Lucky Generals nets Yopa creative brief

Yopa, the start-up digital estate agency, has appointed Lucky Generals to handle its advertising without a pitch.

Previous Yopa ads featured The Village People
Previous Yopa ads featured The Village People

The appointment reunites Lucky Generals with Yopa chief marketing officer Gav Thompson, with whom the agency worked on Paddy Power and C&C Group, which owns Bul-mers Irish Cider and Tennent’s Lager.

Yopa called a review last year and hired Publicis London to create a one-off brand-awareness campaign that launched in September and featured The Village People in three ads.

Lucky Generals will be responsible for delivering a new positioning and campaign for the brand.

Thompson said: "Yopa plans to disrupt the world of estate agency, so our brand deserves some great, disruptive, brand-building advertising. 

"It is perhaps no surprise I have turned to my old comrades, Lucky Generals, who have a proven track record of delivering the goods for me when I need something exceptional."