M&B lands launch brief from Penguin

Penguin Books has handed Michaelides & Bednash a brief to work on an as-yet-undisclosed launch from its literary imprint Viking.

M&B has been tasked with developing ideas to create interest around the book's launch, as well as enabling online content and communities.The brief also encompasses packaging and distribution, PR, online content, brand partnerships and advertising.

The agency will work in conjunction with Penguin's in-house publishing, public relations and creative teams, as well as co-ordinating a number of specialist agencies responsible for different areas of the project.

Robert Williams, the creative director at Penguin, said: "We asked M&B for inventive thinking and new ideas. With this launch, we're not interested in just competing with other publishers.

"Our ambition is to go head to head with the best in modern entertainment."

Last week, Penguin shifted the creative business for Penguin Classics to Mother without a pitch. The business was previously handled in-house.

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