LoveHoney daytime sex toy ad pulled by ITV

ITV has pulled out of showing a daytime TV ad for sex toy company LoveHoney.

The ad was due to air on ITV2 during ‘The Real Housewives of New York on 3 October at 10.15am with media space bought by Response Team. Sources say the broadcaster felt the website, which viewers are directed to by the ad, was ‘too graphic’.

Other sources suggested ITV got ‘cold feet’ and feared a public backlash driven by the media. An ITV spokesperson said it would still continue to show the ad but only after the 9pm watershed.

It was the first ad by a sex toy company to be cleared for daytime broadcast by TV regulators, Clearcast.

Ad agency Halo Media had worked with the TV regulator closely to comply with industry standards, which restricts sex toy companies from the use of sex in TV advertising.

LoveHoney has said the ad will continue to be shown on daytime TV on E4, MTV and Living and will still launch on 3 October, although a media schedule has yet to be confirmed.

The 30-second and 10-second ad shows a close up of a married couple having a passionate lingering kiss. While viewers expect to see the couple in bed when the camera pans out its reveals they are in their hallway about to leave for work.

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