Lowe produces new Quality Street idents for ITV movie season

Lowe Lintas has produced a fresh round of Quality Street idents for

Nestle Rowntree's sponsorship of ITV's Movie Blockbuster season.

The shorts, which break on 15 September, continue last year's

award-winning campaign featuring a man in his living room, obsessively

interpreting famous movie scenes using Quality Street wrappers and

household items.

The new spots include a re-enactment of a twister where Quality Street

figures are blown around by a hairdryer, a fight scene between Luke

Skywalker and Darth Vader and a Gladiator pastiche with a figure

announcing "My name is Maximus Chocolatus Qualitus Streetus" in a

Quality Street tin amphitheatre.

Jonathan Rigby, the new- business director at Lowe, said: "When viewers

have to sit through eight idents in one programme, the least we can do

is make them entertaining. We're confident that viewers will find these

new idents enjoyable."

The campaign was written and art directed by Sami Lill and Uche Ezugwu

and directed by Mick Rudman through Park Village.

The sponsorship deal was negotiated by Nick Walford at BroadMind on

behalf of Nestle and Andy Thompson at Carlton Television for ITV.