Lowe produces 'Oingy Boingy' Megabean ad

Lowe Lintas is taking the Rowntree brand to a new target audience

with the TV launch of Rowntree's Megabeans. The beans are aimed at a

teenage market, marking a change from previous Rowntree advertising

aimed at children.

The TV campaign breaks next week, with a 30-second execution called

"Oingy Boingy". The ad aims to dramatise the sensation of eating

Megabeans, an experience that is summed up as "Oingy Boingy in your


The commercial begins with a man eating the mysterious looking

Megabeans, but as the effect of the beans takes hold, the viewer is

given a visual demonstration of the Oingy Boingy effect. To the backdrop

of a dance track, a series of vignettes unfolds.

At first sight, the vignettes seem ordinary, but embedded within each

one is the message "Oingy Boingy". For example, an Indian cinema

advertises the film Oingy Boingy, a beauty pageant features a Miss Oingy

Boingy and car race footage contains Oingy Boingy hoardings.

The ads were written by Derek Apps, art directed by Tom Notman and

directed by Carl Rinsch, the D&AD/ Campaign Screen Best New Director

competition winner.

Matt Edwards, the associate director at Lowe, said: "It is impossible to

sum up the experience of eating Megabeans with existing words, so we've

invented our own."

The campaign will also be carried on to the internet, with a dedicated

website at www.oingyboingy.co.uk.

Media planning and buying is being handled by MindShare with a media

spend of £1.5 million.

The ad follows last month's news that M&C Saatchi muscled its way on to

the Nestle Rowntree roster after it was appointed to handle advertising

for its new boxed chocolate brand, Nestle All Stars.

At the same time, Nestle announced new advertising for the Yorkie brand

and reappointed J. Walter Thompson to the European relaunch scheduled

for next year.