Lowe's press ads give Malvern modern twist

Coca-Cola Great Britain is to launch its first advertising campaign for Malvern English Natural Mineral Water to rejuvenate the brand and take on competitors such as Perrier.

The print campaign, which has been created by Lowe, features three executions launching at the end of December. They will run in publications including The Sunday Telegraph Magazine, Guardian Weekend and ES Magazine.

The campaign supports the recent relaunch of the 150-year-old brand, which competes against the likes of Ashe Down and Hildon. This includes increased distribution through supermarket chains to target a wider market of 25- to 35-year-old consumers.

The makeover includes a new pack design, by Turner Duckworth, based on the granite over which Malvern is filtered and bottled.

The campaign uses the strapline "Not quite Middle England", building on the premium positioning of the Malvern brand, which sells its products via more expensive glass bottles.

The ads use quintessentially English scenarios but add a modern twist.

The first treatment, called "bull", shows a prize-winning bull sporting a brass eyebrow ring instead of the usual nose ring.

The next advertisement, "thong", features a typical country lady in green wellington boots and tweed suit. As she leans over to tend to her flower garden a bright red, racy thong is exposed.

The final creative, "farmers", shows two middle-aged farmers dressed in traditional jackets and flat caps. The modern twist to the ad is that they are shown holding hands while sharing a glass of sherry and a tankard of ale.

"The humorous middle England idea of traditional images with a modern day twist is the same focus as we are doing with the brand relaunch," a Coca-Cola GB spokeswoman said.

The ads were art directed by Christian Cotterill and written by Justin Hooper. Media planning and buying is through BBJ.