Lowe Lintas launches Weetabix work

Lowe Lintas has produced a TV and poster launch campaign for a new

cereal called Weetabix Crrrunch.

The TV and poster work is targeting mothers aged between 25 and 40 who

buy cereals for themselves and their husbands or partners as well as

their children.

The creative idea for the TV work plays on the notion that the pressures

of modern life mean many people do not have enough time to eat

breakfast, let alone to exchange pleasantries with one another.

Crrrunch stays crunchy in milk, apparently, and the ad suggests that

because of this people will have time to chat to each other in the


The TV spot shows a couple at the breakfast table. The husband has the

time to ask his wife if she's been up to anything interesting


His wife then describes at length an amazing adventure she'd had the day


The ad illustrates her description of being chased by criminals,

escaping from an exploding warehouse, encountering shark-infested waters

and, eventually, being rescued by a helicopter.

The poster executions show models of prehistoric images, one of

Stonehenge and the other of a dinosaur, constructed from the cereal. The

images are intended to continue the theme that the cereal doesn't go

soggy and stays preserved in milk. All the ads carry the strapline:

"Stays crunchy in milk for ages."

The ads were written and art directed by Derek Apps and Tom Notman. The

TV campaign was directed by David Garfath at The Paul Weiland Film


Media is being handled by PHD.