Lowe shows misuse of Stella glasses

The misuse of Stella Artois pint glasses is the subject of a tongue-in-cheek £1 million print campaign by Lowe for the brewing giant Interbrew.

Lowe's campaign, which breaks in monthly titles such as Jack, GQ, The Face, i-D and Tatler from June, aims to convey the quality of the glass and the correct way to use it.

It consists of four executions, including a kitchen sideboard, a mantelpiece and a desk. They separately feature a Stella pint glass holding a bunch of wilting daffodils, a goldfish, a collection of pens and pencils and some coins. Each ad runs with a different endline, such as: "Why do we bother?" or "Ye Gods", which are intended to convey exasperation at the misuse of such a well-crafted glass.

Media for the campaign, which was planned and bought through Starcom Motive, has been booked as bound double-sided inserts on heavy paper to give the campaign extra stand-out in titles.

Matt Edwards, a board account director at Lowe, said: "The campaign is a light-hearted way of drawing peoples' attention to the quality touches that make the glass so special. We worked from the premise that it would be sacrilege to put anything but Stella in such a well-made glass."

The campaign was shot by the Italian photographic duo Coppibarbieri, who also shot the Stella Artois "bottle top" press campaign. It was written by Adrian Lim and art directed by Steve Williams.