Lowe unveils new singing mouse for Aero

Lowe Lintas has unveiled the next phase of the Aero "all bubble no

squeak" campaign with a TV spot for a new Honeycomb Aero.

The spot, part of a £2.5 million campaign, opens with a shopkeeper

sampling a Honeycomb Aero, only to be told by the man delivering them

that the chocolate bars come with "100 promotional items". Fearing the

worst, the newsagent explains that nobody wants promotional mice, they

just want bubbly chocolate. He then opens his cupboards to reveal scores

of rejected mice, all practising their hula-hooping skills.

The deliveryman persuades the shopkeeper that the new promotional mice

are different and reveals a honey coloured, female mouse from Taiwan

that sings an oriental ditty to the shopkeeper.

Unfortunately the shock of a singing mouse proves too much for a female

customer, who screams and faints.

"The ad is designed to emphasise the playfulness of Aero in keeping with

the brand image," the Aero brand manager, Andy Groves, said. "The

response to the first ad was fantastic, with traffic to our website far

higher than we anticipated, so we're really looking forward to kicking

off the next phase."

The ad was written and art directed by Vince Squibb, who also directed

the commercial through the Paul Weiland Film Company.

Animation was by Glassworks and Passion Pictures.

It will run for four weeks from Saturday and is supported by a website,

developed by Pilot Interactive. The website is at


Media is by MindShare.