Lowe creates Bollywood epic for new Tilda campaign

Tilda, the Basmati rice brand, is to run a major new TV and cinema ad campaign for the remainder of 2008.

The execution, titled "stolen from the past", is created by Lowe's Mumbai office, and is shot in the style of a Bollywood epic.

The ad begins in a smart Indian restaurant. A couple, having a romantic meal, orders a portion of Basmati rice, but all the chef can find in the kitchen is an empty bag.

As the chef picks up his phone to order some more, the viewer is sent back in time to London in the 1800s, where the order is processed.

As the ad continues and the quest for the rice progresses, the viewer is sent further and further back in time until the ad reaches a Basmati farmer in ancient Hindoostan.

Suddenly, the scene switches back to the present day, where the waiter delivers the order to his customers.

The spot is created to show that the rice is still grown today as it was hundreds of years ago. This is highlighted by the strapline: "Basmati: grown as it's meant to be."

Dilip Srinivasan, the brand manager at Tilda, says: "By communicating our brand values to consumers, we will continue to drive sales growth in both the traditional and mainstream consumer markets."