Lowe launches Olympus UK press ads

Lowe Lintas has launched a national press campaign for Olympus UK

in support of the launch of the company's new MJU II ZOOM 170


The campaign features famous photographic moments and asks the consumer

to imagine what might have happened if the photographer hadn't had a

camera as easy to use and reliable as the new MJU.

The first execution, which breaks this week, recreates a famous Marilyn

Monroe photograph, but the photographer has clearly missed the vital

moment when the Hollywood star stands over the subway air vent and her

dress is blown up from beneath.

The ads use the endline: "Olympus. Great photos wait for no man."

Sarah Cubitt, head of marketing communications at Olympus, said: "Our

new MJU model, like the rest of the award-winning range, is all about

combining sophistication with simplicity. Lowe's latest work

communicates this to great effect."

The campaign was written by Micky Tudor and Brian Turner and was shot by

Laurie Haskell. Media planning and buying is being handled by Initiative


In February, FCB won the £5 million Olympus pan-European account

with a brief to handle the spring launch of the company's new digital

camera across the continent.

The assignment is not expected to affect local agency arrangements. But

Harry Reid, FCB's international president, said at the time: "Olympus

has some ambitious plans and we are looking to win the rest of the

business country by country."