Lowe Live produces vision of the future mail-shot for Saab

Lowe Live has created a campaign to reignite interest among

potential customers in the Saab brand.

Saab has a database of prospective customers that have not been in touch

with Saab or recently bought a car. A mailing to 30,000 of these

customers will go out in a bid to drive sales.

The mailing, which is called "tomorrow redefined", features Saab's

vision of the future of car design. It includes a special edition of

Saabworld, Saab's customer magazine alongside information of new

developments at Saab, including the launch of the 9-5 model.

The mailing uses the "tomorrow redefined" line in an attempt to build

sales but also to tempt customers into divulging personal data. The

mailshot includes a questionnaire that asks for details in return for

entry to a competition to win a four-day trip to the Arctic Circle.

Drivers are also given the option of calling a Saab customer service

line to request information on Saab vehicles or request a test


Jane Chapman, Saab GB's direct marketing manager, said: "This campaign

is targeting people we have not spoken to for six months or more. So

much has happened at Saab in that time."

The campaign was art directed by Billy Plummer. The copywriter was Drew