Lowe's Gatfield plots Naked joint venture

The Lowe network is planning a link with Naked as part of a move to make media communications a key part of its offering to clients.

In his first interview since becoming Lowe Worldwide's chief executive, Steve Gatfield said he was committed to introducing the discipline in the eight "hub" offices that form the nucleus of the reconfigured operation.

It is likely that these offices will form partnerships either with Naked or Initiative, the media network owned by Lowe's Interpublic parent.

Naked and Lowe already have Unilever as a shared client. "We already work closely with Naked on some big clients and have a high regard for them," Gatfield said.

John Harlow, the Naked founding partner, said: "We have been talking to IPG but we are called all the time by every holding group. We are not for sale but will engage in conversations with potential strategic partners."

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