Lowe creates Sure for Men print work

Lever Faberge is attempting to widen the appeal of Sure, the UK's top-selling deodorant brand, with advertising promoting a variant designed for men who suffer from sensitive skin.

Lowe has produced the print campaign, intended to dramatise the dual benefits of Sure for Men Sensitive: protection against sweat and a formulation that won't irritate the skin.

Initiative is handling media planning and buying for the campaign, which targets men aged between 18 and 35 and will run from the middle of the month in male style titles including The Face, Arena, GQ and Q. Poster and press work will also be rolled out across Europe.

The creative work underscores its "powerful, but gentle" theme by showing images of powerful beings that have had their power weakened.

In one execution, a raging bull is seen charging across a bull ring, the sharpness of his horns having been blunted by two corks.

In the other, a heavyweight boxer wears cushions rather then boxing gloves on his fists.

The ads were written by Rufaro Chamboko, art directed by Rebecca Sayer and photographed by Simon Mills.

Ben Moore, the Lowe board account director on the business, said: "Deodorants are not a high-interest purchase for men, so advertising built on ideas of real immediacy and engagement are more important then ever. These executions and their composition of striking images deliver effective and involving advertising for the brand."

Lever Faberge has already been attempting to increase use of Sure by promoting the fact that it stops perspiration caused by stress, as well as that caused by physical activity.