Lyst "canine collection"

Christian Woolfenden, who brought his brand of mischief from Paddy Power to Lyst in 2015, is making his presence felt at the online retailer.

Lyst has this week taken to Twitter to announce that it is selling dogs as fashion accessories. It has tweeted about its new Canine Collection, which purportedly allows users to shop for puppies based on breed, cuteness and size. The RSPCA has joined in with the charade – and it is a charade – on Twitter by announcing Lyst was ignoring its pleas to talk. Anomaly, Lyst's global creative agency, was not involved.

Update: On Tuesday 10 May, Lyst announced it had set up the hoax website to raise awareness of fashion dogs being abandoned after research from the Blue Cross stated that the number of 'handbag dogs' that needed re-homing had increased 120 per cent over the past five years.