

Work out the best creative and scale it
Facebook used its ‘Create For Growth’ approach to optimise the creative before scaling the campaign. This allowed the platform to determine which creative would generate the best results, enabling it to maximise the impact of L’Oréal Paris’ investment. The approach consists of three phases.

Phase one starts with Facebook determining the best creative for the product, target audience and problem it is trying to solve. Having worked with L’Oréal Paris before, the platform knew what type of assets work well – but it hadn’t had a chance to explore how these methods worked specifically for products within the hair-colour category.

In phase two, they needed to work together to determine the optimal message – by working out the best product message and combine with the strongest seasonality and lifestyle message.

Facebook and L’Oréal Paris tested and iterated the assets. In phase three, they needed to establish the best way to measure the impact of the campaign: video views or awareness. L’Oréal’s ultimate KPI is to influence purchasing decisions and drive product sales – so it determined, with Facebook’s help, that video views would be its best KPI.

This approach helped L’Oréal Paris to optimise and scale its first digital-only campaign in the UK – ensuring the brand got the best possible return on its spend. 

Standout stats

Reached target audience?
Tick. L’Oréal recorded a 12-point lift in ad recall from video views among 25-34s.

Influenced purchasing decisions?
Tick. The campaign drove a four-point lift in purchase intent.

Raised brand awareness?
Tick. Ad recall for L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss increased significantly in the Video Views test group. An increase was seen in favourability towards L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème Gloss Hair Colour among 18-24s in an awareness test group. 

Rich Kivell, creative strategist, Facebook
 "Casting Crème Gloss was a really interesting challenge for us, in that it would be the first L’Oréal Paris campaign without TV. This meant we were able to move quickly and approach a large brand with a disruptor mindset. Through our iterative campaign, we were able to test, learn and ultimately find new audiences based on real insights from the hair-colour community." 

Helena Osborne, senior social brand manager, L’Oréal Paris
"Working alongside Facebook and the strategic approach in planning this campaign enabled us to identify clear insights and creative formats that best resonate with our consumers. These are valuable learnings that will help to plan and optimise our social strategy."

Suzanne Bidlake, commercial editor, Campaign
 "Natural looking and glossy" – two words we’d all like to describe our hair. "Grey peeking through"? Not so much – whatever our age. The barriers to home hair-dying, as I recall from my peroxidemeets-brassy teenage years, were unreliable colour, damaged ends and having to fumigate the entire house after application. With this campaign, L’Oréal has managed to knock down those barriers with the simple but powerful engine of peer awareness and approval via Facebook video demos and clever demographic and seasonal targeting."