Lowe Live produces integrated work for Saab's 9-5 vehicles

Lowe Live has developed an integrated campaign for the launch of

the new Saab 9-5 range of cars, which is designed to get more active

consumers to test-drive and consider buying one.

The campaign has a two-tier approach - it will kick off with teaser

direct mailings and online ads, followed by more direct marketing and a

fulfilment pack that will follow the launch. Two executions will be

rolled out, one for a specific model and one for the entire range.

The mailing, which targets existing Saab drivers and potential new

owners, features a map and pin to demonstrate the car's suitability for

people with an active lifestyle and impulsive attitude who want to get

up and travel spontaneously. The copy reads: "Where to now? Get ready to

take off."

Roddy Kerr, Lowe Live's creative director, said: "People want a car that

complements the many facets of their lives, providing both sanctuary and

exhilaration. We wanted to illustrate the excitement of the new Saab 9-5

and we've pinned this on the concept of having the ability to be

spontaneous with your weekend."

The campaign was written by John Taylor and the art director was Darran