Lowe creates text alert service ads for Orange

Lowe Lintas & Partners has created a black-and-white campaign for

Orange that signals a new direction for the mobile phone brand.

Two new commercials have been developed to support the Orange 277 Text

Content Service, which offers Orange users the option of receiving

up-to-the-minute content on topics such as horoscopes and football

results, delivered by a text message.

The television spots aim to dramatise the journey of a text alert to an

individual wherever they are, whatever they're doing.

In one commercial, a lion is seen walking through a heavily populated

city. As it passes men and women in libraries, restaurants and streets,

a scorpion and a set of twins come into view and it becomes obvious that

the creatures represent signs of the Zodiac. The lion approaches a woman

shopping for new underwear. In response, she then shuns big pants for

something sexier.

In a second ad, a premiership footballer who has just scored a goal

embarks on a journey out of the stadium and across the city to celebrate

his goal with one of his teams supporters.

The board director at Lowe, Sarah Gold, said: "This is the first of a

number of campaigns designed to encourage Orange customers to get more

out of their phone than simply making and receiving telephone


The head of brand communications at Orange, Nicole Louis, said: "The

campaign reflects the next stage in our customers' journey - a journey

that will enable our customers to benefit from Orange at more moments

within their daily lives - by keeping them in touch with not just the

people, but also with the things that really matter to them."

She added: "We believe that this campaign services to both enlighten our

customers as to our broader service offering and, importantly, helps to

dramatise the pure emotional benefit that our customers feel when Orange

helps them to stay in touch with their world."

The six-week national TV campaign breaks this week. Media planning and

buying is through Media Planning Group.

The commercials were written by Tony Barry and art directed by Damon

Collins. They were shot in South Africa and London by Tarsem, through

@radical. media.