LTA really wants people to play tennis this summer

Campaign encourages people to hit some balls this summer.

With Wimbledon cancelled this year, the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) has launched a campaign encouraging people from all walks of life to pick up a racket this summer, even if they aren’t particularly good at the sport.

Created by The & Partnership London, "Play your way" calls on amateur tennis players across the UK to serve with all their might – even if the odd ball ends up in the gutter – reassuring viewers that the odd mishap "happens to the best of us".

It was created by Ludo Thomas and Arthur Harry, and directed by Chris Balmond through Outsider. The media agency is The Kite Factory.

"Tennis has always been a fun, engaging sport, but not everyone feels like they can play," Richard Daish, marketing and commercial director of LTA, said. 

"‘Play your way’ will show that tennis can be played in any way, by any one, no matter their experience or understanding of the game."

He continued: "The campaign gives us a chance to drive people to the entry points of tennis."

2016 saw the LTA move away from the stereotype of tennis as a middle-class sport, encouraging people from all backgrounds to pick up a racket with a campaign created by BBH Sport.

Anthony Abou-Zeid, business director at The Kite Factory, added: "Fundamentally, this campaign is aimed at encouraging tennis participation at any level by anyone. 

"To help drive that sentiment, we needed to make sure that we behaved in a way that wasn’t polarising to new participants, showing another perspective of tennis which hasn’t been seen before."